What's new: July 2020

July 9, 2020

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 327 individual articles and 5 complete Handbook titles from across 14 subject areas.

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Individual Articles



Archaeological Theory
Economy and exchange, Boban Tripković
Feminist archaeologies and gender studies, Jana Esther Fries, Doris Gutsmiedl-Schümann

Classical Studies

Greek and Roman Slaveries
Slaves and Religion, John A. North
the Literatures of the Roman Empire
Celtic, Joseph F. Eska
Nabataean, David Graf


Contemporary Middle-Eastern and North African History
Communism, Jens Hanssen
Mexican History
Educating the Nation’s Youth, Elena Jackson Albarrán
South African History


Comparative Health Law
Access to Health Care in Europe, André den Exter, Keith Syrett
Biobanks, Graeme T. Laurie, Carl H. Coleman
Privacy and Integrity of Medical Information, Sharona Hoffman, Jean Herveg
Ethics of AI
"Fair Notice" in the Age of AI, Kiel Brennan-Marquez
AI as a Moral Right-Holder, John Basl, Joseph Bowen
Algorithms and the Social Organization of Work, Ifeoma Ajunwa, Rachel Schlund
Autonomy, Michael Wheeler
Race and Gender, Timnit Gebru
Sexuality, John Danaher
The Case for Ethical AI in the Military, Jai Galliott, Jason Scholz
The Ethics of Ethics of AI, Thomas M. Powers, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia
Transparency, Nicholas Diakopoulos
Troubleshooting AI and Consent, Meg Leta Jones, Elizabeth Edenberg
Music Law and Policy
U.S. Education Law


Language and Sexuality
Narratives of Queer Migration, John Gray, Mike Baynham
Translation and Social Practices
Terminological Resources for Geosciences Translation, Sabina Di Franco, Paolo Plini, Elena Rapisardi


Economic Ethnomusicology
the Creative Process in Music
Creating with Constraints, Robert Hasegawa


Neuronal Ion Channels
Neuronal Protein Synthesis
Dysregulated Translation in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Emanuela Santini, Anders Borgkvist
the Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis
Gut Microbiome and Depression: Bi-Directional Communication and Implications for Treatment, Gal Winter, Robert A. Hart, Richard P. G. Charlesworth, Christopher Sharpley
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and the Gut Microbiome, Kelsey M. Loupy, Christopher A. Lowry
Psychobiotics: Biotherapeutics for Positive Mental Health, Sabrina Mörkl, Mary Butler, Franziska Chichini, John F. Cryan, Timothy Dinan
The Gut Microbiome in Neurodegenerative Disorders, Lindsay A. Euers, Eamon M. M. Quigley


Newton's Mathematics, Antoni Malet
Psychotherapy Ethics
Ethics of Care Approach in Psychotherapy, Anna Magdalena Elsner, Vanessa Rampton
Ethics of Psychotherapeutic Interventions in Palliative Care, Mathieu Bernard, Sonia Krenz, Ralf J. Jox
Virtue Approaches to Psychotherapy Ethics, Michael Laney, Adam Brenner
the Philosophy of Consciousness
A Priori Physicalism, Frank Jackson
Bodily Feelings, Frédérique de Vignemont
Consciousness and Attention, Christopher Mole
Consciousness and Intentionality, Angela Mendelovici, David Bourget
Consciousness and Knowledge, Berit Brogaard, Elijah Chudnoff
Consciousness and Memory, Christopher Hill
Consciousness and Morality, Joshua Shepherd, Neil Levy
Eliminativism about Consciousness, Liz Irvine, Mark Sprevak
Embodied Consciousness, Mark Rowlands
Non-Visual Perception, Casey O'Callaghan
Russellian Monism, Philip Goff, Sam Coleman
Temporal Consciousness, Philippe Chuard
The Experience of Agency, Myrto Mylopoulos, Joshua Shepherd
The Neural Correlates of Consciousness, Jorge Morales, Hakwan Lau
Visual experience, Pär Sundström

