What's new: September 2020

September 2, 2020

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 345 individual articles and 7 complete Handbook titles from across 14 subject areas. 

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Individual Articles


Business and Management
Dynamic Capabilities
Supply Chain Management
Healthcare Supply Chains, Lidia Betcheva, Feryal Erhun, Houyuan Jiang
Logistics in Emerging Markets, Adegoke Oke, Arnie Maltz
Supply Chain Financing: Moving beyond Source, Make, and Deliver, Dale S. Rogers, Rudolf Leuschner, Thomas Y. Choi
Supply Chain Management and Gender: Challenges for a Changing World, Ely Paiva, Maria Jose Tonelli, Priscila Miguel, Cristiane Biazzin
Supply Network Drivers of Risk and Performance, Marcus A. Bellamy, Nikolay Osadchiy

Classical Studies

Ancient Greek Law
the Literatures of the Roman Empire
Punic, Claude Baurain

Economics and Finance

Institutions of International Economic Governance and Market Regulation
Contractual Arbitrage, Stephen J. Choi, Mitu Gulati, Robert E. Scott


Central American History
Honduras, Dario A. Euraque
Religion, Politics, and the State, Bonar L. Hernández Sandoval
Mexican History
South African History
the History of Terrorism


Comparative Health Law
Communicable Disease, Wendy E. Parmet
Introduction to Medical Products Law, Erika Lietzan, Aurélie Mahalatchimy, Patricia J. Zettler
Introduction to Public Health Law, Wendy E. Parmet, Markus Frischhut, Amandine Garde, Brigit Toebes
Regulating Medical Devices in the United States, Patricia J. Zettler, Erika Lietzan
Regulating Medicines in the United States, Erika Lietzan, Patricia J. Zettler
Music Law and Policy


Language and Sexuality


"Anticlericalism," Inter-clerical Polemic and Theological Vernaculars, Kathryn Kerby-Fulton, Melissa Mayus, Katie Ann-Marie Bugyis
Chaucer as Image-Maker, Denise Despres
Dialogism in Hoccleve, Jonathan M. Newman
Introduction: "Placing the Past", Suzanne Conklin Akbari
Labour and Time, Kellie Robertson
Lydgate's Chaucer, Anthony Bale
Philosophy, Logic and Nominalism, Fabienne Michelet, Martin Pickavé


Music and Queerness
Operatic Canon
Introduction, Cormac Newark, William Weber


Neuronal Protein Synthesis
Regulation of Protein Synthesis by eIF4E in the Brain, Kleanthi Chalkiadaki, Stella Kouloulia, Clive R. Bramham, Christos G. Gkogkas
the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
Emotional Memory in the Human Brain, Leonard Faul, Kevin S. LaBar
Neuronal Excitability in Memory Allocation: Mechanisms and Consequences, Alexander D. Jacob, Andrew J. Mocle, Paul W. Frankland, Sheena A. Josselyn


Newton's Scientific Method, William L. Harper
Psychotherapy Ethics
Ethical Importance of Psychotherapists’ Self-Care and When It Fails, Andrés J. Consoli, Heidi A. Zetzer, Himadhari Sharma
Ethical Issues in Psychotherapy Research, Violette Corre, Poornima Bhola, Manuel Trachsel
How Do People Make Moral Medical Decisions?, Eleanor Gilmore-Szott, Thomas V. Cunningham
Patient Information on Evidence and Clinical Effectiveness of Psychotherapy, Charlotte Blease, John M. Kelley, Manuel Trachsel
Toward an Evidence-based Standard of Professional Competence, Scott D. Miller, Joshua W. Madsen, Mark A. Hubble
Virtue Ethics and the Multicultural Clinic, Jennifer Radden, Jerome Kroll
William James

Physical Sciences

Non-Synoptic Wind Storms
Extremely Gusty Winds from a Viewpoint of Aerodynamic Force, Junji Maeda, Takashi Yakeuchi, Eriko Tomokiyo, Yukio Tamura
Prediction of Non-Synoptic Wind Speeds, Franklin T. Lombardo, Alexander S. Zickar

Political Science

Classics in Contemporary Political Theory
Japanese Politics
Japan-Russia Relations, Alexander Bukh
Remilitarization in Japan, Christopher W. Hughes
Politics in Muslim Societies
Illicit Economies and Political Violence in Central Asia, Lawrence P. Markowitz, Mariya Y. Omelicheva
Scottish Politics
Devolution, Malcolm Harvey
Elections and Electoral Systems, James Mitchell, Ailsa Henderson
Green Politics, Antje Brown
Interest Groups and Policy Communities, Iain MacLeod, Darren Halpin
Local Government, Neil McGarvey
Political Behaviour in Scotland, Ailsa Henderson, Robert Johns, Christopher Carman, James Mitchell
Scotland and Europe, Kirsty Hughes
Smaller Parties, Alistair Clark
The Independence Question, Coree Brown Swan
The Political Class in Scotland, Michael Keating, Paul Cairney, Stefano Intropido
The Scottish Labour Party, Gerry Hassan, Eric Shaw
The Scottish National Party, Lynn Bennie, Craig McAngus
The Scottish Parliament, Emily St. Denny
The State of Scotland, Neal Ascherson
Women, Gender and Politics in Scotland, Meryl Kenny, Fiona Mackay
Turkish Politics
Neoliberal Politics in Turkey, Sinan Erensü, Yahya M. Madra


