What's new: February 2019?

February 11, 2019

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 700 individual articles and 15 complete Handbook titles from across 16 subject areas.

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Individual Articles


Early Christian Archaeology
Archaeology of Early Christianity in Egypt, Darlene L. Brooks Hedstrom
Archaeology of the Gospels, James F. Strange
Armenia, Christina Maranci
Asia Minor, Peter Talloen
Britain and Ireland, David Petts
Churches, Charles Stewart
Jordan, Robert Schick
Lamps, Maria Parani
Martyria, David L. Eastman
Pottery, R. Scott Moore
Statues, Troels Myrup Kristensen
Syria, Emma Loosley
The Art of the Catacombs, Fabrizio Bisconti
The Catacombs, Vincenzo Fiocchi Nicolai
The Holy Island: An Archaeology of Early Christian Cyprus, Jody Michael Gordon, William R. Caraher
the Archaeology of Diet
Evolutionary Implications of Non-human Primate Diets, Margaret J. Schoeninger, William C. McGrew, Caroline A. Phillips

Classical Studies

Afterlife (Modern Era), Alastair Blanshard
Corruption, Robert Nichols
Demosthenic Scholarship, Thomas Paulsen
Diplomacy, Peter Hunt
Introduction, Gunther Martin
Kinship, Sally Humphreys
Law and Justice, Mirko Canevaro
Military, Leonhard Burckhardt
Political Career, Christos Karvounis
Political Elites, Susan Lape
Private Speeches, Pietro Cobbetto Ghiggia
Religion, Hannah Willey
Rhetorical Technique, Cecil Wooten
Trade and Credit, Sitta von Reden
Views on the Past, Guy Westwood
Visions of Attica, Sebastian Schmidt-Hofner


Contemporary Middle-Eastern and North African History


Computational Linguistics, Second Edition
Statistical Methods: Fundamentals, Christer Samuelsson, Sanja Stajner
Aphasia and acquisition, Yosef Grodzinsky, Isabelle Deschamps, Lewis P. Shapiro
Codeswitching, Kay González-Vilbazo, Sergio Ramos
Comparative deletion, Winfried Lechner
Dutch, Norbert Corver, Marjo van Koppen
Ellipsis and discourse, Andrew Kehler
Ellipsis and prosody, Susanne Winkler
Ellipsis in Construction Grammar, Adele E. Goldberg, Florent Pérek
Ellipsis in Dynamic Syntax, Ruth Kempson, Eleni Gregoromichelaki, Arash Eshghi, Julian Hough
Ellipsis in Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar, Jonathan Ginzburg, Philip Miller
Ellipsis in Simpler Syntax, Peter W. Culicover, Ray Jackendoff
Ellipsis in Transformational Grammar, Howard Lasnik, Kenshi Funakoshi
Finnish Sign Language, Tommi Jantunen
Fragments, Alison Hall
French, Anne Dagnac
Gapping and stripping, Kyle Johnson
Hungarian, Anikó Lipták
Indonesian, Catherine Fortin
Japanese, Teruhiko Fukaya
Kiswahili and Shingazidja, Cédric Patin, Sophie Manus
Nominal ellipses, Andrés Saab
Null Complement Anaphora, Marcela Depiante
Parsing strategies, Masaya Yoshida
Persian, Maziar Toosarvandani
Polish, Joanna Nykiel
Predicate ellipsis, Lobke Aelbrecht, William Harwood
Russian, John Frederick Bailyn, Tatiana Bondarenko
Morphological Theory
Canonical Typology, Oliver Bond
Construction Morphology, Francesca Masini, Jenny Audring
Distributed Morphology, Daniel Siddiqi
Early Generative Grammar, Pius Ten Hacken
Introduction, Jenny Audring, Francesca Masini
Morphological theory and neurolinguistics, Niels O. Schiller, Rinus G. Verdonschot
Morphological theory and psycholinguistics, Christina L. Gagné, Thomas Spalding
Morphological theory and typology, Peter M. Arkadiev, Marian Klamer
Morphology in Cognitive Grammar, Ronald W. Langacker
Morphology in LFG and HPSG, Louisa Sadler, Rachel Nordlinger
Natural Morphology, Livio Gaeta
Network Morphology, Dunstan Brown
Structuralism, Thomas Stewart
Word and Paradigm Morphology, James P. Blevins, Farrell Ackerman, Rob Malouf
Word Grammar Morphology, Nikolas Gisborne


American Folklore and Folklife Studies
Ben Jonson
Latino Studies
Latina/os and Race, Silvio Torres-Saillant
the Baroque
Fashioning the Baroque Male, Martha Hollander
The Automaton, Jessica Keating
Time and Chronometry, Roland Racevskis


Assessment in Music Education, Volume 1
Assessment in German music education, Andreas Lehmann-Wermser
Assessment in music classes in China, Dennis Ping-Cheng Wang
Assessment of Preservice Music Educators, David C. Edmund, Jian-Jun Chen-Edmund
Measuring dispositions in preservice music educators, Kelly A. Parkes, Gary K. Ritcher, Paul F. Doerksen
Music teacher evaluation, Douglas C. Orzolek
Performance assessment and rubric design, Christy Schneider, Charles dePascale, Jennifer S. McDonel
Assessment in Music Education, Volume 2
Assessment in Dalcroze Pedagogy, Cassandra Eisenreich, Marja-Leena Juntunen
Assessment in the Kodály Classroom, Susan Leithold-Bowcock, Ann Kay
Assessment in the Music Learning Theory-based classrooms, Jill Reese, Heather Nelson Shouldice
Assessment practices of American orchestra directors, Kirk Moss, Stephen Benham, Kristen Pellegrino
The Florida Performing Fine Arts Assessment Project, Steven Kelly, Beth Cummings, Mary Grace Gordon
The South Carolina Arts Assessment Program, Ashlee Lewis, Yin Burgess, Xumei Fan
The Texas Music Assessment, Michele L. Henry
Hip Hop Music
Music and Queerness


