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date: 19 January 2020

Index of Names

Index of Names

Note: page numbers in italics refer to figures. References to footnotes are indicated by the suffix, ‘n’, followed by the note number, for example 282n6.

(p. 1063) Achard, S.992
Adelson, E.H.396, 397, 400, 400–1, 426
Adelson, E.H. and Movshon, J.A.507
Adelson, E.H. and Pentland, A.P.399
Aglioti, S.675–6
Agostini, T. and Galmonte, A.406
Agostini, T. and Proffitt, D.R.404
Ahlström, V.578
Ahveninen, J.611
Akino, A.866
Akisato, R.878
Alain, C.610
Alais, D.507, 508, 779, 784, 790
Alais, D. and Blake, R. 781–2,802, 804
Alberti, L.B.1060
Albrecht, A.R.290
Albright, T.D.506
Alexander, D.A.1000
Alexander, D.M.982
Alexander, L.T.778
Algom, D.980
Allan, L.G.821
Allard, R. and Cavanagh, P.154, 156
Allen, G.1037
Allen, P.G. and Kohlers, P.A.646
Allen, W.A.856
Allik, J.159, 160
Allik, J. and Kreegipuu, K.825
Almeida, J.807
Alpern, M.825
Alpers, G.W. and Pauli, P.788
Alsius, A. and Munhall, K.G.813
Alvarez, G.A.821
Alvarez, G.A. and Oliva, A.161
Amano, K. and Foster, D.H.455
Amedi, A.658, 663, 664, 971
Amir, O.937
Amishav, R. and Kimchi, R.141, 765, 766, 767, 769, 963
Anderson, B.L.296, 311, 407, 408, 423, 448, 450
Anderson, B.L. and Winawer, J.426
Anderson, E.788
Anderson, J.R.935
Anderson, J.R. and Betz, J.935
Anderson, L.A.609
Angelucci, A. and Bullier, J.938
Anokhin, A.P. and Vogel, F.994
Anstis, S.448, 513, 550
Anstis, S. and Kim, J.805
Anstis, S., Vergeer, M., and Van Lier, R.446
Antonioni, M.901
Appelbaum, L.G.349
Araque, N.O.656
Arden, G.B. and Weale, R.A.825, 826
Arend, L.395, 398
Arieli, A.993
Ariely, D.158–9
Armstrong, L. and Mark, L.E.627
Arnheim, R.10, 16, 281, 285, 864, 871, 877
Arno, P.656, 663
Arnold, D.H.820–1
Asch, S.E.130
Ashby, F.G.960
Ashby, F.G. and Alfonso-Reese, L.A.935
Ashby, F.G. and Townsend, J.T.955
Attneave, F.160, 167, 236–8, 243, 1029
Auvray, M.660, 661, 662
Avedon, R.902, 910
Avidan, G.762
Baars, B.J.997, 999
Bach-y-Rita, P.656, 660, 661
Bahnsen, P.109
Bair, W.324
Baker, D.H. and Graf, E.W.808
Balas, B.J.179
Baldassi, S. and Burr, D.C.154
Baloch, A.A. and Grossberg, S.545
Barbosa, A.850
Barenholtz, E. and Feldman, J.264–5
Barenholtz, E. and Tarr, M.J.265
Barense, M.G.275–6
Barlow, H.B.363, 941
Barlow, H.B. and Levick, W.R.489
Barlow, H.B. and Reeves, B.C.112, 113, 117
Barrow, H.G. and Tenenbaum, J.399
Barlow, H.B. and Tripathy, S.P.157
Barton, J.J.S.762, 763
Barttfeld , P.720
Bassett, D. and Bulmore, E.992
Battelli, L.582
Bauer, B.152
Bauer, R. and Heinze, S.977
Baxandall, M.1059
Bayes, T.1009–11, 1032
Baylis, G.C. and Driver, J.267–8, 289, 362–3, 979
Beaudot, W.H.822
Beck, D.M.806
Beck, D.M. and Palmer, S.E.74
Beck, J.167, 172
Behrens, R.869
Behrmann, M.723
(p. 1064) Behrmann, M. and Kimchi, R.131
Behrmann, M. and Tipper, S.P.742
Beintema, J.P.589
Beintema, J.P. and Lappe, M.581
Beller, H.K.132
Bellgrove, M.A.992
Benardete, E.A. and Kaplan, E.826
Benary, W.11, 404–5
Bendixen, A.610, 611
Benedikt, M.879
Ben-Shahar, O.976
Benussi, V.6, 30–1, 33, 832
