What's New: May 2021

May 12, 2021

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 158 individual articles and 4 complete Handbook titles from across 10 subject areas. 

Download the most recent MARC21 records here and see a complete list of new content below.


Individual Articles



the Archaeology of Indigenous Australia and New Guinea
Interactions with Megafauna, Chris N. Johnson, Joe Dortch, Trevor H. Worthy

Business and Management

Luxury Business


Mexican History
Romanticism in Mexico, Laura Shelton
The US–Mexican War, Bruce Winders
South African History
the History of Youth Culture
the Weimar Republic
Antisemitism in the Weimar Republic, Susanne Wein, Martin Ulmer
Liberalism, Philipp Müller
National Socialism, Daniel Siemens
Social Policy in the Weimar Republic, Karl Christian Führer


Global Popular Music
Punk Rock
the Creative Process in Music
Borrowing in music, Friedemann Sallis
Musical Creativity and Wellbeing, Raymond MacDonald, Graeme Wilson, Felicity Baker
On Composers and Computers, Gerhard Nierhaus


Transcranial Stimulation, Second Edition


Feminist Philosophy
Analytical Feminist Ethics, Samantha Brennan
Animal Studies, Lori Gruen
Bias, Louise Antony
Borders and Migration, Shelley Wilcox
Feminism in Ancient Philosophy, Anne-Marie Schultz
Feminist Aesthetics, A. W. Eaton
Feminist Bioethics, Jackie Leach Scully
Feminist Epistemology, Heidi Grasswick
Feminist Moral Psychology, Peggy DesAutels
Feminist Philosophy of Mind, Jennifer McWeeny
Identity, Linda Martín Alcoff
Latina/x Philosophy, Andrea J. Pitts
Metaphysics, Mari Mikkola
Poststructuralism, Katerina Kolozova
Pragmatism, Erin McKenna, Maurice Hamington
Prisons, Perry Zurn
Queer Theory, Gayle Salamon
Relational Autonomy, Catriona Mackenzie
The Body, Cressida J. Heyes
What is Feminist Philosophy?, Kim Q. Hall, Asta
Intergenerational Ethics
Research Ethics

Political Science

International Political Economy
Economic Coercion, Elena V. McLean
Foreign Aid, Sarah Blodgett Bermeo
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Rachel L. Wellhausen
Open Economy Politics Revisited, Stephanie J. Rickard
Japanese Politics
Japanese Politics: An Introduction, Robert J. Pekkanen, Saadia M. Pekkanen


Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
Human Symbolic Evolution
Personality Assessment, Second Edition


the Apocrypha
The Additions of the Greek Book(s) of Esther, Tyler Smith, Kristin De Troyer
1 Esdras (Greek Ezra), Lester L. Grabbe
2 Esdras, Shayna Sheinfeld
2 Maccabees, Michael Duggan
3 Maccabees, Bryan R. Dyer
4 Maccabees, Jan Willem van Henten
Baruch, Karina Martin Hogan
Book of Judith, Deborah Levine Gera
Epistle of Jeremiah, Susan Docherty
Prayer of Manasseh, Ariel Gutman
Psalm 151-155, Mika S. Pajunen
Sirach, Jeremy Corley
The Additions to Daniel, Lorenzo DiTommaso
The Wisdom of Solomon, Jason M. Zurawski
the Pentateuch
Form and Tradition Criticism, Thomas B. Dozeman
Positions on Redaction, Reinhard Müller
The Documentary Hypothesis, Baruch J. Schwartz
The Text of the Pentateuch, Sidnie White Crawford


Sociology and Digital Media
Symbolic Interaction
The Narrative Study of Self and Society, Amir Marvasti, Jaber F. Gubrium
the Sociology of the Middle East

Complete Handbooks


Feminist Philosophy, Eds. Kim Q. Hall, Asta


Ecumenical Studies, Eds. Geoffrey Wainwright, Paul McPartlan
the Apocrypha, Eds. Gerbern S. Oegema
the Pentateuch, Eds. Joel Baden, Jeffrey Stackert