What's New: November 2021

November 10, 2021

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 303 individual articles and 6 complete Handbook titles from across 13 subject areas. 

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Individual Articles



Byzantine Art and Architecture
Armenia, Christina Maranci
Bronze and Copper Icons, Ellen C. Schwartz
Byzantine Art and Perception, Bissera Pentcheva
Ceramics, Demetra Papanikola-Bakirtzi
Georgia, Zaza Skhirtladze
Glass, Anastassios Antonaras
Iconoclasm, Leslie Brubaker
Illunimated Manuscripts: Religious, Susan Madigan McCombs
Islamic States and the Middle East, Erica Cruikshank Dodd
Ivories and Steatites, Carolyn Connor
Jewelry and Enamels, Antje Bosselmann-Ruickbie
Liturgical Objects, Holger A. Klein
Magic and Byzantine Art, Jacquelyn Tuerk-Stonberg
Mosaics, Liz James
Religious Architecture, Marina Milanović
Secular Architecture: Domestic, Carolyn S. Snively
Secular Architecture: Military, Stavros I. Arvanitopoulos
Secular Art, Maria Parani
South Slavic Lands, Ljubomir Milanović
Stone Sculpture, Sarah T. Brooks
Textile Media, Warren Woodfin
The Icon, Rebecca W. Corrie
The Imperial Arts, Benjamin Anderson
The Origin of Icons, Thomas F. Mathews
the Archaeology of Indigenous Australia and New Guinea

Business and Management

China Innovation
Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investments and Innovation, Vito Amendolagine, Xiaolan Fu, Roberta Rabellotti
Financing for innovation in China, Jin Chen, Liyan Wang
Green Innovation in China, Ping Huang, Rasmus Lema
Intellectual Property Rights Protection, Can Huang, Naubahar Sharif
International Innovation Collaboration in China, Kaihua Chen, Ze Feng, Xiaolan Fu
Internationalisation of Chinese Research and Development, Max von Zedtwitz, Xiaohong Iris Quan
Introduction: China’s Journey to Innovation, Xiaolan Fu, Bruce McKern, Jin Chen, Ximing Yin
The development of innovation studies in China, Rongping Mu, Jin Chen, Rebecca Wenjing Lyu

Economics and Finance

Hedge Funds
Gone Global: The International Diffusion of Hedge Fund Activism, Ruth V. Aguilera, Ryan Federo, Yuliya Ponomareva
Convergence and Diversity in the Hedge Fund and Private Equity Industry, Omololu Bajulaiye, Mark Fenwick, Ivona Skultetyova, Erik P. M. Vermeulen
Hedge Fund Activism and Corporate Innovation, Roberto S. Santos, Sunny Li Sun
Hedge Fund Activism vs Other Activist Investors, Ulf von Lilienfeld-Toal, Jan Schnitzler
Hedge Fund Flows, Guillermo Baquero, Marno Verbeek
Hedge Funds Strategies in the Post-Crisis Era, Yigit Atilgan, Turan Bali, A. Doruk Gunaydin
Introducing Hedge Funds, Douglas Cumming, Sofia Johan, Geoffrey Wood
Tax Optimization of Hedge Funds, Francoise-Serge Lhabitant
The Lost Decade for Hedge Funds: Three Threats, Joseph A. McCahery, F. Alexander de Roode


Central American History
The Ancient Civilizations, William R. Fowler


Administrative Justice
Feminism and Law in the United States
Music Law and Policy
Determining the Composition, Joe Bennett, Sean M. O’Connor


Prose Poetry: All the Rest is Literature, Jane Desmarais, David Weir
Taste: Savoring Decadence, David Weir, Jane Desmarais
Gabriel García Márquez
García Márquez and the Global South, Magalí Armillas-Tiseyra
Introduction to Gabriel García Márquez, Gene H. Bell-Villada, Ignacio López-Calvo
Myth and Poetry in Macondo, Mercedes López-Baralt
South Asian Readings of Gabriel García Márquez, Sonya Surabhi Gupta, Shad Naved
Queer Cinema
Queer Pedagogy, Tom Waugh
Soviet Underground Culture
Theoretical Problems of Soviet Underground Culture, Mark Lipovetsky, Tomáš Glanc, Maria Engström, Ilja Kukuj, Klavdia Smola


Electronic Dance Music
Irish Song, 1100–1850
Swift and Song, Andrew Carpenter
Public Music Theory
A = 440: Musicianship on Music Row, Patrick McMakin, Jennifer Snodgrass


Transcranial Stimulation, Second Edition
Changes in TMS measures induced by repetitive TMS, Joseph Classen, Ying-Zu Huang, Christoph Zrenner
Computational Neurostimulation, Ainslie Johnstone, James J. Bonaiuto, Sven Bestmann
rTMS and Nondeclarative Learning, Michael V. Freedberg, Eric Wassermann


Digital Ethics
How Robots Have Politics, Robert Sparrow
Price Discrimination in the Digital Age, Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, Lauritz Aastrup Munch
The Ethics of Sex Robots, Aksel Braanen Sterri, Brian D. Earp
Newton's Matter Theory, Hylarie Kochiras

Political Science

Comparative Environmental Politics
Implementation of International Environmental Law: A Comparative Perspective, Maria Ivanova, Natalia Escobar-Pemberthy, Anna Dubrova, Candace Famiglietti
International Political Economy
Informal Markets, Anja P. Jakobi
Liberalization, Timm Betz, Amy Pond
Money, Mark Copelovitch, James Anderson
Regulation, Cyril Benoît, Matthias Thiemann
Trade, Elisabeth van Lieshout


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
A Primer on Relational Frame Theory, Colin Harte, Dermot Barnes-Holmes
Self-as-context, Louise McHugh, Alison Stapleton
Personality and Psychopathology Assessment, Second Edition
Student Threat Assessment, Dewey Cornell, Sharmila B. Mehta, Caroline Crichlow-Ball
Therapeutic Assessment, Jan H. Kamphuis, Pamela Schaber
the Psychology of Competition


Jeremiah and Gender, Christl M. Maier
Jeremiah and Homiletics, Carolyn J. Sharp
Jeremiah at Qumran, Devorah Dimant
Jeremiah in Art, Mary Chilton Callaway
Jeremiah in Lamentations, Elizabeth Boase
Jeremiah: The Traumatized Prophet, L. Juliana Claassens
Postcolonial Biblical Criticism


Digital Media Sociology
Digital Religion, Stef Aupers, Lars de Wildt
Emile Durkheim
Symbolic Interaction
the Sociology of Disability
Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Outcomes, Fabrico Balcazar, Norma Ramirez

Complete Handbooks



Byzantine Art and Architecture, Eds. Ellen C. Schwartz

Business and Management

China Innovation, Eds. Xiaolan Fu, Bruce McKern, Jin Chen

Economics and Finance

Hedge Funds, Eds. Douglas Cumming, Sofia Johan, Geoffrey Wood


Gabriel García Márquez, Eds. Gene H. Bell-Villada, Ignacio López-Calvo
Queer Cinema, Eds. Ronald Gregg, Amy Villarejo


Jeremiah, Eds. Louis Stulman, Edward Silver