Physical Sciences

Non-Synoptic Wind Storms

Political Science

Energy Politics
The Politics of Energy in a Changing Climate: An Introduction, Juliann Emmons Allison, Kathleen J. Hancock
The Politics of Energy Regionalism, Kathleen J. Hancock, Stefano Palestini, Kacper Szulecki
Time and Politics
Turkish Politics
Islamist Activism in Turkey, Menderes Çınar
Zimbabwean Politics
The Politics of Civil Society in Zimbabwe, Farai Chipato, Cornelias Ncube, Sara Rich Dorman


Accurate Personality Judgment
The Social Accuracy Model, Jeremy C. Biesanz
Career Development
Career Guidance: Living on the Edge of Public Policy, John McCarthy, Tibor Bors Borbély-Pecze
The Cultural Preparedness Perspective of Career Development, Gideon Arulmani, Sachin Kumar, Sunita Shrestha, Maribon Viray, Sajma Aravind
The Decline of Decent Work in the Twenty-First Century: Implications for Career Development, Ellen Gutowski, David L. Blustein, Maureen E. Kenny, Whitney Erby
The Narrative Turn in Career Development Theories: An Integrative Perspective, Jérôme Rossier, Paulo Miguel Cardoso, Maria Eduarda Duarte
Deaf Studies in Literacy
Deaf Studies in Literacy: Progress by Degrees?, Hannah M. Dostal, Susan R. Easterbrooks
Reading Comprehension: A Comparison of Hearing, Deaf, and Hard-of-Hearing (DHH) Children, Susan Sullivan, Jane V. Oakhill, Barbara Arfè, Nadina Gómez-Merino
Reading Fluency in Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Readers, Susan R. Easterbrooks, Paula Schwanenflugel
Down Syndrome and Development
Working Memory and Down Syndrome, Elizabeth A. Smith, Christopher Jarrold
Young Children with Down Syndrome: Mother–Child Dyadic Relationships, Penny Hauser-Cram, Ashley C. Woodman, Linda Gilmore
Empirical Aesthetics
Aesthetic Sensitivity, Nils Myszkowski
Electrophysiology, Thomas Jacobsen, Stina Klein
Studying Empirical Aesthetics in Museum Contexts, Jeffrey K. Smith, Lisa F. Smith
The Curvature Effect, Guido Corradi, Enric Munar
The Role of Empirical Aesthetics in Consumer Behavior, Vanessa M. Patrick, Henrik Hagtvedt
Evolutionary Psychology and Religion
A Socio-Evolutionary Approach to Religious Change, Ryan T. Cragun, J. Edward Sumerau
An Introduction to Evolutionary Perspectives on Religion, James R. Liddle, Todd K. Shackelford
Positive Psychology, Third Edition
Neurogenetics of Resilience, Adam Anderson, Hans Melo
Psychological Situations
The Riverside Situational Q-sort (RSQ), Kyle S. Sauerberger, David C. Funder
Sexual and Gender Minority Mental Health
Alcohol Use Disorders among Sexual and Gender Minority Populations, Phoenix Crane, Katarina Swaringen, Anthony Foster, Amelia Talley
Bisexual Mental Health, Wendy Bostwick, Elizabeth Harrison
Black U.S. Sexual and Gender Minority Mental Health, Jonathan Lassiter, Lourdes Follins, Stacy Smallwood, Leo Wilton, Alishia Alexander, Sean Saifa Wall
Body Image and Eating Disorders among Sexual and Gender Minority Populations, Todd Morrison, Joshua Katz, Yaser Mirzaei , Somayyeh Zare
Drug Use among Sexual and Gender Minority Populations, Tyrel Starks, Cynthia Cabral, Ali Talan
History of Sexual Orientation and Mental Health, Kristin Hancock, Douglas Haldeman
HIV/AIDS and Mental Health among Sexual and Gender Minority Populations, Molly Silvestrini, Colleen Hoff, Y. Darin Witkovic, Crystal Madriles
Indigenous American/Two-Spirit Mental Health, Naomi Bird, Margaret Robinson
Intersex Mental Health, Katrina Roen, Tove Lundberg
Introduction, Esther D. Rothblum
Latinx Sexual and Gender Minority Mental Health, Alison Cerezo, Juan Camarena, Amaranta Ramirez
Mental Health of Sexual and Gender Minority Immigrants and Refugees, Edward Ou Jin Lee, Sarah Kahn, Abelardo Leon, Edward Alessi
Nicotine Use among Sexual and Gender Minority Populations, Alicia Matthews, Cherdsak Duangchang, Chien-Ching Li
Personality Disorders among Sexual and Gender Minority Populations, Julie Prud’homme, Christina Robillard, Brianna Turner
Sexual and Gender Mental Health among Children and Youth, Jessica Fish, Laura Baams, Jenifer McGuire
Stigma and Sexual/Gender Minority Mental Health, Joanne DiPlacido, Carolyn Fallahi
Transgender Mental Health, Laura Kuper, Danna Bismar, Whit Ryan
Trauma among Sexual and Gender Minority Populations, David Pantalone, Kaitlyn Gorman, Erin Pereida, Sarah Valentine
the History of Clinical Neuropsychology
History of Functional Brain Imaging, Michael Cole, Christopher N. Sozda, Mark T. D'Esposito
Traumatic Stress Disorders, Second Edition
Assessing PTSD Symptoms, Michelle J. Bovin, Frank W. Weathers
Assessing Trauma-Related Symptoms in Children and Adolescents, Rachel M. Hiller, Caitlin Hitchcock, Vanessa E. Cobham
Empirically Supported Psychological Treatments: EMDR Therapy, Ad de Jongh, Erik ten Broeke, Derek Farrell, Louise Maxfield
Risk and Resilience Factors for Traumatic Stress Disorders, Crystal L. Park, Anica Pless Kaiser, Lucy Finkelstein-Fox, Avron Spiro III, Jennifer Schuster Wachen
The Epidemiology of PTSD among Adults, Ronald C. Kessler, Corina Benjet, Evelyn J. Bromet, Anthony J. Rosellini