Neuronal Ion Channels
Sodium Channelopathies of the Central Nervous System, Paul G. DeCaen, Alfred L. George Jr., Christopher H. Thompson
Neuronal Protein Synthesis
Protein Synthesis and Synapse Specificity in Functional Plasticity, Radha Raghuraman, Amrita Benoy, Saji Kumar Sreedharan
the Auditory Brainstem
Deviance Detection and Encoding Acoustic Regularity in the Auditory Midbrain, Manuel S. Malmierca, Guillermo V. Carbajal, Carles Escera
the Neurobiology of Pain
Sodium Channels and Pain, Theodore R. Cummins, Stephen G. Waxman, John N. Wood


Assertion and Silencing, Alessandra Tanesini
Bullshit Assertion, Ben Kotzee
Group Assertion, Deborah Tollefsen
Phenomenological Psychopathology
Frantz Fanon, Lewis R. Gordon
Hallucinations and Phenomenal Consciousness, Aaron Mishara, Yuliya Zaytseva
Kimura Bin, James Phillips
Martin Heidegger, Anthony Vincent Fernandez
Paranoia, Paolo Scudellari
Philosophy and Disability
Public Health Ethics
Distinctive Challenges of Public Health Ethics, Ruth Faden, Sirine Shebaya, Andrew W. Siegel
Persons with Disabilities and Public Health Ethics, Monika Mitra, Linda Long-Bellil, Robyn Powell
Sexual and Gender Minorities, Public Health, and Ethics, Tonya Littlejohn, Tonia Poteat, Chris Beyrer
The US Public Health System and Ethics, Debra DeBruin, JP Leider
William James
James and Hegel: Looking for a Home, Robert Stern, Neil W. Williams
James and Wittgenstein, Anna Boncompagni

Physical Sciences

Food, Water and Society

Political Science

Energy Politics
Global Health Politics
Global LGBT and Sexual Diversity Politics
Israeli Politics and Society
Networked Communication
Racial and Ethnic Politics in the United States


Adolescent Substance Abuse
Agenda for Future Research and Concluding Comments, Sandra A. Brown, Robert A. Zucker
Conceptualizing Online Groups as Multidimensional Networks, Bei Yan, Young Ji Kim, Andrea B. Hollingshead, David P. Brandon
Online Romantic Relationships, Joanne Lloyd, Alison Attrill-Smith, Chris Fullwood
Emotion Dysregulation
Emotion dysregulation and Borderline Personality Disorder, Katherine L. Dixon-Gordon, Lauren A. Haliczer, Lindsey C. Conkey
Self-Report Assessment of Emotion Dysregulation, Kim L. Gratz, Courtney N. Forbes, Linnie E. Wheeless, Julia R. Richmond, Matthew T. Tull
Domain-General Models of Expertise: The Role of Cognitive Ability, David Z. Hambrick, Alexander P. Burgoyne, Frederick L. Oswald
Expertise for the Future: A New Challenge for Education, Lauren B. Resnick, Jennifer Russell, Faith Schantz
Learning at the Edge: The Role of Mentors, Coaches, and their Surrogates in Developing Expertise, Erich Petushek, Güler Arsal, Paul Ward, Mark Upton, James Whyte IV, Robert R. Hoffman
Neural Mechanisms of Expertise, Fredrik Ullén, Örjan de Manzano, Miriam A. Mosing
Group and Organizational Learning
Organizational Learning and Multiteam Systems, Leslie A. DeChurch, Gina M. Bufton, Sophie A. Kay, Chelsea V. Velez, Noshir Contractor
Music and the Brain
Positive Psychology, Third Edition
Optimistic Explanatory Style, Christopher Peterson, Tracy A. Steen
Stress and Mental Health
Daily stress and hassles, Aidan G. C. Wright, Elizabeth N. Aslinger, Blessy Bellamy, Elizabeth A. Edershile, William C. Woods
Stress in Depression, Suzanne Vrshek-Schallhorn, Maria Ditcheva, Gail Corneau


Catholic Theology
the Jesuits


the Sociology of Body and Embodiment
Aging, Gender, and the Body, Laura Hurd Clarke
Contesting Lyme Disease, Sonny Nordmarken
Embodied Spatial Practices and the Power to Care, Elise Paradis, Warren Liew, Myles Leslie

Complete Handbooks

Business and Management

Management in Emerging Markets, Eds. Robert Grosse, Klaus E. Meyer
Meaningful Work, Eds. Ruth Yeoman, Katie Bailey, Adrian Madden, Marc Thompson

Economics and Finance

Public Choice, Volume One, Eds. Roger D. Congleton, Bernard Grofman, Stefan Voigt
Public Choice, Volume Two, Eds. Roger D. Congleton, Bernard Grofman, Stefan Voigt
the Ethiopian Economy, Eds. Fantu Cheru, Christopher Cramer, Arkebe Oqubay


Criminal Process, Eds. Darryl K. Brown, Jenia I. Turner, Bettina Weisser

Political Science

Global Policy and Transnational Administration, Eds. Diane Stone, Kim Moloney
Political Consumerism, Eds. Magnus Boström, Michele Micheletti, and Peter Oosterveer


Migration Crises, Cecilia Menjívar, Marie Ruiz, Immanuel Ness


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