What's New: April 2022

April 20, 2022

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 289 individual articles and 7 complete Handbook titles from across 9 subject areas. 

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Individual Articles


Industrial Archaeology
Australian Colonial Land Settlement, Alistair Paterson, Sean Winter
Canals and Inland Waterways, Hanna Steyne, Nigel Crowe
Ceramic Production, Eleanor Conlin Casella
Churches and Chapels, Angela Connelly
Commodities and Consumption, Penelope Jane Crook
Food Processing, Amber Patrick, Hanna Steyne
Food Storage, Eleanor Conlin Casella, Samantha Bolton
Industrialised Conflict, Wayne D. Cocroft
Ports and Shipping, Richard Newman, Hanna Steyne
Railways, David Gwyn
Roads and Bridges, Geoff Timmins
Slate Production, David Gwyn
Social Welfare Institutions, Eleanor Conlin Casella, Katherine Fennelly
Temperance, Andrew Davison
Textiles: Cotton, Roger N. Holden
The Archaeology of the British Coal Industry, Marilyn Palmer, Michael Nevell
Timber, Peter Davies
Water Power, Colin Rynne
The Archaeology of Indigenous Australia and New Guinea


Language and Sexuality
Language and the Regulation of Marriage, Srimati Basu, Rusty Barrett


Children's Film
Children’s Films and the Avant-garde, Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer
Disney's Musical Landscapes, Daniel Batchelder
Soviet Underground Culture


Economic Ethnomusicology
Music and Corpus Studies


Meaning in Life
Atheism and Meaning in Life, Erik J. Wielenberg
Education and Meaning in Life, Doret de Ruyter, Anders Schinkel
Introduction, Iddo Landau
Love and Meaning in Life, Alan H. Goldman
Meaning and Anti-Meaning in Life, Sven Nyholm, Stephen M. Campbell
The Experience of Meaning, Antti Kauppinen
Moral Psychology
Agency in Mental Illness and Cognitive Disability, Dominic Murphy, Natalia Washington
Animal Moral Psychologies, Susana Monsó, Kristin Andrews
Are Desires Interdependent?, Fiery Cushman, L.A. Paul
Judgment Internalism, Samuel Asarnow, David Taylor
Mens Rea in Moral Judgment and Criminal Law, Carly Giffin, Tanya Lombrozo
Moral Expertise, Julia Driver
Personal Identity, David Shoemaker, Kevin Tobia
Prudential Psychology: Theory, Method, and Measurement, Valerie Tiberius, Daniel M. Haybron
Punishment as Communication, Fiery Cushman, Arunima Sarin, Mark Ho
Redirecting Rawlsian Reasoning Toward the Greater Good, Joshua Greene, Karen Huang, Max H. Bazerman
Sex By Deception, Berit Brogaard
Situationism, Moral Improvement, and Moral Responsibility, Maria Waggoner, John M. Doris, Manuel Vargas
Some Potential Philosophical Lessons of Implicit Moral Attitudes, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, C. Daryl Cameron
The Moral Psychology of Victimization, Laura Niemi, Liane Young
The Nature and Significance of Blame, David O. Brink, Dana Kay Nelkin
Virtue, Lorraine Besser
Weakness of Will, Alfred R. Mele
Population Ethics
Animal Population Ethics, Axel Gosseries, Tim Meijers
Optimum Population Size, Hilary Greaves
Population Overshoot, Partha Dasgupta, Aisha Dasgupta

Political Science

AI Governance
AI Challenges for Society and Ethics , Jess Whittlestone, Samuel Clarke
Artificial Intelligence for Adjudication, Kurt Glaze, Daniel E. Ho, Gerald Ray, Christine Tsang
Migrants and New Media, Monika Palmberger
Multidimensionality and Superdiversity: Some Reflections, Laurence Lessard-Phillips, Veronika Fajth
Superdiversity through the Lens of Brexit, Sarah Neal, Allan Cochrane


Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
Language development in infancy, Enikő Ladányi, Judit Gervain
Empirical Aesthetics
Integrated Methods: A Call for Integrative and Interdisciplinary Aesthetics Research, Martin Tröndle, Steven Greenwood, Chandrasekhar Ramakrishnan, Folkert Uhde, Hauke Egermann, Wolfgang Tschacher


The Bible and Ecology
Climate Scepticism, Politics, and the Bible, Benjamin S. Lowe, Rachel L. Lamb, Noah J. Toly
Deuteronomy, Raymond F. Person Jr.
Genesis, Ted Hiebert
Introduction, Hilary Marlow, Mark Harris
John's Gospel, Susan Miller
Leviticus, Deborah Rooke
Revelation, Micah D. Kiel
Stewardship: A Biblical Concept?, Mark Daniel Liederbach
Synoptic Gospels, Mark Harris
The Book of Job, Kathryn Schifferdecker
The Sea and Ecology, Rebecca S. Watson
The Cognitive Science of Religion
Explaining and Solving Practical Problems Supernaturally, Rachel Watson-Jones, Cristine H. Legare
Extreme Rituals, Dimitris Xygalatas
Gods: Cognition, Culture, and Ecology, Benjamin Grant Purzycki
Mortuary Practices, Claire White
Neuroscience of Religion, Uffe Schjoedt, Michiel van Elk
Soul Mates? Conflicts and Complementarities in the Evolutionary and Cognitive Sciences of Religion, Richard Sosis, John H. Shaver, Benjamin Grant Purzycki, Jordan Kiper
Special Objects, Tyler S. Greenway
The Failure of Religious Systems, Hugh Turpin, Jonathan A. Lanman
The Nature of Humans, Rebekah A. Richert, Kirsten Lesage
The Nature of the World, Julie Scott, Justin L. Barrett
What is the Role of Ritual in Binding Communities Together?, Harvey Whitehouse, Christopher M. Kavanagh


Digital Media Sociology
Indigenous Sociology
Jane Addams
The Sociology of Disability
Disability and Human Rights, Paula Campos Pinto
Taste Savoring Decadence, Michelle Maroto, David Pettinicchio

Complete Handbooks


Industrial Archaeology, Eds. Eleanor Conlin Casella, Michael Nevell, Hanna Steyne


Children's Film, Eds. Noel Brown


Meaning in Life, Eds. Iddo Landau
Moral Psychology, Eds. Manuel Vargas, John M. Doris
Population Ethics, Eds. Gustaf Arrhenius, Krister Bykvist, Tim Campbell, Elizabeth Finneron-Burns


The Bible and Ecology, Eds. Hilary Marlow, Mark Harris
The Cognitive Science of Religion, Eds. Justin L. Barrett


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