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November 7, 2018

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 392 individual articles and 8 complete Handbook titles from across 13 subject areas.

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Individual Articles

Business and Management

Dynamic Capabilities

Classical Studies

the Literatures of the Roman Empire
Literacy, Martin Devecka


Australian Constitution
Citizenship, Elisa Arcioni
Common Law, William Gummow
Comparative Constitutional Law, Stephen Gageler, Will Bateman
Constitutionalism, Jeffrey Goldsworthy, Lisa Burton Crawford
Design, Nicholas Aroney
Due Process, Fiona Wheeler
Equality, Denise Meyerson
Evolution, Susan Kenny
Executives, Terence Daintith, Yee-Fui Ng
Expression, Adrienne Stone
Federal Jurisdiction, James Stellios
Federation, Susan Crennan
First Peoples, Sean Brennan, Megan Davis
Ideas, Patrick Emerton
Independence, Anne Twomey
International Law, Stephen Donaghue
Introduction, Adrienne Stone, Cheryl Saunders
Judicial Reasoning, Adrienne Stone
Justiciability, Jeremy Kirk
Legality, Dan Meagher
Legitimacy, Brendan Lim
Money, Stephen McLeish
Parliaments, Amelia Simpson
Political Participation, Joo-Cheong Tham
Power, Mark Leeming
Property, Lael K. Weis
Religion, Carolyn Evans
Republicanism, John M. Williams
Rule of Law, Kenneth Hayne
Settlement, John Waugh
State Constitutions, Gerard Carney
Techniques of Adjudication, Peter Hanks, Olaf Ciolek
The Federal Principle, Michael Crommelin
The Judicature, Nicholas Owens
Unity, William Gummow
Unwritten Rules, Gabrielle Appleby
Children and the Law
Procreation and Parenting, Katharine K. Baker


Computational Linguistics, Second Edition
Text segmentation, Andrei Mikheev
Language and Sexuality
Corpus Linguistics and Sexuality, Paul Baker, Robbie Love
Sexuality and Bilingualism, Holly R. Cashman


American Folklore and Folklife Studies
Schools and Colleges, Simon J. Bronner
Latino Studies


Critical Concepts in Music Theory
Music's Moving Form, Daniel Grimley
Dance and Competition
Afterword, Susan Leigh Foster
Music and Queerness
Music Listening in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Listening and Possessing, Fred Everett Maus
Musical Repatriation


Neuronal Protein Synthesis
Neuronal mRNA Translation in Addiction, Emma Puighermanal, Emmanuel Valjent
Translational Control Through the eIF4E Binding Proteins in the Brain, Argel Aguilar-Valles, Edna Matta-Camacho, Nahum Sonenberg
the Auditory Brainstem
the Neurobiology of Pain
Cancer and Pain, Rie Bager Hansen, Sarah Falk
The Diversity of Neuropathic Pain, Nanna Brix Finnerup, Nadine Attal


Assertion and Convention, Mitchell S. Green
Assertion and Fiction, Manuel García-Carpintero
Assertion and Mindreading, William S. Horton
Proxy Assertion, Kirk Ludwig
Testing for Assertion, Martin Montminy
Japanese Philosophy
Phenomenological Psychopathology
Self, Dan Zahavi
Philosophy and Psychoanalysis
Aesthetics: Introduction, Michael Lacewing, Richard G.T. Gipps
Clinical Theory: Introduction, Richard G.T. Gipps, Michael Lacewing
Epistemic Anxiety, Michael Rustin
Ethics: Introduction, Michael Lacewing, Richard G.T. Gipps
Intellectual Pre-History: Introduction, Michael Lacewing, Richard G.T. Gipps
Introduction: Know Thyself, Richard G.T. Gipps, Michael Lacewing
Making the Unconscious Conscious, David H. Finkelstein
Phenomenology and Science: Introduction, Richard G.T. Gipps, Michael Lacewing
Politics and Society: Introduction, Michael Lacewing, Richard G.T. Gipps
Psychoanalysis and Film, Damian Cox, Michael Levine
Religion: Introduction, Michael Lacewing, Richard G.T. Gipps
Ricœur’s Freud, Richard J. Bernstein
Schopenhauer and Freud, Andrew Brook, Chris Young
Twentieth Century Engagements: Introduction, Richard G.T. Gipps, Michael Lacewing
Wishfulfilment, Tamas Pataki

