What's new: August 2020

August 6, 2020

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 356 individual articles and 10 complete Handbook titles from across 14 subject areas. 

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Individual Articles


Business and Management

Supply Chain Management
Emerging Technologies in Supply Management, Andrea M. Prud’homme, John V. Gray, Andrew C. Barley
The Decision Process of Contracting in Supply Chain Management, Jens K. Roehrich, Beverly B. Tyler, Jas Kalra, Brian Squire
Within-Organizational Structures and Roots of the Buyer-Supplier Relationship, Poul Houman Andersen, Luitzen de Boer, Thomas Y. Choi

Classical Studies

Epicurus and Epicureanism
Atomism, David Konstan
Cicero, Carlos Lévy
Death, Stephen E. Rosenbaum
Diogenes of Oenoanda, Pamela Gordon
Early Christianity, Ilaria Ramelli
Epistemology, Gisela Striker
Friendship, Phillip Mitsis
Hedonism, Voula Tsouna
Horace and Virgil, Gregson Davis
Language, Enrico Piergiacomi
Lucretius, Monica R. Gale
Plutarch, Michael Erler
Poetics, Michael McOsker
Politics and Society, Geert Roskam
Postmodernism, Eva Marie Noller, W. H. Shearin
Psychology, Elizabeth Asmis
Rhetoric, Clive Chandler
Seneca and Epicurus, Margaret Graver
Theology, Emidio Spinelli, Francesco Verde
Thomas Jefferson, Carl J. Richard
the Literatures of the Roman Empire
Thracian, Sorin Paliga

Economics and Finance

Industrial Hubs and Economic Development
Agglomeration of European Industries, Michael A. Landesmann, Joris M. Schröder
Cluster Based Policies: What Have We Learned?, José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs
Empirical Evidence of Industrial Hubs in Singapore: A Singaporean Narrative, George Yeo, Tan Khee Giap, Tan Kong Yam, Wilfred Loo
Explaining the Reform and Special Economic Zones in China, Justin Yifu Lin, Jiajun Xu, Junjie Xia
Gender, Industrialization, and Industrial Hubs, Fiona Tregenna, Özge İzdeş
Industrial Hubs In 'Sphinx' China, Zonglai Kou, Jun Zhang


Central American History
Costa Rica since 1840, Iván Molina
Guatemala since 1840, David Carey Jr.
Nicaragua since 1840, Julie A. Charlip
Mexican History
the History of Terrorism
Cyberterrorism: Understandings, Debates, and Representations, Andrew Whiting, Stuart Macdonald, Lee Jarvis
the Mughal World


Caribbean Constitutions
The Constitution of Puerto Rico, Joel I. Colón-Ríos
The Constitutions of the Dutch Caribbean, Irene Broekhuijse, Ernst Hirsch Ballin, Sofia Ranchordás
The Normative Framework of the Cuban Constitution and the Problems it Poses, Julio César Guanche, Julio Antonio Fernández Estrada, Bradley Hayes
Music Law and Policy


Translation and Social Practices




Music and Intellectual Culture in the Nineteenth Century
Fiction and Poetry, Michael Halliwell
Biography and Life-Writing, Christopher Wiley
Criticism, Noel Verzosa
Emotions, Michael Spitzer
Ephemera, Catherine Massip
Ethics, Tomás McAuley
Landscape and Ecology, Daniel M. Grimley
Libraries and Archives, Mattias Lundberg
Musical Canons, William Weber
Philosophy and Aesthetics, Lawrence Kramer
The Concert Series, Simon McVeigh
Time and Temporality, Benedict Taylor
Travel Writing, Michael Allis
Punk Rock
Punk and aging, Andy Bennett


Neuronal Ion Channels
Neuronal Protein Synthesis
Regulation of mRNA Translation in Axons, Priyanka Patel, Pabitra K. Sahoo, Amar N. Kar, Jeffery L. Twiss


Psychotherapy Ethics

Physical Sciences

Non-Synoptic Wind Storms
Non-Synoptic Winds Data Basis, Uwe Ulbrich, Edmund P. Meredith
Relation between Full Scale and Model Data, Horia Hangan, Maryam Refan, Djordje Romanic