Humanism and Class, Sikivu Hutchinson
Humanism in the Americas, Carol Wayne White
Pauline Studies
Justification by Faith, Simon J. Gathercole
Paul and Pistis Christou, Nijay K. Gupta
Paul and Archaeology, Cavan Concannon
Paul and Economic Resources, Bruce W. Longenecker
Paul and Feminism, Kathy Ehrensperger
Paul the Apostle, Loveday Alexander
Paul the Letter Writer, Laura Dingeldein
Paul the Philosopher, Troels Engberg-Pedersen
Postcolonial Biblical Criticism


Sociology of Body and Embodiment
Sociology of Latin America
Economic Globalization and Social Movements in Latin America, Paul D. Almeida, Amalia Pérez Martín
Homicides in Latin America and the Caribbean, Alberto Concha-Eastman, Edgar Muñoz, Mateus Rennó Santos
Latin American Women’s Movements, Cora Fernández Anderson
Mexican Women and Decision Making in Health: the Practical Sense, María Del Carmen Castro Vásquez, Patricia Aranda Gallegos
Sociology of Fear of Crime in Latin America, Gabriel Kessler, Alejandra Otamendi
Student Movements in Latin America, Germán Bidegain, Marisa von Bülow

Complete Handbooks



Ethics of AI, Eds. Markus D. Dubber, Frank Pasquale, Sunit Das


Communist Visual Cultures, Eds. Aga Skrodzka, Xiaoning Lu, Katarzyna Marciniak


the Neurobiology of Pain, Eds. John N. Wood





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