dispute with Koffka31–2
on stereokinetic effect 522–3
Berdyyeva, T.K. and Olson, C.R.821
Berenthal, B.I. and Pinto, J.578
Bergen, J.R. and Adelson, E.H.172
Bergen, J.R. and Julesz, B.172
Bergenheim, M.829
Berger, H.993
Bergmann Tiest, W.M.627
Bergström, S.S.399, 407
Berkeley, G.1058
Berkes, P.974
Berlin, B. and Kay, P.444
Bertamini, M.284, 286
Bertenthal, B.I. and Pinto, J.578
Bertrami, M. and Croucher, C.J.289
Bertrami, M. and Farrant, T.290
Bertrami, M. and Helmy M.S.286, 290
Bertrami, M. and Hulleman, J.286
Bertrami, M. and Lawson, R.288
Bertrami, M. and Mosca, F.290
Bhatt, R.S. 702–3
Bhatt, R.S. and Quinn, P.C.700, 708–9
Biederman, I.110, 568, 570, 920, 937
Biederman, I. and Kalocsai, P.964
Bienenstock, E.S., Geman, S., and Potter, D.922
Binford, T.936
Blaha, L.M.953
Blair, C.B.548
Blair, M. and Homa, D.L.935
Blake, R.515, 727, 790
Blakemore, C. and Tobin, E.A.975
Bloj, M.G., Kersten, D., and Hurlbert, A.C.456
Blum, H.377, 877
Blum, H. and Nagel, R.N.245–6
Blumenfeld, W.632
Boenke, L.T.980, 981, 982
Bolte, S.724, 726, 727, 728
Bonato, F.403
Bond, A.B. and Kamil, A.C.852
Bonneh, Y.S., Cooperman, A., and Sagi, D.806
Boring, E.G.104
Boselie, F.299
Bosten, J.M.439
Botticelli (Alessandro di Mariano vi Vanni Filipepi) 893n22
Bouvet, L.724
Bovill, C.880
Boyaci, H.402
Bozzi, P.285, 286, 420
Brainard, D.H. and Maloney, L.T.470, 475
Brainard, D.H., Brunt, W.A., and Speigle, J.M.454
Branucci, A. and Tommasi, L.802
Brascamp, J.W. and Blake, R.787
Braunstein, M.L. and Andersen, G.J.532
Bregman, A.S.602, 605
Breitmayer, B.G. and Ogmen, H.800
Brentano, F.21–4, 26–28, 32–3, 34
Bressan, P.400, 401, 404, 406, 408
Bressan, P. and Vallortigara, G. 527–8
Bressler, S.L.997
Bressler, S.L. and Menon, V.991
Briscoe, E.940
Briscoe, E. and Feldman, J.935
Britz, J.791
Brooks, J.L. and Driver, J.78
Brown, A.M., Lindsey, D.T., and Guckes, K.M.444
Brown, C.720
Brown, J.W.1046, 1055
Bruno, N.299, 990
Bruno, N. and Bertamini, M.514
Bruno, N. and Gerbino, W.309, 514
Brunswick, E.1031
Brunswik, E. and Kamiya, J.692
Buffart, H.297, 299, 989
Bukach, C.M.762
Bulf, H.310
Bullier, J.275
Bülthoff, I.578
Bundesen, C.737, 749
Burnham, K.P. and Anderson, D.R.1021
Burns, B. and Shepp, B.E.437
Burr, D.C.516
Burton, H.E.1058
Bushnell, B.N.301
Bushnell, B.N. and Pasupathy, A.970
Busigny, T.761–2
Busigny, T. and Rossion, B.723
Busse, L.728
Button, K.S.729
Buzsaki, G. and Draghun, A.999
Cai, M., Stetson, C., and Eagleman, D.M.830
Caldara, R.762
Calvert, G.A.514
Canolty, R.T.999
Caparos, S.721, 722, 723, 725, 729
Capelle, C.656
Caplovitz, G.P.546–8
Caplovitz, G.P. and Tse, P.U.549, 550
Carlson, E.T.970
Carmel, D.791, 803
Carruthers, P.1018
Carter, O.631
Casati, R. and Varzi, A.C.287
Casco, C.79
Casile, A. and Giese, M.A.581
Castet, E.510
Castet, E. and Wuerger, S.512
Cataliotti, J. and Gilchrist, A.L.397
Caudek, C.552
Cavanagh, P.582, 583
Cavedon, A.286
Cavina-Pratesi, C.441
(p. 1065) Chaitin, G.1019, 1029
Chakravarthi, R. and Pelli, D.G.200
Chan, L.K.H. and Hayward, W.G.215
Chandrasekaran, C.582
Chang, D.631, 632
Charpentier, A.629
