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date: 06 July 2022

(p. 843) Glossary

(p. 843) Glossary

  1. ABM anti-ballistic missile

  2. ADCI/A assistant director of Central Intelligence/Administration

  3. ADCI/A&P assistant director of Central Intelligence/Analysis and Production

  4. ADCI/C assistant director of Central Intelligence/Collection

  5. AEF American Expeditionary Force

  6. AFIO Association of Former Intelligence Officers

  7. AG Attorney General

  8. AIC Australian Intelligence Community

  9. ANZUS Australia-New Zealand-United States

  10. ASIO Australian Security Intelligence Organization

  11. A-12 U.S. spy plane

  12. AWAC airborne warning and control system (U.S. spy plane)

  13. BCCI Bank of Credit and Commerce International

  14. BDA battle damage assessment

  15. Bfv Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (German internal security service: Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz)

  16. BMD ballistic missile defense

  17. BND German Federal Intelligence Service (Bundesnachrichtendienst)

  18. BNL Banca Nazionale del Lavoro

  19. BW biological weapons

  20. CA covert action

  21. CAS Covert Action Staff

  22. CAT Convention against Torture

  23. CB chemical-biological

  24. CBSA Canadian Border Services Agency

  25. CBW chemical-biological warfare

  26. CE counterespionage

  27. CEO chief executive officer

  28. C4I command, control, computer, communications, and intelligence

  29. CFR Council on Foreign Relations

  30. CHAOS crptyonym (code name) for CIA domestic spying operation

  31. CHEKA Soviet internal security agency under Stalin

  32. CI counterintelligence

  33. CIA Central Intelligence Agency (the “Agency”)

  34. CIC Counterintelligence Center

  35. CIG Central Intelligence Group

  36. CINC commander-in-chief (regional military commander)

  37. (p. 844)
  38. CIO Central Imagery Office

  39. CIPA Classified Information Procedures Act

  40. CISC Criminal Intelligence Service of Canada

  41. CMS Community Management Staff

  42. CNA Computer Network Attack

  43. CNC Crime and Narcotics Center (DCI)

  44. CNO Chief of Naval Operations

  45. COI Office of Coordinator of Information

  46. COINTELPRO FBI Counterintelligence Program

  47. comint communications intelligence

  48. CORONA codename for the first U.S. spy satellite system

  49. C/O case officer (CIA)

  50. COed “case officered”

  51. COMINT communications intelligence

  52. COS chief of station, the top CIA officer in the field

  53. CSEC Communications Security Establishment Canada

  54. CSIS Canadian Security and Intelligence Service

  55. CTC Counterterrorism Center (CIA)

  56. CW chemical weapons

  57. DA Directorate of Administration

  58. DAS Deputy Assistant Secretary

  59. DBA dominant battlefield awareness

  60. DCI Director of Central Intelligence

  61. DCIA Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

  62. DDA Deputy Director for Administration

  63. DDCI Deputy Director of Central Intelligence

  64. DD/CIA Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

  65. DD/CIA/CM Deputy Director of Central Intelligence/Community Management

  66. DDI Deputy Director for Intelligence

  67. DDO Deputy Director for Operations

  68. DDS&T Deputy Director for Science and Technology

  69. DEA Drug Enforcement Administration

  70. DEC DCI's Environmental Center

  71. DGSE French military foreign intelligence service

  72. DHS Department of Homeland Security; also, Defense Humint Service (U.S.)

  73. DI Directorate of Intelligence (CIA)

  74. DIA Defense Intelligence Agency

  75. DIAC Defense Intelligence Agency Center

  76. DIA/Humint Defense Humint Service

  77. DIS Defence Intelligence Staff (British)

  78. DMA Defense Mapping Agency

  79. DND Department of National Defence (Canada)

  80. DO Directorate of Operations (CIA), also known as the Clandestine Services

  81. DoD Department of Defense

  82. (p. 845)
  83. DoE Department of Energy

  84. DoS Department of State

  85. DoT Department of Transportation

  86. DMI Director of Military Intelligence (proposed)

  87. DNI Director of National Intelligence

  88. DRKO Department of Peacekeeping Operations (U.N.)

  89. DS&T Directorate for Science and Technology (CIA)

  90. Elint electronic intelligence

  91. Enigma codename for a machine used to break Germany's communications codes in the Second World War

  92. E.O. executive order

  93. EOP Executive Office of the President

  94. EPA Environmental Protection Agency

  95. EU European Union

  96. FARRA Foreign Affairs Reform and Restructuring Act

  97. FAS Federation of American Scientists

  98. FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

  99. FBIS Foreign Broadcast Information Service (today the Open Source Center, U.S.)

  100. FIA Future Imagery Architecture (satellite surveillance plan, U.S.)

  101. FIAS Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

  102. fisint foreign instrumentation signals intelligence

  103. FOIA Freedom of Information Act

  104. FSB Federal Security Service (Russia, after the Cold War)

  105. FY Fiscal Year

  106. GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

  107. GC Geneva Convention

  108. GC&CS Government Code and Cypher School (British)

  109. GCHQ Government Communications Headquarters (British)

  110. GEO Geosynchronous Orbit

  111. geoint geospatial intelligence

  112. gIBIS graphical Issues Based Information Systems

  113. GID General Intelligence Division (FBI)

  114. GRU Soviet Military Intelligence

  115. GSR Ground Surveillance Radar

  116. GWOT Global War on Terrorism

  117. HEO Highly Elliptical Orbit

  118. HPSCI House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

  119. humint human intelligence (espionage assets)

  120. IBIS Issues Based Information System

  121. IC intelligence community

  122. ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile

  123. (p. 846)
  124. ICCPR International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

  125. ICS Intelligence Community Staff

  126. ICC International Criminal Court

  127. IC-21 Intelligence Community in the 21st Century (report title)

  128. IG Inspector General

  129. IG-CSIS Inspector General of CSIS (Canada)

  130. IJN Imperial Japanese Navy

  131. IM Intelligence Memorandum

  132. imint imagery intelligence (photography; geoint)

  133. INFOSEL information security (NSA)

  134. Int-Q-Tel a CIA venture capital fund

  135. ints intelligence collection methods (as in “sigint”)