Political Science

Behavioral Political Science
Danish Politics
Agricultural and Fisheries Policy: Towards Market Liberalism, Carsten Daugbjerg, Peder Andersen, Henning Otte Hansen, Brian H. Jacobsen
Classes and Politics: A Changing Relationship, Gitte Sommer Harrits, Rune Stubager
Corruption and Bureaucratic Reform: ‘Getting to Denmark’?, Mette Frisk Jensen, Gert Tinggaard Svendsen
Governments in Action: Consensual Politics and Minority Governments, Christoffer Green-Pedersen, Asbjørn Skjæveland
Organizing Central Government: A Pragmatic Meritocracy?, Caroline Howard Grøn, Heidi Houlberg Salomonsen
Research Policy: The Strength of Transformation, Kaare Aagaard, Niels Mejlgaard
The Constitution, Jens Peter Christensen
The Red-Green Alliance: Is it Red or Green?, Henrik Bech Seeberg, Ann-Kristin Kölln
Why a Book on Danish Politics?, Peter Munk Christiansen, Jørgen Elklit, Peter Nedergaard
Danish Public Opinion: Stability, Change and Polarization, Peter Thisted Dinesen, Rune Slothuus, Rune Stubager
Polity, Politics, and Policies: A Reconsideration, Peter Munk Christiansen, Jørgen Elklit, Peter Nedergaard
The Party System: Open yet Stable, Christoffer Green-Pedersen, Karina Kosiara-Pedersen
Political Executives
Executive-Legislative Relations in Democratic Regimes, Michelle M. Taylor-Robinson, Maria C. Escobar-Lemmon
Political Careers of Ministers and Prime Ministers, Ferdinand Müller-Rommel, Corinna Kroeber, Michelangelo Vercesi
Psychology and the Study of Political Executives, Margaret G. Hermann, Juliet Kaarbo
A Rational Choice Perspective on Political Executives, Indriði H. Indriðason, Christopher Kam
Post-Executive Activities, Fortunato Musella
Presidential Pathways and Profiles, Magna Inácio, Mariana Llanos
The Political Executive Returns: Re-Empowerment and Rediscovery, Rudy B. Andeweg, Robert Elgie, Ludger Helms, Juliet Kaarbo, Ferdinand Müller-Rommel
The Presidentialization of Political Executives, Robert Elgie, Gianluca Passarelli
Women and Executive Politics, Diana Z. O’Brien, Catherine Reyes-Housholder
Political Representation in Liberal Democracies
Dynamic Representation, Christopher Wlezien
Electoral Integrity, Carolien van Ham
Feeling Represented, Sören Holmberg
Gender Equality, Karen Celis, Silvia Erzeel
Mandate vs Accountabilty, G. Bingham Powell Jr
Non-majoritarian Institutions, Mark Bovens, Thomas Schillemans
Party Government and Voters, Wouter van der Brug, Eelco Harteveld, Jaap van Slageren
Political Equality and Turnout, André Blais, Ruth Dassonneville, Filip Kostelka
Referendums and Direct Democracy, Céline Colombo, Hanspeter Kriesi
The Rise of Populism in Modern Democracies, Thomas M. Meyer, Markus Wagner
Turkish Politics
Zimbabwean Politics


