What's new: December 2019

December 11, 2019

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 97 individual articles, 33 revised articles, and 5 complete Handbook titles from across 9 subject areas.

Download the most recent MARC21 records here and see a complete list of new content below.

Individual Articles


Language and Sexuality
Language and Intimate Relations, Sabina Perrino, Sonya Pritzker


Latino Studies


Music and Queerness
Queering Brighton, Sheila Whiteley


the Neurobiology of Pain
Neurobiological Basis of Migraine, Philip R. Holland, Jan Hoffmann, Peter J. Goadsby
Potassium Channels and Pain, Jérôme Busserolles, Xavier Gasull, Jacques Noël
The Neurobiology of Pain: Development and Sex, Maria Fitzgerald, Michael W. Salter

Political Science

Comparative Political Theory
Introduction, Leigh K. Jenco, Murad Idris, Megan C. Thomas
Liberalisms in India, Rochana Bajpai


Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Mental Health Assessment
Affective Disorders, Cynthia Rogers, Joan L. Luby
Assessment in Early Care and Education Environments, Laura Stout Sosinsky, Rachel A. Gordon
Assessment of Attachment in Infancy and Early Childhood, Neil W. Boris, Tessa Chesher, Valerie A. Wajda-Johnston
Assessment of Early Parent Child Relationships, Roseanne Clark, Audrey Tluczek, Elizabeth C. Moore, Amber L. Evenson
Cultural Perspectives for Assessing Infants and Young Children, Michelle Sarche, Monica Tsethlikai, Leandra Godoy, Robert Emde, Candace M. Fleming
Epilogue & Future Directions, Alice S. Carter, Rebecca DelCarmen-Wiggins
Fear and Anxiety in Young Children and Their Assessment, Suzanne Broeren, Jennifer L. Hudson, Ronald M. Rapee
Infant Temperament and Early Self-Regulation, Patricia Tan, Pamela Marie Cole
Introduction, Rebecca DelCarmen-Wiggins, Alice S. Carter
Screening for Risk in a Primary Care Setting, Lynne C. Huffman, Joan Baran
Social Processes and Risk for Autism, Cheryl Klaiman, Celine A. Saulnier, Emily Rubin, Katarzyna Chawarska, Ami Klin


Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Anthropology, Rachel Muers
Biographies and Portraits, John W. de Gruchy
Bonhoeffer and Conspiracy, Victoria J. Barnett
Bonhoeffer and Ecumenism, Keith Clements
Bonhoeffer and Race, Reggie L. Williams
Bonhoeffer and the Jews, Andreas Pangritz
Bonhoeffer the Student, Michael P. DeJonge
Christology, Christiane Tietz
Creation, Matthew Puffer
Ecclesiology, Tom Greggs
Eschatology, Mark Lindsay
God, Philip G. Ziegler
Readings and Receptions, Stephen R. Haynes
Religion and Secularity, Ralf K. Wüstenberg
Scripture, Michael Mawson
Sin and Salvation, Mark Knight
Sources and Texts, Matthew D. Kirkpatrick
The Christian Life, Stefan Heuser
The Holy Spirit, Christopher R. J. Holmes


the Sociology of Body and Embodiment
Sensory Experience and Method, Kelvin E.Y. Low, Noorman Abdullah

Revised Articles


Music Education, Volume One
Music Education Philosophy, David J. Elliott
Musical Identities Mediate Musical Development, David J. Hargreaves, Raymond MacDonald, Dorothy Miell
Supporting Motivation in Music Education, James M. Renwick, Johnmarshall Reeve
Music Education in the Generalist Classroom, Neryl Jeanneret, George M. DeGraffenreid
Group and Ensemble Vocal Music, Sten Ternström, Harald Jers, John Nix
The Young Singer, Kenneth H. Phillips, Jenevora Williams, Robert Edwin
Voice Health and Vocal Education, John Nix, Nelson Roy
Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Content, Chris Philpott, Ruth Wright
Music Education, Volume Two
Exceptional Musical Abilities: Musical Prodigies, Gary E. McPherson, Andreas C. Lehmann

Complete Handbooks

Political Science

Comparative Political Theory, Eds. Leigh K. Jenco, Megan C. Thomas, Murad Idris


Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Eds. Philip G. Ziegler, Michael Mawson


Expertise, Eds. Paul Ward, Jan Maarten Schraagen, Julie Gore, Emilie M. Roth
Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Mental Health Assessment, Eds. Alice S. Carter, Rebecca DelCarmen-Wiggins


Max Weber, Eds. Edith Hanke, Lawrence Scaff, Sam Whimster


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