Chater, N.1019, 1033
Chebat, D.R.661, 662
Cheek, L.881
Chen, L.95, 283, 963
Chen, Y.C.790
Cheung, O.S.768
Chiao, C.-C.851
Chiao, C.-C. and Hanlon, R.T.850
Chisholm, R.M.34
Chomsky, N.1022
Chong, S.C. and Blake, R.787
Chong, S.C. and Treisman, A.159
Chuang, J. 413n2
Chubb, C.152
Clark, V.P.977
Clemons, J.656
Clifford, C.W.G., Holcombe, A.O., and Pearson, J.821
Cohen, L.G.658
Cole, R.E. and Diamond, A.L.403
Coleman, M.J.992
Collard, R.F.A. and Buffart, H.F.J.M.1031
Collignon, O.664, 665
Conci, M.811
Conrad, V.790
Cook, F.H.1052
Copeland, A.M. and Wenger, M.J.961
Corballis, M.C. and Roldan, C.E.111, 117
Cordes, D.992
Coren, S. and Girgus, J.S.76, 674
Cornes, K.957, 959, 961
Corthout, E. and Supèr, H.974
Costello, P.807
Cott, H.843–4, 847, 853, 854–5
Cox, R.T.1011
Craft, E.328, 355, 356, 376, 938
Cragin, A.I.99, 103
Crick, F. 1048n13
Crick, F. and Koch, C.334
Cronbach, L.714
Crook, A.C., Baddeley, R.J., and Osorio, D.850
Csathó, A.117, 121
Culling, J.F. and Summerfield, Q.605
Curby, K.M.765–6
Curby, K.M. and Gauthier, I.765
Cusack, R.611
Cusack, R. and Carlyon, R.P.613
Cuthill, I.C.844, 851, 853–4
Cuthill, I.C. and Székely, A.854
Cuthill, I.C. and Troscianko, T.S.852, 853
Cutting, J.E.577–8
Dakin, S.C.154, 180
Dakin, S.C. and Bex, P.J.822
Dakin, S.C. and Herbert, A.M.112
Dakin, S.C. and Watt, R.J.118–9, 153
Dale, G. and Arnell, K.M.729
Dali, S.915n92
Das, A. and Gilbert, C.D.975, 976
Davidson, P.W.622–3, 625
Davis, G. and Driver, J.979
Davis, R.A.O.727
Daw, N.W.334–5, 448
Dawson, M.R.W.494
Dayan, P.791
De Baene, W.935
de Gardelle, V. and Summerfield, C.160
de Gelder, B.764, 807
de Gelder, B. and Rouw, R.762
DeGutis, J.760, 762
de Haan, B. and Rorden, C.749
de Haas, B.813
Dehaene, S.971, 998, 999
de la Torre, I.875
Delogu, F.418–9
DeLucia, P.R. and Ott, T.E.516
Del Viva, M.M.727
Del Viva, M.M., Gori, M., and Burr, D.C.826
Dempster, A.P., Laird, N.M., and Rubin, D.B.925
Denis, M.887, 911
Dennett, D. and Kinsbourne, M.823, 997
Desimone, R. and Duncan, J.272–3, 970
de Winter, J. and Wagemans, J.236, 939
de Wit, T.301
de-Wit, L.H.721, 805
Dickinson, S.J., Pentland, A.P., and Rosenfeld, A.922
Dijkstra, E.W.1040
Dimitrov, P. and Zucker, S.W.380
Dimitrova, M.854
Dimitrova, M. and Merilaita, S.851, 852
Ding, N. and Simon, J.Z.611
Dinnerstein, D. and Wertheimer, M.990
Di Russo, F.977
Dishon-Berkovitz, M.980
Doherty, M.J.728
Domini, F. and Caudek, C.534, 552–3
Donner, T.806
Dorrenhaus, W.779
Dostmohamed, H. and Hayward, V.624–5
Dostoyevsky, F.M.886
Driver, J.721
Driver, J. and Baylis, G.C.267–8, 272n6
Dry, M.112
Duchaine, B.763
Duchaine, B. and Nakayama, K.762
Duchamp, M.523, 886
Dumoulin, S.O.195, 196
Duncan, J. and Humphreys, G.W.852, 970, 971
Duncan, R.O.511
Duncan F.S.523
Duncker, K.10, 96, 399, 400, 493–4
Dumoulin, S.O.196
Dunmoulin, S.O. and Hess, R.F.805
Dunn, B. and Leibowitz, H.403
Dutton, D.875
Dyson, B.J.610
Eagleman, D.M.825, 827
Earman, J.1011
Eckhorn, R.998
Economou, E.406
(p. 1066) Economou, E. and Gilchrist, A.405
Edelman, G.M.1039
Edelman, S. and Bülthoff, H.H.921
Egeth, H.E. and Yantis, S.971
