What's new: April 2020

April 2, 2020

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 190 individual articles and 7 complete Handbook titles from across 9 subject areas. 

Download the most recent MARC21 records here and see a complete list of new content below.

Individual Articles


American Political History
Colonial Politics, Stephen Conway
Defense and Foreign Policy, Timothy J. Lynch
Gender and Political Citizenship, Eileen McDonagh, Danielle M. Thomsen
Health Policy, Christy Ford Chapin
Political Advertising and the Media, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Eunji Kim
Religion and American Politics, Daniel K. Williams
The Early Republic, John L. Brooke
The Politics of the Constitution, David Brian Robertson
The Rules of the Game, Jack Reynolds
Third Parties, Bob McMath
Voting Rights, Morgan Kousser


U.S. Education Law


Comic Book Studies


the Neurobiology of Pain
fMRI and Human Pain Perception, Giandomenico Iannetti, A. Vania Apkarian

Political Science

Electoral Persuasion
A Framework for the Study of Electoral Persuasion, Elizabeth Suhay, Bernard Grofman, Alexander H. Trechsel
Global Justice
Global Gender Justice, Alison Jaggar
Immigration, David Miller
International Law, Steven R. Ratner
Kenyan Politics
Central: Self-sufficiency in a local arena, Dominic Burbidge, Thomas Raji
Gangs and vigilantism, Jacob Rasmussen
High Stakes Ethnic Politics, Susanne D. Mueller
Kenya's war in Somalia, David M. Anderson
Mobile technology and development, Bitange Ndemo, Dennis Aiko
Satire, social media, and cultures of resistance, Angelique Haugerud, Meghan Ference, Dillon J. Mahoney
The financial sector, Radha Upadhyaya, Edoardo Totolo
The lessons and legacies of the "Kenya debate", John W. Harbeson, Frank Holmquist
The Political Economy of Kenya: Community, Clientelism, and Class, Nic Cheeseman, Karuti Kanyinga, Gabrielle Lynch
The politics of the Provincial Administration, Walter O. Oyugi, Jimmy O. Ochieng
Youth and masculinity, Naomi van Stapele


Positive Psychology, Third Edition
Applications of Positive Psychology, Alex M. Wood, P. Alex Linley, John Maltby, Susan Harrington, Stephen Joseph
The Experience of Flow: Theory and Research, Jeanne Nakamura, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


Humanism and Film, Sheila J. Nayar
Humanism in Europe, Stefan Schröder
Mystical Theology
Theosis, Aristotle Papanikolaou
Anthropology, Philip Sheldrake
Christology, Amy Hollywood, Rachel Smith
Creation and Revelation, Douglas E. Christie
Depth, Ground, Abyss, Charlotte Radler
Ecclesiology, Gemma Simmonds CJ
Eschatology, Hugh Feiss OSB
Interreligious Dialogue, Michael Barnes SJ
Lives and Visions, Patricia Zimmerman Beckman
Living the Word, Kevin L. Hughes
Mystical Poetics, Alexander J. B. Hampton
Mystical Texts, Rob Faesen SJ
Mystical Theology in Contemporary Perspective, Maria Clara Lucchetti Bingemer
Mystical Union, Bernard McGinn
Mystics as teachers, Joanne Maguire
Pneumatology, Brandon Gallaher
Prayer, Peter Tyler
Social Life, Ann W. Astell SSM
Spiritual Itineraries, Boyd Taylor Coolman
The Ascetic Life, Luke Dysinger OSB
The Trinity, Rik Van Nieuwenhove, William Crozier
Trinitarian Indwelling, Rik Van Nieuwenhove
Postcolonial Biblical Criticism


Mobile Communication and Society
Autonomous Vehicles, Thilo von Pape
Death and the Mobile, Kathleen M. Cumiskey
Digital Childhood? Global Perspectives on Children and Mobile Technologies, Mariya Stoilova, Sonia Livingstone, Giovanna Mascheroni
Intimacy in the App Age: Romantic Relationships and Mobile Technology, Annisa M. P. Rochadiat, Stephanie Tom Tong, Elena F. Corriero
Introduction: The Smartphone Decade, Rich Ling, Leopoldina Fortunati, Gerard Goggin, Sun Sun Lim, Yuling Li
Mobile Convergence, Leopoldina Fortunati, Maria Bakardjieva
Mobile Health: A Rapidly Maturing Digital Ecosystem for Health Systems Strengthening, Alain B. Labrique, Dustin G. Gibson, Radha Rajan, Lavanya Vasudevan
Mobile Marketing, Nicholas Carah
Mobile News, Oscar Westlund
Mobile Phone Waste and Circular Economy, Tim Cooper, Matthew Shapley, Christine Cole
Mobile Photography, Rich Ling, Yuling Li
Mobiles and the Self: A Trajectory of Paradigmatic Change, Scott W. Campbell, Edwin (Wenhuan) Wang, Joseph B. Bayer
Older People Go Mobile, Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol
Privacy on Smartphones: A Cross-National Study, Bente Evjemo, Gorm Grønnevet, Rich Ling, Wenche Nag, Helene Lie Røhr, Ole Christian Wasenden
Robotization of Mobile Communication, Sakari Taipale, Tuuli Turja, Lina van Aerschot
Urban Mobility in Context: A Study About Location-Based Taxi Hailing Apps in Rio de Janeiro, Adriana de Souza e Silva, Cristiane S. Damasceno, Daniela de Cunto Bueno, Justin Grandinetti

Complete Handbooks


American Political History, Eds. Paula Baker, Donald T. Critchlow


Children and the Law, Eds. James G. Dwyer


Assertion, Eds. Sanford Goldberg

Political Science

Global Justice, Eds. Thom Brooks
Kenyan Politics, Eds. Nic Cheeseman, Karuti Kanyinga, Gabrielle Lynch


Mystical Theology, Eds. Edward Howells, Mark A. McIntosh


Mobile Communication and Society, Eds. Rich Ling, Leopoldina Fortunati, Gerard Goggin, Sun Sun Lim, Yuling Li


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