Deaf Studies in Literacy
Down Syndrome and Development
Executive Function in Down Syndrome: Links to Adaptation and Treatment Implications, Deborah J. Fidler, Lisa A. Daunhauer, Emily Schworer, Lina Patel
Empirical Aesthetics
Empirical Aesthetics of Poetry, Winfried Menninghaus, Stefan Blohm
Observation Method in Empirical Aesthetics, Pablo P. L. Tinio, Eva Specker
Processing Fluency, Michael Forster
The Aesthetics of Action and Movement, Emily S. Cross, Andrea Orlandi
The Study of Symmetry in Empirical Aesthetics, Marco Bertamini, Giulia Rampone
Positive Psychology, Third Edition
Positive Aging from a Lifespan Perspective, Jeanne Nakamura, Thomas Chan
Traumatic Stress Disorders, Second Edition
Dissemination and Implementation of Evidence-Based Trauma Interventions for Youth, Hilary Kratz, Mary L. Phan, Jacqueline E. Buck, Kelsey Sanner, Alexandra R. Tabachnick, Kelly A. Zentgraf, Rinad S. Beidas
Individual Approaches To Prevention and Early Intervention, Caitlin L. McLean, Mackenzie H. Cummings, Brett T. Litz
PTSD Treatment Research : An Overview and Evaluation, Paula P. Schnurr, Jessica L. Hamblen
Suicide Following Trauma, Erika M. Roberge, Feea R. Leifker, Shelby N. Baker, David C. Rozek, Craig J. Bryan


Digital Technology and Society
A Digital Nexus: Sustainable HCI and Domestic Resource Consumption, Nicola Green, Rob Comber, Sharron Kuznesof
Boundary Management and Communication Technologies, Marta E. Cecchinato, Anna L. Cox
ESRC Review: Citizenship and Politics, Simeon J. Yates, Bridgette Wessels, Paul Hepburn, Alexander Frame, Vishanth Weerakkody
ESRC Review: Communication and Relationships, Simeon J. Yates, Rich Ling, Laura Robinson, Catherine Brooks, Adam Joinson, Monica Whitty, Elinor Carmi
ESRC Review: Communities and Identities, Simeon J. Yates, Jordana Blejmar, Bridgette Wessels, Claire Taylor
ESRC Review: Data and Representation, Simeon J. Yates, Liz Robson, Ronald E. Rice, Elinor Carmi
ESRC Review: Economy and Organizations, Simeon J. Yates, Paul Hepburn, Ronald E. Rice, Bridgette Wessels, Elinor Carmi
ESRC Review: Governance and Security, Simeon J. Yates, Gerwyn Jones, William H. Dutton, Elinor Carmi
ESRC Review: Health and Wellbeing, Simeon J. Yates, Leanne Townsend, Monica Whitty, Ronald E. Rice, Elinor Carmi
ESRC Review: Methodology, Simeon J. Yates, Iona C. Hine, Michael Pidd, Jerome Fuselier, Paul Watry
Governance and Accountability in Internet of Things (IoT) Networks, Naomi Jacobs, Peter Edwards, Caitlin D. Cottrill, Karen Salt
Media Mastery by College Students: A Typology and Review, Ronald E. Rice, Nicole Zamanzadeh, Ingunn Hagen
Motivations for Online Knowledge Sharing, Kristin Page Hocevar, Audrey N. Abeyta, Ronald E. Rice
The Changing Nature of Work in the Age of Intelligent Machines, Crispin Coombs, Donald Hislop, Stanimira Taneva, Sarah Barnard
the Sociology of Body and Embodiment
Introduction: Toward a Sociology of the Body, Katherine Mason, Natalie Boero
the Sociology of Latin America

Complete Handbooks


Classical Studies

Epicurus and Epicureanism, Eds. Phillip Mitsis

Economics and Finance

Industrial Hubs and Economic Development, Eds. Arkebe Oqubay, Justin Yifu Lin


Caribbean Constitutions, Eds. Richard Albert, Derek O’Brien, Se-shauna Wheatle


Critical Concepts in Music Theory, Eds. Alexander Rehding, Steven Rings
Music and Intellectual Culture in the Nineteenth Century, Eds. Paul Watt, Michael Allis, Sarah Collins

Political Science

Danish Politics, Eds. Peter Munk Christiansen, Jørgen Elklit, Peter Nedergaard
Political Executives, Eds. Rudy B. Andeweg, Robert Elgie, Ludger Helms, Juliet Kaarbo, Ferdinand Müller‐Rommel
Political Representation in Liberal Democracies, Eds. Robert Rohrschneider, Jacques Thomassen


Psychological Situations, Eds. John F. Rauthmann, Ryne A. Sherman, David C. Funder


Digital Technology and Society, Eds. Simeon J. Yates, Ronald E. Rice

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