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date: 03 August 2020

(p. ix) List of Common Acronyms Found in the Handbook

(p. ix) List of Common Acronyms Found in the Handbook


Artificial Intelligence, referring to machine learning ability.


Application Programming Interface, a specification designed to interface between software.


Digital Audio Workstation, a home computer recording studio.


DownLoadable Content, content that is commonly an add-on to games or other software that can be downloaded by the user.


Digital Signal Processing, in referring to sound, is the various effects used to enhance or change a sound wave.


Frequency Modulation: in the context found here, FM is used in regard to an early form of sound synthesis (as opposed to a radio broadcast mechanism).


First-Person Shooter, a genre of game in which the player is in first-person perspective, commonly holding a gun.


Game Audio Network Guild, an organization of game sound designers and composers.


Graphical User Interface, an image- or icon-based interface.


Human–Computer Interaction, a branch of computer science that focuses on the interaction between humans and computers (hardware and software).


Head-Related Transfer Function describes the location- and distance-dependent filtering of a sound by the listener’s head, shoulders, upper torso, and most notably, the pinna of each ear.


Interactive Audio Special Interest Group, an industry-led organization that creates specifications and standards, and research reports on audio-related topics.


Musical Instrument Digital Interface, a music industry specification for interfacing between instruments and software.


Music Information Retrieval, a branch of computer science that focuses on our ability to search and retrieve music files.


Massively Multiplayer Online Game/Online Role-Playing Game, online games in which there are multiple simultaneous players over a network.


New Interfaces for Musical Expression, an annual conference that brings together work on new and emerging musical interfaces and instruments.

Non-Player Characters, those characters in a game over which the player has no control.


Role-Playing Game, a genre of games in which the player undertakes a series of quests or solves puzzles, usually in a vast virtual world.


Sonic Interaction Design, the study of sound in interaction design, and the focus of a major European Science Foundation project called COST-SID:


Virtual Studio Technology, a software interface that brings together audio software (synthesizers, editors, effects, plug-ins) and often used to refer to audio effects plug-ins: VSTis are instruments.