Accurate Personality Judgment
The Accuracy of Stereotypes about Personality, Lee Jussim, Sean Stevens, Nathan Honeycutt
Career Development
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
Attention biases in children and adolescents, Olivia M. Elvin, Katherine M. Ryan, Kathryn Modecki, Allison M. Waters
Empirical Aesthetics
Aesthetic Experience in Everyday Environments, Paul J. Silvia, Katherine N. Cotter
Aesthetic Responses to the Characters, Plots, Worlds, and Style of Stories, Marta M. Maslej, Joshua A. Quinlan, Raymond A. Mar
Historiometric Approach, Dean Keith Simonton
Lifelong Learning, Second Edition
Assessing Learning Needs and Outcomes in Lifelong Learning Support Systems, Kurt Kraiger, Natalie Wolfson, Meghan K. Davenport, Margaret E. Beier
Corporate Employee Training and Development Strategies, William J. Rothwell, Anita Pane Whiteford
Improving Self-Awareness and Self-Insight, Richard Klimoski, Xiaoxiao Hu
Learning Challenges for Adults with Learning Disabilities, Mark P. Mostert, Lucinda S. Spaulding



Professionals as Lifelong Learners, Edward R. Del Gaizo, Ariel Laudermith
Role of Supervisor as Coach and Developer, Weilin Su, He Ding, Yuhao Liu
The Role of Feedback Environment in Self-Development, Montana L. Drawbaugh, John E. Gianelloni, Paul E. Levy
Unexpected Employment Transitions and Lifelong Learning, Tera M. Meerkins, David L. Blustein, Kahlil DuPerry, Whitney Erby
Volunteerism: A Means of Lifelong Learning, Tim McHeffey, John Brush, Danielle Zanzarov, Jennifer Browne, Caroline McHeffey
Positive Psychology, Third Edition
Positive Emotions, Michele M. Tugade, Hillary C. Devlin, Barbara L. Fredrickson
Qualitative Research, Second Edition
Conducting Mixed Methods Research: Using Dialectical Pluralism and Social Psychological Strategies, Susan A. Tucker, R. Burke Johnson, Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Marjorie L. Icenogle
Critical Approaches to Qualitative Research, Kum-Kum Bhavnani, Peter Chua, Dana Collins
Decolonizing Research Practice: Indigenous Methodologies, Aboriginal Methods, and Knowledge/Knowing, Michael Evans, Adrian Miller, Peter J. Hutchinson, Carlene Dingwall
Ethnography, Anthony Kwame Harrison
Evaluating Qualitative Research 2.0, Jeasik Cho, Allen Trent
Focus Group Research: Retrospect and Prospec, George Kamberelis, Greg Dimitriadis
Historical Overview of Qualitative Research in the Social Sciences, Svend Brinkmann, Michael Hviid Jacobsen, Søren Kristiansen
Philosophical Approaches to Qualitative Research, Renée Spencer, Julia M. Pryce, Jill Walsh
Practicing Narrative Inquiry II: Making Meanings Move, Arthur P. Bochner, Andrew F. Herrmann
Program Evaluation, Paul R. Brandon, Anna L. Ah Sam
Qualitative Disaster Research, DeeDee M. Bennett, Mark R. Landahl, Brenda D. Phillips
Scripting Ethnodrama, Joe Salvatore
The Politics of Research, Michael D. Giardina, Joshua I. Newman
Transforming Field Notes into Text, Jessica Smartt Gullion
Content Analysis, Lindsay Prior
Creative Approaches to Writing, Sandra L. Faulkner, Sheila Squillante
Museum Studies, Erica L. Tucker
the Physiology of Interpersonal Communication
Future Directions for Physiological Communication Research, Amanda Denes, John P. Crowley, Lindsey S. Aloia
Locating Physiology in the Study of Interpersonal Communication, Lindsey S. Aloia, Amanda Denes, John P. Crowley
Resilience through Stress: Advancing the Theory of Resilience and Relational Load, Tamara D. Afifi, Michelle Acevedo Callejas, Kathryn Harrison
Selected Physiological Dimensions of Communication Apprehension, Michael J. Beatty, Andrea Martinez Gonzalez
The Hormonal Underpinnings of Sexual Communication, Amanda Denes, Anuraj Dhillon, Ambyre L. P. Ponivas, Kara L. Winkler
The Physiological Substrate of Forgiveness, John P. Crowley, Ryan J. Allred
The Physiology of Affectionate Communication, Kory Floyd, Corey A. Pavlich, Dana R. Dinsmore, Colter D. Ray


Russian Religious Thought
Dostoevsky, George Pattison
Lev Karsavin, Martin Beisswenger
Mikhail Bakhtin, Caryl Emerson
Nihilism, Victoria Frede
Semyon Frank, Philip Boobbyer
Tolstoy, Caryl Emerson

Complete Handbooks



Chaucer, Eds. Suzanne Conklin Akbari
Comic Book Studies, Eds. Frederick Luis Aldama


Operatic Canon, Eds. Cormac Newark, William Weber

Political Science

Scottish Politics, Eds. Michael Keating, Craig McAngus


the Physiology of Interpersonal Communication, Eds. Lindsey S. Aloia, Amanda Denes, John P. Crowley


Russian Religious Thought, Eds. Caryl Emerson, George Pattison, Randall A. Poole

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