  136. INR Bureau of Intelligence and Research (Department of State)

  137. INSAC Integrated National Security Assessment Center (Canada)

  138. IOB Intelligence Oversight Board

  139. IRB Immigration Refugee Board (Canada)

  140. IRPA Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada)

  141. IRTPA Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (U.S.)

  142. ISA Intelligence Support Activity

  143. ISC Intelligence Services Commissioner (British)

  144. IT information technology

  145. I&W indicators and warning

  146. JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

  147. JIC Joint Intelligence Committee (U.K.)

  148. JICLE Joint Intelligence Enforcement Working Group (U.S.)

  149. JMAC Joint Mission Analysis Cell (U.N.)

  150. JMIP joint military intelligence program

  151. JROC Joint Reconnaissance Operations Center

  152. JSOC Joint Special Operations Command

  153. JSTARS Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar Systems

  154. KGB Soviet Secret Police and Foreign Intelligence: Committee for State Security

  155. KH Keyhole (satellite)

  156. KP kitchen police (U.S. Army slang)

  157. LEO Low Earth Orbit

  158. MAGIC Allied code-breaking operations against the Japanese in World War II, also known as PURPLE

  159. masint measurement and signatures intelligence

  160. MI military intelligence

  161. MIA missing in action

  162. MIB Military Information Branch (U.N.)

  163. MIP Military Intelligence Program

  164. MIRV multiple, independently targeted, re-entry vehicle

  165. (p. 847)
  166. MI5 British Security Service

  167. MI6 Secret Intelligence Service (SIS—United Kingdom)

  168. MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  169. MOA Memorandum of Agreement

  170. MON Memorandum of Notification

  171. Mossad Israeli intelligence agency

  172. MRBM medium-range ballistic missiles

  173. MRC major regional conflict

  174. MX Missile Experimental (a component of U.S. nuclear deterrence)

  175. NAC National Assessment Center (proposed)

  176. NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement

  177. NAO National Applications Office (Department of Homeland Security)

  178. NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

  179. NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

  180. NCPC National Counterproliferation Center (for the DNI)

  181. NCS National Clandestine Service

  182. NCTC National Counterterrorism Center (for the DNI)

  183. NFAC National Foreign Assessment Center

  184. NFIP National Foreign Intelligence Program (now NIP)

  185. NGA National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

  186. NGO non-governmental organization

  187. NIA National Imagery Agency (proposed)

  188. NIC National Intelligence Council

  189. NID National Intelligence Director (variation of DNI)

  190. NIE National Intelligence Estimate

  191. NIO National Intelligence Officer

  192. NIMA National Imagery and Mapping Agency

  193. NIP National Intelligence Program

  194. NIPF National Intelligence Priorities Framework

  195. NKVD the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs (Soviet Union)

  196. NOC nonofficial cover

  197. NPC Nonproliferation Center

  198. NPIC National Photographic Interpretation Center

  199. NRO National Reconnaissance Office

  200. NSA National Security Agency

  201. NSC National Security Council

  202. NSDD National Security Decision Directive

  203. NTM National Technical Means

  204. NZ New Zealand

  205. OBE overtaken by events

  206. OC official cover

  207. ODNI Office of the Director of National Intelligence

  208. OGPU State Political Directorate (Soviet Union)

  209. OKW Axis crytanalysis agency

  210. OLC Office of Legal Council (Justice Department)

  211. OMB Office of Management and Budget

  212. (p. 848)
  213. ONE Office of National Estimates

  214. ONI Office of Naval Intelligence

  215. ONUC U.N. Operation in Congo

  216. OPC Office of Policy Coordination (CIA)

