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date: 11 November 2019


Listed below are the country, year of issue, and a brief description for each of the stamps that appear on the cover, spine and inside flaps. The artists and copyright holders are acknowledged at the end of each entry. Every effort was made to identify and contact each of them for permissions; we would be grateful for notification if there are any omissions so that they can be corrected in future printings or editions. We would also like to express our thanks to graphic designer Wolfgang Zimmermann ( for so graciously offering us his advice and expertise.

  1. Austria 1986: Julius Tandler [1869–1936] industrial hygienist. (Portrait by Otto Zeiler, reproduced here courtesy of Marianne Siegl; stamp © Austria Post)

  2. Belgium (1) 1966: celebrating the 75 years of Papal encyclicals on social issues that began with the Rerum Novarum; (2) 2007: one of a series honouring Belgian scholars, with Philippe Van Parijs and the image from the cover of his book on the basic income philosophy, Real Freedom for All, Oxford University Press, 1995. (2, Els Van de Vyvere; all © Belgian Post)

  3. Brazil (1) (on the spine) 1981: 60th anniversary of the Ministry of Labour; (2) 1986: a national campaign for the prevention of workplace accidents; (3) 2005: ‘Fight against Poverty – Cisterns’, emphasizing the role of accessible clean water. (1, Joana Bielschowsky; 2, Jô Oliviera; 3, Fernando Lopes; all © Ministry of Communications)

  4. China (1) 1973: from the ‘Barefoot Doctor’ series, honouring country doctors; (2) 1983: from a series promoting the one-child family planning policy. (All © China Post Group)

  5. Denmark 1988: 40 years of the World Health Organization. (Boye Willum Wilumsen; © Post Danmark A/S)

  6. France (1) 1985: honouring Victor Hugo [1802–1885], from the annual series on famous personages; (2) 1989: allegory for equality, celebrating the bicentenary of the French Revolution. (1, Jacques Jubert; 2, Claude Duras and Roger Druet; all © La Poste)

  7. Germany (1) 1965: honouring Chancellor Otto von Bismarck [1815–1898]; (2) 1989: 100 years of Social Insurance; (3) 1992: honouring Chancellor Konrad Adenauer (p. xxx) [1876-1867] (1, Rudolf Gerhardt; 2, Erwin Poell; 3, Hans Günter Schmitz; all © Bundesministerium der Finanzen)

  8. Iceland 1994: United Nations International Year of the Family (© Iceland Post Ltd.)

  9. Italy (1) 1998: commemoration of Mother Theresa [1910–1997] and her work in Calcutta; (2) 1990: centenary of Labour Day (1, M. Temo; 2, E. Donnini; all © Posteitaliane, Filatelia)

  10. Japan 1969: 50th anniversary of the International Labour Organization (© Japan Post)

  11. Korea 1983: The Day of the Teacher (© Korea Post)

  12. Netherlands 1975: in recognition of International Women's Year (© TNT Post Netherlands)

  13. New Zealand 1993: ‘The Great Depression’ from the series ‘Emerging Years—1930s’ (Ross Jones; © New Zealand Post)

  14. Norway 1997: one of a series with Finn Graff's caricatures of Prime Minister Einar Gerhardsen [1897–1987] (© Posten Norge AS)

  15. San Marino 2007: the European Union's Year of Equal Opportunities for All (Daniela Longo; © AASFN)

  16. Spain 2007: ‘Education for All’ (© La Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telegrafos S.A.)

  17. Sweden 1976: ‘workers' safety’ (Olle Kåks; © Sweden Post Stamps)

  18. Switzerland 1998: 50th anniversary of AHV, Switzerland's pension system (Marianne Brügger; © Die Schweizerische Post)

  19. United Kingdom (1) 1998: ‘1,700,000 prescriptions dispensed every year’, from a series celebrating the 50th anniversary of the National Health Service; (2) 1970: from a series commemorating the centenary of Charles Dickens' [1812–1870] death, shows George Cruikshank's frontispiece of the 1838 edition of Oliver Twist (All © Royal Mail Group Ltd.)

  20. United Nations 1954: 35th anniversary of the International Labour Organisation (© United Nations Postal Administration, New York)

  21. United States (1) 1945: one of four in commemoration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt [1882–1945]; (2) 1980: honouring Frances Perkins [1882–1965]; (3) 1985: 50th anniversary of the Social Security Act; (4) 1998: FDR's New Deal Programs, from the series ‘1930s Celebrate the Century—Depression, Dust Bowl, and a New Deal’ (1, 2 © Smithsonian Institute National Postal Museum; 3, 4 © United States Postal Service)

  22. Uruguay 2003: centenary of the presidency of the father of the Uruguayan welfare state, José Batlle y Ordoñez [1856–1929] (Alejandro Muntz; © Correos Uruguayo)

  23. Vatican 1960: hospitality and acceptance for migrants (Grassellini; © Poste Vaticane)