What's New: January 2021

January 13, 2021

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 290 individual articles and 6 complete Handbook titles from across 14 subject areas. 

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Individual Articles


Ancient Nubia
Bioarchaeology of Nubia, Michele R. Buzon



Jebel Barkal: "Karnak" of Kush, Timothy Kendall, El-Hassan Ahmed Mohamed
Nubia, a Brief Introduction, Bruce Beyer Williams, Geoff Emberling
Nubian Rock Art, Henryk Paner
Nubian Texts, Nubian Lives, Giovanni R. Ruffini
Post-Meroe in Upper Nubia, Mahmoud El-Tayeb
The City of Meroe, Krzysztof Grzymski
The Eastern Cemetery of Kerma, Charles Bonnet, Matthieu Honegger
The History of Medieval Nubia, Giovanni R. Ruffini
The Meroitic Heartland, Pawel Wolf, Ulrike Nowotnick
Trade in Ancient Nubia: Routes, Goods, and Structures, Mahmoud Suliman Bashir, Geoff Emberling
Women in Ancient Kush, Angelika Lohwasser, Jacke Phillips

Business and Management

Luxury Business
Luxury Branding, Benjamin Berghaus

Classical Studies

Ancient Biography
Arabic Biography, Faustina Doufikar-Aerts
Byzantine Biography, Martin Hinterberger
Christian biography, Scott Fitzgerald Johnson
Coptic Life Stories, Arietta Papaconstantinou
Fifth-century preliminaries, Christopher Pelling
Holy men: Wonderworkers, apostles and saints, Danny Praet, Marc Van Uytfanghe
Jewish biography, Joseph Geiger
Life of Homer, Suzanne Saïd
Martyrs and Life-Writing in Late Antiquity, Koen De Temmerman, Danny Praet
Monastic Lives, Mark Edwards
Plutarch's Parallel Lives, Aristoula Georgiadou, Michele A. Lucchesi
Popular biography, Ioannis M. Konstantakos
Sophists, Kendra Eshleman
Syriac Biography, Muriel Debié
The Alexander Romance, Corinne Jouanno
Xenophon of Athens, Noreen Humble
the Literatures of the Roman Empire
Armenian, S. Peter Cowe


Mexican History
the History of Terrorism
the Weimar Republic


Comparative Health Law
Genetics and the Law: Conclusion, Maxwell Mehlman, Mette Hartlev, Sonia Suter
Genetics and the Law: United States, Maxwell Mehlman, Sonia Suter
Introduction to Genetics and the Law, Maxwell Mehlman, Mette Hartlev, Sonia Suter


Language and Sexuality
Languages of the Caucasus
Abaza and Abkhaz, Brian O’Herin
Archi, Marina Chumakina
Avar, Diana Forker
Binding and indexicality in the Caucasus, Dmitry Ganenkov, Natalia Bogomolova
Chechen and Ingush, Erwin R. Komen, Zarina Molochieva, Johanna Nichols
Correlatives in Languages of the Caucasus, Ömer Demirok, Balkız Öztürk
Dargwa, Nina Sumbatova
Introduction, Maria Polinsky
Iron Ossetic, David Erschler
Lak, Victor A. Friedman
Languages and Sociolinguistics of the Caucasus, Nina Dobrushina, Michael Daniel, Yuri Koryakov
Megrelian, Alexander Rostovtsev-Popiel
Nakh-Dagestanian Languages, Dmitry Ganenkov, Timur Maisak
The Northwest Caucasian Languages, Peter Arkadiev, Yury Lander


Perfume and Olfaction, Catherine Maxwell


Punk Rock


Philosophy of Technology
Engineering Knowledge, Wybo Houkes, Anthonie Meijers
Psychotherapy Ethics
The ethics of artificial intelligence in psychotherapy, Tania Manríquez, Nikola Biller-Andorno, Manuel Trachsel
The Ethics of Placebo and Nocebo in Psychotherapy, Jens Gaab, Cosima Locher, Manuel Trachsel
Research Ethics
Advocacy and Research, Rebecca Dresser

Physical Sciences

Non-Synoptic Wind Storms

Political Science

Australian Politics
Political leadership, Paul Strangio
Political organizations and participation, Ariadne Vromen, Michael Vaughan, Darren Halpin
Behavioral Political Science
Forecasting Political Events, Michael C. Horowitz
Japanese Politics
Civil Society in Japan, Akihiro Ogawa
Local Government in Japan, Ken Victor Leonard Hijino
Peaceful Change in International Relations
Peaceful Change after the World Wars, Peter Marcus Kristensen
Politics in Muslim Societies


Career Development
Career Assessment, Peter McIlveen, Harsha N. Perera, Jason Brown, Michael Healy, Sara Hammer
Introduction: Rethinking Career Development, Phil McCash, Tristram Hooley, Peter J. Robertson
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
Magnetoencephalography and developmental cognitive neuroscience, Edwin S. Dalmaijer, Alexander L. Anwyl-Irvine, Giacomo Bignardi, Olaf Hauk, Duncan E. Astle
Training cognition with video games, Pedro Cardoso-Leite, Morteza Ansarinia, Emmanuel Schmück, Daphne Bavelier
Down Syndrome and Development
Empirical Aesthetics
Meditation in Prison, Katherine M. Auty
Traumatic Stress Disorders, Second Edition
Classification of Acute Stress Disorder, MacKenzie A. Sayer, Sarah Ostrowski-Delahanty, Maria L. Pacella-LaBarbara, Douglas L. Delahanty
The Epidemiology of Acute Stress Disorder and Other Early Responses to Trauma in Adults, Quinn M. Biggs, Mary C. Vance, Carol S. Fullerton, Robert J. Ursano


Women in Deuteronomy, Sandra Jacobs
Humanism and Gender, Monica R. Miller
the Reception of Aquinas
God the Trinity, Gilles Emery
Jesus Christ, Simon Francis Gaine OP
Saint Thomas and His Sources, Jean-Pierre Torrell
Wisdom and the Bible
Apocalyptic and Wisdom Literature, Bennie H. Reynolds III
Ben Sira, Benjamin G. Wright
Ecclesiastes, Tova L. Forti
Job, Scott C. Jones
Law and Wisdom Literature, Jonathan P. Burnside
Mesopotamian Wisdom Literature, Yoram Cohen, Nathan Wasserman
Order: Wisdom, Retribution, and Skepticism, Ludger Schwienhorst-Schönberger
Proverbs, Samuel E. Balentine
Song of Songs, Anselm C. Hagedorn
The Wisdom of Solomon, James K. Aitken, Ekaterina Matusova
Theology of Wisdom, Tremper Longman III
Wisdom in Egypt, Joachim Friedrich Quack
Wisdom in Jewish Theology, Jonathan Schofer
Wisdom in Nature, Norman Habel
Wisdom in the New Testament, Mariam Kamell Kovalishyn
Wisdom Influence, John L. McLaughlin
Wisdom Psalms, W.H. Bellinger Jr.


Global South Youth Studies
Youth Protagonism in Urban India, Roshni K. Nuggehalli
the Sociology of the Middle East

Complete Handbooks


Ancient Nubia, Eds. Geoff Emberling, Bruce Beyer Williams

Classical Studies

Ancient Biography, Eds. Koen De Temmerman


Languages of the Caucasus, Eds. Maria Polinsky


Positive Psychology, Third Edition, Eds. C. R. Snyder, Shane J. Lopez, Lisa M. Edwards, Susana C. Marques


the Reception of Aquinas, Eds. Matthew Levering, Marcus Plested
Wisdom and the Bible, Eds. Will Kynes

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