  217. OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

  218. osint open-source intelligence

  219. OSP Office of Special Planning (DoD)

  220. OSS Office of Strategic Services

  221. PAC Political Action Committee

  222. PBCFIA President's Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activities

  223. PDB President's Daily Brief

  224. PDD Presidential Decision Directive

  225. PFIAB President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (as of 2008, PIAB)

  226. phoint photographic intelligence (also, photoint; imint; geoint)

  227. PIAB President's Intelligence Advisory Board

  228. PKI peacekeeping intelligence

  229. PM ops paramilitary operations

  230. PNG persona non grata

  231. POW prisoner of war

  232. PRB Publication Review Board (CIA)

  233. PRC People's Republic of China

  234. PSC Public Safety Canada

  235. radint radar intelligence

  236. RAF Royal Air Force

  237. RAND a Washington and California think tank

  238. R&D research and development

  239. RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  240. RIPA Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (British)

  241. RMA revolution in military affairs

  242. RN Royal Navy (British)

  243. SAIC Science Applications International Corporation

  244. SAIS School of Advanced International Studies (Johns Hopkins)

  245. SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

  246. SAM surface-to-air missile

  247. SAP Special Access Program

  248. SCEs Service Cryptologic Elements (U.S.)

  249. SDO support to diplomatic operations

  250. secdef Secretary of Defense

  251. SF Special Forces (Green Berets—U.S. Army)

  252. SHAMROCK cryptonym for NSA domestic spying operations

  253. sigint signals intelligence

  254. SIRC Security Intelligence Review Committee (Canada)

  255. SIS Secret Intelligence Services (British), also known as MI6

  256. (p. 849)
  257. SLBM submarine-launched ballistic missile

  258. SMO support to military operations

  259. SMUN Soviet Mission to the UN

  260. SNIE Special National Intelligence Estimate

  261. SOCOM Special Operations Command

  262. SOE Special Operations Executive (British)

  263. SOF Special Operations Forces (U.S.)

  264. SOG Special Operations Group (CIA)

  265. SOVA Office of Soviet Analysis (CIA)

  266. SR-21 U.S. spy plane

  267. SSCI Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

  268. START Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty

  269. SVR Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (the new KGB)

  270. TCA Technical Collection Agency (proposed)

  271. techint technical intelligence

  272. telint telemetry intelligence

  273. TIARA tactical intelligence and related activities

  274. TOR terms of reference (for NIE drafting)

  275. TSP Terrorism Surveillance Program (U.S.)

  276. UAV unmanned aerial vehicle (drone)

  277. UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice

  278. UK United Kingdom

  279. UKUSA United Kingdom, United States, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand intelligence sharing

  280. Ultra communications intelligence obtained by the United States and Britain during the Second World War

  281. U-2 CIA spy plane

  282. UN United Nations

  283. UNAMIR UN Mission for Rwanda

  284. UNCOK UN Commission on Korea

  285. UNEF UN Emergency Force

  286. UNSEC UN Secretariat

  287. UNTAG UN Mission in Namibia

  288. USAF U.S. Air Force

  289. USC U.S. Code (a statutory identification system)

  290. USCS U.S. Cryptologic System

  291. USIB U.S. Intelligence Board

  292. USN U.S. Navy

  293. USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

  294. USSS U.S. Sigint System

  295. USTR U.S. Trade Representative

  296. VENONA Codename for U.S. Army Signal Corps and NSA sigint intercepts against Soviets (1943–1980)

  297. (p. 850)
  298. VX a deadly nerve agent used in chemical weapons

  299. WIPACC Weapons Intelligence, Proliferation, and Arms Control Center

  300. WMDs weapons of mass destruction