Physical Sciences

Food, Water and Society
Water & Coffee, John Schluter

Political Science

Classics in Contemporary Political Theory
Energy Politics
Energy and International Conflict, Jeff D. Colgan, Jan B. Stockbruegger
Energy Interdependence, Jeffrey D. Wilson
Energy Politics and Gender, Karina Standal, Tanja Winther, Katrine Danielsen
Global Health Politics
Israeli Politics and Society
Israel and the Arab World, Itamar Rabinovich
U.S.-Israeli Relationship, Kenneth W. Stein
Networked Communication
Gender and Networks in Virtual Worlds, Grace Benefield, Cuihua Shen
Nigerian Politics
Civil Society in Nigeria, Darren Kew, Chris Kwaja
Colonial Rule, Toyin Falola, Matthew Heaton
Fiscal Policy during Boom and Bust, Kingsley C. Moghalu, Nonso Obikili
Introduction, Carl Levan, Patrick Ukata
Nigeria’s Response to the HIV epidemic, Olusoji Adeyi, Ayodeji O. Odutolu, John Idoko, Phyllis Kanki


Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
Anxiety Disorders, Gerrit I. van Schalkwyk, Wendy K. Silverman
Assessment and Case Conceptualization, Bryce D. McLeod, Julia R. Cox, Ruben G. Martinez, Lillian M. Christon
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Steven W. Evans, Julie S. Owens, W. John Monopoli, Kari Benson
Autism Spectrum Disorder, Matthew D. Lerner, Tamara E. Rosen, Erin Kang, Cara M. Keifer, Alan H. Gerber
Bipolar and Related Disorders, Sarah R. Black, Mary Fristad
Child Maltreatment, Yo Jackson
Children of Divorce and Relationship Dissolution, Sandra T. Azar, Megan C. Goslin, Brandon J. Patallo
Children Who Bully or Are Bullied, Dorothy Espelage, Jun Sung Hong
Children with Incarcerated Parents, Julie Poehlmann-Tynan, Hilary Runion, Lindsay A. Weymouth, Cynthia Burnson
Community Mental Health Settings as a Context for Evidence-Based Practice, Lauren Krumholz Marchette, Kristel Thomassin, Jacqueline Hersh, Heather A. MacPherson, Lauren Santucci, John R. Weisz
Depressive Disorders, Laura J. Dietz, Jennifer Silk, Marlissa Amole
Development and Psychopathology, Elizabeth P. Hayden, C. Emily Durbin
Developmental Issues in Assessment and Treatment, Andres De Los Reyes, Tara M. Augenstein, Melanie F. Lipton
Developmental Psychology, Jessica M. Dollar, Susan D. Calkins
Disruptive and Conduct Disorders, Delinquency, Eva R. Kimonis, Georgette E. Fleming
Feeding and Eating Disorders, Cristin Runfola, James Lock
Forensic Settings and Juvenile Justice, Carolina Herrera, Joanna Kubik, Meagan Docherty, Paul Boxer
Gender Dysphoria, Thomas D. Steensma, Annelijn Wensing-Kruger
Inpatient Settings, Anthony C. James
Intellectual Disabilities, Johnny L. Matson, Paige E. Cervantes
Neurobiological Mechanisms of Psychopathology and Treatment Action, Theodore P. Beauchaine, Aimee R. Zisner, Elizabeth P. Hayden
Non-Suicidal Self-Injury among Youth, Adam Bryant Miller, Maya Massing-Schaffer, Sarah Owens, Mitchell J. Prinstein
Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders, Lara J. Farrell, Sharna L. Mathieu, Cassie Lavell
Outpatient Settings: The Collaborative Role of Psychiatry and Psychology, Eve Khlyavich Freidl, Lauren J. Hoffman, Anne Marie Albano
Personality Disorders, Carla Sharp, Jared D. Michonski
Psychiatric Epidemiology: Concepts and Findings, Kathleen Reis Merikangas, Rebecca Hommer
Psychosocial Treatments That "Work" for Ethnic Minority Youth, Lindsay E. Holly, Ryan D. Stoll, Amy M. Rapp, Armando A. Pina, Denise A. Chavira
Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders, Kristen A. Woodberry, Emily Kline, Anthony J. Giuliano
School Settings, Melissa K. Holt, Jennifer Greif Green, Javier Guzman
Sleep-Wake Disorders, Gabrielle Rigney, Jason Isaacs, Shelly Weiss, Sarah Shea, Penny Corkum
Specific Learning Disorders, Christopher J. Lonigan
Substance-related and Addictive Disorders, Jacqueline Horan Fisher, Sara Becker, Molly Bobek, Aaron Hogue
Suite Lessons for Private Practice, Robert D. Friedberg, Micaela A. Thordarson
The New Frontier: Dissemination of Evidence-Based Treatments and Beyond, Bruce F. Chorpita, Kimberly D. Becker, Charmaine K. Higa-McMillan
Tic Disorders, Jennifer Alexander, Douglas W. Woods
Transdiagnostic Approaches with Children and Adolescents, Andrea B. Temkin, Mina Yadegar, Christine Cho, Brian C. Chu
Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders, Kathleen Nader, Mary Beth Williams
Youth with Medical Complications, Ashley N. Marchante-Hoffman, Annette M. La Greca
Youth with Suicidal Thoughts and Behavior, Cynthia Ewell Foster, Carlos E. Yeguez, Cheryl A. King
Digital Inclusion for People with an Intellectual Disability, Darren D. Chadwick, Melanie Chapman, Sue Caton
The Online Self, Alison Attrill-Smith
Emotion Dysregulation
What Emotion Dysregulation Looks Like: Inferences from Behavioral Observations, K. Ashana Ramsook, Pamela M. Cole, Margaret A. Fields-Olivieri
Positive Psychology, Third Edition
Pathways to Growth Following Trauma and Loss, Christopher G. Davis, Janessa Porter
Resilience in Development, J. J. Cutuli, Janette E. Herbers, Ann S. Masten, Marie-Gabrielle J. Reed
Stress and Mental Health
Neuroendocrinological Models of Stress Psychopathology, Nestor L. Lopez-Duran, Valerie J. Micol, Andrea Roberts
Personality-Stress Vulnerability Models, Thomas Olino, Zuzanna Wojcieszak, Rebekah Mennies
the History of Clinical Neuropsychology