Eglash, R.880
Egly, R.743
Egner, T. and Hirsch, J.980
Eguilez, V.M.993
Ehrenfels, C. von5, 30, 871
Ehrenstein, W.302, 303
Eidels, A.962, 963
Eimer, M.979
Ekroll, V.399
Ekroll, V. and Faul, F.427, 455
Elder, J.H.218, 219, 228
Elder, J.H. and Goldberg, R.M.197, 212, 213, 214, 214–5, 215, 216
Elder, J.H. and Velisavljević, L.207–8, 209, 224
Elder, J.H. and Zucker, S.W.215, 220–1, 378
Elhilali, M.611
Elliot, J.436
Elliot, M.A. and Müller, H.J.720
Ellis, R.R. and Lederman, S.J.629
Ellis, W.D.399
Elman, J.1018
Endler, J.A.852
Engel, A.K. and Singer, W.998
Enns, J.T.135, 136
Enns, J.T. and Rensink, R.A.971
Eriksen, B.A. and Eriksen, C.W.980
Ernst, M.O. and Banks, M.S.516, 657
Ernst, U.A.197–8
Escera, C.610
Estrada, F. and Elder, J.H.226
Evans, K.K. and Treisman, A.832
Exner, S.4, 488, 825
Fahrenfort, J.J.275
Faivre, N.807
Faivre, N. Berthet, V., and Kouider, S.807
Falconbridge, M.809
Fang, F.721, 805, 812
Fang, F., Boyaci, H., and Kersten, D.349
Fantoni, C.298
Fantoni, C. and Gerbino, W.296, 299
Farah, M.J.760
Farid, H. and Adelson, E.H.822
Farroni, T.696–7
Faul, F. and Ekroll, V.453, 469
Fechner, G.T.42, 117
Feldman, J.222, 937, 941–2, 1013, 1014, 1015, 1034, 1035, 1036
Feldman, J. and Singh, M.246, 249, 287–8, 939, 976, 1015–6
Fell, J.998
Felleman, D. and Essen, D.V.377
Felleman, D. and Van Essen, D.C.969
Felzenszwalb, P.F.929
Felzenszwalb, P.F. and Huttenlocher, D.P.926
Fennema, C.L. and Thompson, W.B.507
Ferguson, G., Messenger, J., and Budelmann, B.855–6
Feynman, R.1039
Ffytche, D.H. and Zeki, S.309
Field, D.J.190, 191, 192, 197, 213
Field, D.J., Hayes, A., and Hess, R.215
Fific, M. and Townsend, J.T.959–60
de Finetti, B.1011
Fiorani, M.975
Fisher, R. 1011n3
Fishman, Y.I.609
Fitzgibbon, S.P.996
Fitzpatrick, D.938, 975
Forkman, B. and Vallortigara, G.310
Förster, J. and Higgins, E.722
Foster, R.M. and Franz, V.H.682
Fox, K.335
Fox, M.D. and Raichle, M.E.992
Fox, R. and Check, R.784
Foxe, J.J. and Simpson, G.V.977
Foxe, J.J. and Snyder, A.C.994
Francis, J.E.876
Franconeri, S.822
Franz, V.H.685
Fraser, S.854
Freeman, E.748–9
Freeman, E. and Driver, J.516, 832
Freeman, W.J.982
Freeman, W.J. and van Dijk, B.W.982
Freiwald, W.A.768
Friedman, H.S.445
Fries, P.993
Friston, K.722
Frith, U.716, 727
Froyen, V.355, 356
Fry, G.A. and Alpern, M.403
Fu, K.-S.922
Fujimoto, K. and Yagi, A.582, 583
Fujisaki, W.829
Fujisaki, W. and Nishida, S.645–6
Fulvio, J.M. and Singh, M. 249–50
Fulvio,J.M., Singh, M., and Maloney, L.T. 241–2
Gabo, N., Constructed Head No. 2 906
Gaillard, R.999
Gamboni, D.915
Ganel, T.676, 677, 681–2
Ganel, T. and Goodale, M.A.678
Gao, Z.765
Garner, W.R.99, 766, 953–5, 962, 963, 980–1, 1029, 1031
Gasper, K. and Clore, G.L.722
Gauss, C.F.1060
Geem, Z.W., Kim, J.H., and Loganathan, G.V.1056
Geisler, W.S.197, 213, 216, 804, 1013
Geisler, W.S. and Diehl, R.L.1022
Geisler, W.S. and Perry, J.S.215
Gelb, A.11, 394, 397, 398, 458
Geman, S.922
Gentaz, E.634
Gepshtein, S. and Kubovy, M.72–3, 74, 76, 972
Gerbino, W.427
Gerbino, W. and Salmaso, D.299, 300
Ghim, H.R.695
