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Ancient Eskimo Cultures of Chukotka  

Mikhail M. Bronshtein, Kirill A. Dneprovsky, and Arkady B. Savinetsky

Published in print:
Oct 2016
Published Online:
Aug 2016
Remnants of one Paleoeskimo and several Neoeskimo cultural traditions have been revealed in the coastal regions of Chukotka since the mid-1940s. The Chukotka Paleoeskimo cultural ... More

Bronze Age Central Asia  

Paula Doumani Dupuy

Published Online:
Jun 2016
This article focuses on the principal characteristics and features of the Bronze Age of the steppes, deserts, mountain foothills, and oases of Central Asia. It outlines the history of ... More

Diets of Hunter-gatherers in the Arctic and Subarctic  

John P. Ziker

Published Online:
Nov 2015
The diets of Arctic and subarctic hunter-gatherers are the source of perennial theoretically relevant questions and debates, for example on cooking and raw food, the relative importance of ... More

Middle Holocene Fishing and Hunting in the Baikal Region of Siberia  

Robert S. Losey, M. Anne Katzenberg, and Tatiana Nomokonova

Published Online:
Nov 2015
This chapter shows how a combination of zooarchaeological and stable isotope evidence documents substantial but variable use of aquatic resources by Middle Holocene foragers inhabiting the ... More

The Neolithic of the Caucasus  

Christine Chataigner, Ruben Badalyan, and Makoto Arimura

Published Online:
Oct 2014
This article presents our current state of knowledge on the Neolithic of the Caucasus based on reviews of previous and continuing research. In this region, this period has generally been ... More

The Palaeolithic of Northern Asia  

Anatoly P. Derevianko, Sergei V. Markin, and Andrei V. Tabarev

Published in print:
Apr 2014
Published Online:
Jan 2014
The comparison of the oldest sites in northern and central Asia points to the variability of the Lower Palaeolithic culture. The first ‘out of Africa’ migration of the oldest hominids ... More

Rock Art of Northern, Central, and Western Asia  

Andrzej Rozwadowski

Published in print:
Jan 2019
Published Online:
Apr 2017
This chapter discusses the rock art traditions of Northern, Central, and Western Asia, first providing an overview of the chronological-cultural context of much of the known rock art in ... More

Subsistence economy, animal domestication, and herd management in prehistoric central Asia (Neolithic–Iron Age)  

Norbert Benecke

Sites of the Neolithic Jeitun Culture in southern Turkmenistan present the earliest evidence of animal husbandry, mainly based on sheep (Ovis aries) and goats (Capra hircus), in Central ... More