Catholic Theology
The Theology of the Body, José Granados
John Henry Newman
Brothers, Ann Margaret Schellenberg Richardson
Conscience, Terrence Merrigan, Geertjan Zuijdwegt
Doctrinal Development, C. Michael Shea
Epistemology, Frederick D. Aquino
Evangelical Writers, Gareth Atkins
Historiography, Kenneth Parker
Infallibility, Ryan J. Marr
Introduction, Frederick D. Aquino, Benjamin J. King
Ireland, Colin Barr
Joseph Butler, Jane Garnett
Literary Legacy, Stephen Prickett
Philosophy of Education, M. Katherine Tillman
Political and Social Thought, Colin Barr, Simon Skinner
Print Culture, Joshua King
Revelation, William J. Abraham
Richard Whately, Geertjan Zuijdwegt
Sensus Fidelium, Benjamin J. King
The Apologia, Jan Marten Ivo Klaver
The Church Fathers, Benjamin J. King
The Literary Stylist, Mary C. Frank
The Oratory, Keith Beaumont
The Oxford Movement, Peter B. Nockles
The University, John Sullivan
Postcolonial Biblical Criticism
the Jesuits
the Writings of the Hebrew Bible
Qoheleth in the Writings, Erhard S. Gerstenberger
Writings in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Lawrence H. Schiffman


Karl Marx
Capital, Andrew Kliman
Marx and the Middle East, Gilbert Achcar
Money, Leda Maria Paulani
The Commodification of Knowledge and Information, Tomás Rotta, Rodrigo Teixeira
The Marxian Long View, Terrence McDonough
Value and Class, Alan Freeman


Complete Handbooks


Australian Constitution, Eds. 9780198738435


Dance and Competition, Eds. 9780190639082

Political Science

Nigerian Politics, Eds. 9780198804307


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Eds. 9780198758723


John Henry Newman, Eds. 9780198718284

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