What's new: January 2020

January 8, 2020

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 112 individual articles and 5 complete Handbook titles from across 11 subject areas.

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Individual Articles

Business and Management

the Learning Organization
Background and Introduction, Anders Ragnar Örtenblad
Conceptualizing the Organization that Learns, Karen E. Watkins, Victoria J. Marsick
How best to study the learning organization, Nhien Nguyen, Jens Ørding Hansen, Are Jensen
The learning organization: A critical analysis and future directions, Kenneth Mølbjerg Jørgensen, Shih-wei Hsu, Lone Hersted
The Future of the Learning Organisation, Mike Pedler, John Burgoyne, Tom Boydell
What is needed to create gender inclusive learning organizations?, Patricia A. Gouthro, Nancy Taber, Amanda Brazil
Stakeholders and the Learning Organization, William D. Schneper, David A. Wernick, Mary Ann Von Glinow
Interventions to create a learning organization, Victoria J. Marsick, Karen E. Watkins, Angela King Smith

Economics and Finance

Institutions of International Economic Governance and Market Regulation


Law and Humanities
Digital Humanities, Stephen Robertson
Book History, Henrike Manuwald
Legal Materiality, Hyo Yoon Kang, Sara Kendall
Laws of Sex, Changed, Noa Ben-Asher
Psychoanalysis and Law, Tracy McNulty
Spacetime in/and Law, Mariana Valverde
Trauma, Memory, and the Law, Norman W. Spaulding
Family Law, Khiara M. Bridges
Human Rights, Elizabeth S. Anker
Indigenous Law, Gregory Ablavsky, Sarah Deer, Justin Richland
Video as Text/Archive, Bennett Capers
Emblems, Valérie Hayaert
Form Contract, Tal Kastner
Maxims, Donald R. Davis Jr.
Responsa, Ari Z. Bryen
Comics, Hillary Chute
Legal Paratexts, Robert Spoo
Accident, Daniel Williams
Uncovering Credibility, Julia Simon-Kerr
Legal Treatise, Steven Wilf
Personhood, John Frow


Language and Sexuality
Religious Speech and Silence about Sexuality, Katrina Daly Thompson, Olga Ivanova


Communist Visual Cultures
Latino Studies


the Neurobiology of Pain
Invertebrate Models of Nociception: Learning From Flies and Worms, Daniel Hesselson, Denise S. Walker, Joshua Neil Massingham, William R. Schafer, G. Gregory Neely, Yee Lian Chew
Effect of Sleep Loss on Pain, Chloe Alexandre, Alban Latremoliere, Patrick H. Finan


Philosophy and Disability
A Symmetrical View of Disability and Enhancement, Stephen M. Campbell, David Wasserman
Disability Liberation Theology, Rosemarie Garland-Thomson

Political Science

Electoral Persuasion
The Boundary Conditions of Motivated Reasoning, Ryan G. Cotter, Milton Lodge, Robert Vidigal
When, How, and Why Persuasion Fails: A Motivated Reasoning Account, Ryan G. Cotter, Milton Lodge, Robert Vidigal


Empirical Aesthetics
Aesthetic Responses to Architecture, Alexander Coburn, Anjan Chatterjee


Humanism and Race, Christopher Cameron
The Politics of Humanism, Joseph O. Baker
Humanism and Music, Christopher Driscoll
Humanism and the Human, Joseph Winters
Humanism and Aging, Peter Derkx, Hanne Laceulle
Postcolonial Biblical Criticism

Complete Handbooks

Business and Management

the Learning Organization, Eds. Anders Ragnar Örtenblad


Law and Humanities, Eds. Simon Stern, Maksymilian Del Mar, Bernadette Meyler

Physical Sciences

Food, Water and Society, Eds. Tony Allan, Brendan Bromwich, Martin Keulertz, Anthony Colman

Political Science

Global Health Politics, Eds. Colin McInnes, Kelley Lee, Jeremy Youde


Stress and Mental Health, Eds. Kate L. Harkness, Elizabeth P. Hayden


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