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The Agricultural Sector  

Carlos José Caetano Bacha

This chapter analyzes the evolution of agriculture in Brazil from the early sixteenth century until the second decade of the twenty-first century. It focuses on seven domestic and external ... More

Are Large Metropolitan Areas Still Viable?  

Edwin S. Mills

This chapter examines the functions of and prospects for large metropolitan areas (MAs) in the United States. It argues that the high cost of transporting people and goods is a necessary, ... More

Brazil’s Agricultural Modernization and Embrapa  

Geraldo B. Martha Jr. and Eliseu Alves

Brazilian agriculture reinvented itself by targeting a science-based approach. Embrapa, the research arm of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, is recognized as key in this process. A ... More

Energy in Brazil: Past and Future  

José Goldemberg

This chapter analyzes the evolution of the energy sector in Brazil, charting shifts in the energy matrix, in particular the rise in renewables and increasing self-sufficiency in fossil ... More

Environmental Issues  

Ariaster B. Chimeli

This chapter discusses critical issues surrounding the economics of the environment in Brazil. A general framework for analyzing the state of the environment in a developing country is ... More

Fire: An Agent and a Consequence of Land Use Change  

Claire A. Montgomery

As long as people and fire have coexisted on this planet, fire has been both purposefully used as an agent and subsequently experienced as a consequence of land use change. This article ... More

Integrating Regional Economic Development Analysis and Land Use Economics  

Mark D. Partridge and Dan S. Rickman

Two largely separate literatures exist on regional economic development and land use economics. This article argues that a full understanding of each of the two areas requires greater ... More

Land Use and Municipal Profiles  

Edward Stone and JunJie Wu

This chapter investigates the relationships between municipal profiles and household location choice, a primary driver of land use change. Urban economics models typically attribute ... More

Modeling the Land Use Change with Biofuels  

Madhu Khanna, David Zilberman, and Christine L. Crago

The introduction of biofuels to agriculture has led to a new reality by linking agricultural and livestock sectors with energy markets. This article reviews the underlying assumptions and ... More

Stigmatized Sites and Urban Brownfield Redevelopment  

Joel B. Eisen

This chapter discusses “stigmatized sites” located in urban areas in the United States and Europe and “brownfields” redevelopment programs aimed at removing the stigma and promoting sites’ ... More

Traditional Agriculture and Land Distribution in Brazil  

Charles C. Mueller

This chapter examines the progression of Brazil’s agriculture since the end of World War II, a period during which a highly concentrated pattern of land distribution remained basically ... More