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A Brief History of Upper Limb Ideomotor Apraxia  

Kenneth M. Heilman

Online publication date:
Nov 2016
To successfully interact with the environment, goal-oriented movements made by human limbs must be guided by instructions from the brain. Loss of the ability to program purposeful skilled ... More

The History of Aphasiology  

Andrew Kertesz

This chapter charts the history of aphasiology from antiquity to the recent past. An arbitrary line is drawn to include paragraphs of only those who passed, to avoid the review of large ... More

The History of Behavioral Neurology  

Christopher M. Filley

Online publication date:
Jun 2016
Behavioral neurology is the neurologic subspecialty devoted to the study of brain-behavior relationships. Whereas systematic thinking about the brain as the organ of the mind began in ... More

History of CT Scan Studies in Aphasia—1970s to 1990s  

Margaret A. Naesser, Carole L. Palumbo, and Paula I. Martin

Online publication date:
Dec 2018
This chapter summarizes early computed tomography (CT) scan studies in stroke patients with aphasia from the 1970s through the 1990s. Studies took place at the Boston University Aphasia ... More

History of Depression  

Allan V. Horwitz, Jerome C. Wakefield, and Lorenzo Lorenzo-Luaces

Print publication date:
Jun 2017
Online publication date:
Apr 2016
The symptoms that define depressive conditions have been recognized for millennia of medical history. The earliest Hippocratic writings not only define depression in similar ways as ... More

History of Epilepsy Neuropsychology  

David W. Loring and Bruce Hermann

Online publication date:
May 2017
This article reviews the shared history of epilepsy and neuropsychology and highlights the clinical and scientific progress in both disciplines. It considers the role of neuropsychology in ... More

History of Italian Neuropsychology  

Francois Boller, Guido Gainotti, Dario Grossi, and Giuseppe Vallar

Early Italian clinicians and researchers dedicated their work to human neuropsychology mainly through analysis of variations of cognitive and behavioral functions caused by brain damage. ... More

History of Memory  

Hans Markowitsch and Angelica Staniloiu

Online publication date:
Nov 2016
The historical roots of memory research—mainly from the period between 1870 and 1920—are described with emphasis on human memory. First, data from experimental psychology are reviewed; ... More

A History of Mental Ability Tests and Theories  

John D. Wasserman and Alan S. Kaufman

Online publication date:
Oct 2016
The concepts of measurement and theory have always been central to psychological science. This chapter reviews the history of applied mental tests and the ideas behind them, with a ... More

The History of Neuropsychology at the Boston VA  

Nancy Hebben and Margaret O'Connor

Online publication date:
Dec 2018
The Veterans Administration’s response to WWII altered the fields of psychology and neurology and made it possible for the Boston VA Hospital to evolve into an environment where ... More

History of Neuropsychology in Asia  

Tatia M.C. Lee, Wang Kai, and Simon L. Collinson

Clinical neuropsychology in Asia has emerged from the interactions of multiple processes, including the development of psychology and its subdisciplines worldwide, the entering of ... More

History of Neuropsychology in France  

Christian Derouesné and Jacques Poirier

Online publication date:
Dec 2018
Neuropsychology in France has a long tradition, beginning with Paul Broca, Jean-Martin Charcot, and their followers who established an anatomo-clinical approach, operating primarily within ... More

History of Neuropsychology in the Netherlands  

Paul Eling

The history of the development of neuropsychology in The Netherlands is described. First some early descriptions of the effects of brain lesions on behavior are mentioned. Subsequently the ... More

The History of the Neuropsychology of Emotion  

Ella B. Teague, Erica P. Meltzer, Remington Stafford, Jamie T. Twaite, Carole Filangieri, and Joan C. Borod

Online publication date:
Mar 2019
The chapter outlines philosophical and prescientific ideas regarding emotion, as well as early physiological and psychological discoveries that formed the basis upon which modern ... More

Katharine McBride, 1935, and “Aphasia”  

Anthony H. Risser

Online publication date:
Nov 2018
In 1929, eminent Philadelphia neurologist Theodore Weisenburg invited Bryn Mawr College psychology graduate student Katharine McBride to join him in a funded, multi-year study of the ... More

Right-Handers Speak with the Left Hemisphere, Left-Handers with the Right: The Rise and Fall of a Neuropsychological Hypothesis  

Lauren Julius Harris

Online publication date:
Jul 2016
In 1865 Paul Broca stated, “we speak with the left hemisphere.” In many accounts of Broca’s work, he was referring to right-handers and meant that left-handers speak with the right ... More