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Connectionism, Dynamical Cognition, and Non-Classical Compositional Representation  

Terry Horgan

Print publication date:
Feb 2012
Online publication date:
Sep 2012
This article addresses the issue of compositionality of mental representations from the perspective of a foundational framework for cognitive science. The dynamical cognition framework (DC ... More

The Phonetics and Phonology of Bilingualism  

Miguel Simonet

This chapter provides a selective overview of recent research on the phonetics and phonology of bilingualism. The central idea put forth in the chapter is that, in bilingualism and ... More

Sign Language Acquisition  

Richard P. Meier

This essay considers the acquisition of sign languages as first languages. Most deaf children are born to hearing parents, but a minority have deaf parents. Deaf children of deaf parents ... More

Timbre, Pitch, and Music  

Neil M. McLachlan

Online publication date:
Jun 2016
The perception of a sound’s timbre and pitch may be related to the more basic auditory function of sound recognition. Timbre may be related to the sensory experience (or memory) by which we ... More