Ghim, H.R. and Eimas, P.D.694–5
Gibson, B.S.289
(p. 1067) Gibson, J.J.16, 167, 396, 625, 626, 872, 972, 1052–3
Giese, M.A.579
Giese, M.A. and Poggio, T.586, 588
Gilaie-Dotan, S.975
Gilbert, A.444
Gilbert, C.D.1039
Gilbert, G.M.646
Gilchrist, A.391, 394, 399, 400, 402, 407–8, 448, 455, 470, 938
Gilchrist, I.215
Gillam, B.J.305, 306
Gillam, B.J. and Grove, P.M.266, 286
Gillam, B.J. and Nakayama, K.809
Gintautas, V.224
Giralt, N. and Bloom, P.283
Girshick, A.R., Landy, M.S., and Simoncelli, E.P.156
Glass, L.114
Glass, L. and Switkes, E.215
Glover, S. and Dixon, P.676
Glynn, A.J. 294n2
Godfrey, D., Lythgoe, J.N., and Rumball, D.A.857
Goethe, J.W.5
Goffaux, V.768
Gogel, W.C. and Mershon, D.H.403
Goldberg, R.864
Goldberger, P.881
Goldmeier, E.11
Goldreich, D. and Peterson, M.A.265
Goldsmith, M. and Yeari, M.749
Goldstein, K. and Gelb, A.443
Gombrich, E.H.880
Gong, P.993, 994, 997
Gong, P. and van Leeuwen, C.982, 991, 993
Gonzalez, C.L.R.676–7
Goodale, M.A. and Milner, A.D.672, 972
Goodbourn, P.T.723–4
Goodman, N.D.935
Goodwin, A.W.623
Gordon, I.A. and Morrison, V.623
Gordon, J. and Shapley, R.364
Goryo, K.788
Gottschaldt, K.9, 10, 14, 15
Graf, E.W.516
Graham, D.J. and Field, D.J.875
Granit, R.9
Grassmann, H.438–9
Gray, C.M.998, 1039
Gray, K.L.789
Green, D.M. and Swets, J.A.955
Gregory, R.307, 674, 811, 1018
Grelling, K.11
Griffiths, T.D. and Warren, J.D.603–4
Grinter, E.J.724, 727
Grosof, D.H.975
Gross, J.996
Grossberg, S.328
Grosseteste, R.436–7
Grossman, E.D.583
Gutschalk, A.610
Hafed, Z.M. and Krauzlis, R.J.515
Haffenden, A.M. and Goodale, M.A.685–6
Häkkinen, J. and Nyman, G.809
Halko, M.A.304
Hall, J.R.856
Halliday, A. and Mingay, R.829
Hamers, J.F. and Lambert, W.E.980
Han, S.72, 79, 142, 749, 977–978
Han, S. and Humphreys, G.748
Han, X.383
Hanlon, R.T.848
Hanlon, R.T. and Messenger, J.B.850
Hansmeyer, M.875
Happé, F.G.727
Harbisson, N.666
Harding, G., Harris, J.H., and Bloj, M.456
Harnad, S.935
Harrar, V.646–7
Harrar, V. and Harris, L.R. 642–3n4,829
Harris, A. and Aguirre, G.K.768
Harris, J.J.809
Harris, L.R.825
Harrison, S. and Feldman, J.938
Hartline, H.K.363
Hassenstein, B. and Reichardt, W.489
Hatfield, G. and Epstein, W.1018
Hayden, A.701, 703, 705–6
Haynes, J.-D. and Rees, G.800, 808
Haynes, J.-D., Driver, J., and Rees, G.806
He, D., Kersten, D., and Fang, F.805
He, Y.991
Heath, M.682
Heath Robinson, W.864
Hebb, D.O.692
Heeger, D.J. and Bergen, J.R.174, 176
Heider, F.15
Heider, F. and Simmel, M.872
Helmholtz, H. von295, 392, 395, 402, 415, 632, 786, 1008, 1029
Henshilwood, C.S.880
Hering, E.24, 27, 393, 395, 396, 398, 400, 786
Hernandez, A.995
Heron, J.832
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analysis of art872
on colour454–5
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on frameworks400
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on transparency416–7, 418, 421–3, 424
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on camouflage843, 844
on experimental phenomenology24
on kinetic depth effect528–30
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