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Agency in Plato’s Republic  

Christopher Bobonich

Online publication date:
Mar 2017
This article discusses some of the most important recent controversies in the psychology of Plato’s Republic. These include its views on akratic action, the capacities of the parts of the ... More

Aristotle on Agency  

David Charles

Online publication date:
May 2017
This essay attempts to answer three questions about Aristotle’s account of agency: (1) What is an action? (2) Under what conditions is an action voluntary or intentional? (3) What is the ... More

Aristotle on Practical Reason  

Christopher C. W. Taylor

Online publication date:
Aug 2016
For Aristotle,phronēsis, the excellence of the practical intellect, is two-fold, consisting of a true conception of the end to be achieved by action and correct deliberation about the ... More


Mitchell S. Green

Online publication date:
Jan 2017
Assertion is here approached as a social practice developed through cultural evolution. This perspective will facilitate inquiry into questions concerning what role assertion plays in ... More

Belief Self-Knowledge  

Dorit Bar-On and Kate Nolfi

Online publication date:
Jun 2016
A fundamental puzzle about self-knowledge is this: spontaneous, unreflective self-attributions of beliefs and other mental states (avowals) appear to be at once epistemically groundless ... More

Brentano, Twardowski and Stout: From Psychology to Ontology  

Maria van der Schaar

Online publication date:
Jun 2016
This article was commissioned as a supplement to theOxford Handbook of the History of Analytic Philosophy, edited by Michael Beaney. It focuses on the psychological origins of analytic ... More

British Feminist Thought  

Barbara Caine

Print publication date:
Feb 2014
Online publication date:
Apr 2014
The fact that the term ‘feminism’ was only coined at the end of the 19th century and that there was no generally recognized founding figure in the battle for women’s rights makes it hard ... More

Cartesianism and Feminism  

Marie-Fréderique Pellegrin

Print publication date:
Apr 2019
Online publication date:
May 2019
Cartesianism constitutes a particular and crucial moment in the history of the relations between the aims of philosophy and feminist claims. This is explained by theoretical reasons (the ... More


Daniel Z. Korman and Chad Carmichael

Online publication date:
Jun 2016
This article is intended as an introduction to the central questions about composition and a highly selective overview of various answers to those questions. §1 reviews some formal ... More

Confucian Political Philosophy  

David Wong

Print publication date:
May 2011
Online publication date:
Sep 2011
Confucianism is an ethics tied intimately with political philosophy. According to the text that is the most reliable guide to the teachings of Confucius, the Analects (Lunyu), he took the ... More

Contextualism in Epistemology  

Geoffrey Pynn

Online publication date:
Oct 2016
In epistemology, contextualism is the view that the truth-conditions of knowledge claims vary with the contexts in which those claims are made. This article surveys the main arguments for ... More

De Se Thought  

Manuel García-Carpintero

Online publication date:
Nov 2015
Inspired by Castañeda’s work, Perry and Lewis argued that first-personal thoughts (those we would naturally express by using the first person) have special features that call for a ... More

Disagreement and Epistemic Peers  

Jonathan Matheson

Online publication date:
Feb 2015
This article examines the epistemic significance of peer disagreement. It pursues the following questions: (1) How does discovering that an epistemic equal disagrees with you affect your ... More

Dynamic Semantics  

Karen Lewis

This article focuses on foundational issues in dynamic and static semantics, specifically on what is conceptually at stake between the dynamic framework and the truth-conditional ... More

Eat Y’Self Fitter: Orthorexia, Health, and Gender  

Christina van Dyke

Print publication date:
Mar 2018
Online publication date:
Jan 2018
Attitudes toward healthy eating and dietary choices are increasingly important components of how people conceive of (and judge) both themselves and others. This chapter examines ... More

Emotions in Medieval Thought  

Peter King

Print publication date:
Dec 2009
Online publication date:
Jan 2010
No single theory of the emotions dominated the Middle Ages. Instead, there were several competing accounts, and differences of opinion—sometimes quite dramatic—within each account. Yet ... More

Ethics in Mental Health Care: A Public Health Perspective  

Richard J. Bonnie and Heather Zelle

Print publication date:
Sep 2019
Online publication date:
Jan 2019
This chapter explores ethical issues in mental health policy from a public health perspective, with a focus on the United States. Ethical discourse about mental health treatment has ... More


Katia Hay

Print publication date:
Feb 2015
Online publication date:
May 2015
The chapter analyses some of the ways in which three prominent philosophers from the nineteenth century—Schelling, Nietzsche, and Kierkegaard—may be considered to participate in the ... More

Experimental Economics—A Philosophical Perspective  

Werner Güth and Hartmut Kliemt

The originally Hobbesian ideal of twentieth-century neoclassical economics as a discipline that studies human interaction “more geometrico” as a scenery of interactive rational decision ... More

Experimental Philosophy  

Alexandra Plakias

Online publication date:
Feb 2015
Experimental philosophy applies empirical methods to traditional philosophical debates. This article begins with a brief discussion of the historical antecedents of experimental ... More