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date: 23 January 2020

(p. xiii) List of Figures

(p. xiii) List of Figures

  1. 3.1 The interrelations between the lexical and proprial meaning illustrated with the Swedish (Gotland) word and place-name element ård ‘promontory in the sea’ 45

  2. 6.1 Place-names in Britain from OE mynster ‘large church, minster’ and its reflexes 89

  3. 6.2 Place-names in Britain from P-Celtic aber, Gaelic inbhir, OE muþa, and ON mynni, all meaning ‘river-mouth’ 91

  4. 6.3 Place-names in Scotland from Pictish *pett ‘piece of land’ 95

  5. 6.4 Place-names in Britain from ON ‘village’ 96

  6. 6.5 Place-names in Britain from OE worð/worðig ‘enclosure’ 101

  7. 6.6 Place-names in Britain from OE ford ‘ford’ 102

  8. 9.1 Map showing the distribution of island names containing Polynesian motu ‘island’ 129

  9. 27.1 This sign at the entrance to the village of Drumnadrochit, in the Highland council area of Scotland, features the name of the village in both Gaelic and English 400

  10. 27.2 This municipal boundary sign from Gáivuotna-Kåfjord in Troms county, Norway, is one of the several that were destroyed by vandals 406

  11. 27.3 A selection of signage at the junction of the A82 and A831 roads in Drumnadrochit, including (on the top centre panel) an unusual instance of a silenced majority language toponym 407

  12. 30.1 Allonym: definitions 439

  13. 30.2 Cryptonym: definitions 439

  14. 30.3 Terms for a name written backwards 440

  15. 30.4 Criteria of categorization by Ormis (1944) 440

  16. 30.5 Categorization by Świerczyńska (1983) 441

  17. 30.6 Distribution of terms: nick(name), handle, and username across selected sources in Dutch, English, Polish, and Russian 448

  18. 30.7 Definitions of the term login in selected sources in Dutch, English, Polish, and Russian 449

  19. (p. xiv) 30.8 Examples of definitions of the term nickname 449

  20. 30.9 Examples of popular references in usernames 451

  21. 35.1 Sketch map from Gelling and Cole (2000: 248), showing landscape representations of OE beorg 505

  22. 35.2 Map from Müller (1904: 18), showing the distribution of Bronze Age mounds running along ancient roads 508

  23. 35.3 Map of northern Egvad parish from 1871 509

  24. 35.4a Relational database structure 511

  25. 35.4b Hierarchical database structure 511

  26. 38.1 Road sign in Norwegian, North Sámi, and local Finnish (Kvænsk) 544

  27. 38.2 Copperplate copy of Lindeström’s map of Nova Suecia, published by Th. Campanius Holm 1702 551

  28. 42.1 Two black-painted Dassault DA-20 Jet Falcon aircraft are operated by 717 Squadron of the Royal Norwegian Air Force, covering electronic warfare and VIP transport roles 613

  29. 43.1 Different categories of contemporary animal names based on an urban–rural division 616

  30. 45.1 Ein Gedi: the name of the Frenzel family’s house 637

  31. 45.2 The reverse side: the name Ein Gedi repeated, with the family identity and the symbolic flowers and river 637

  32. 45.3 and 45.4 This house could easily have been simply named The Palms, as there are several large palm trees in the garden 643