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Applying Experiments to Land Economics: Public Information and Auction Efficiency in Ecosystem Service Markets  

Kent D. Messer, Joshua M. Duke, and Lori Lynch

The use of laboratory and field economic experiments to explore issues in land economics is increasingly popular as researchers identify problems that cannot be adequately addressed by ... More

An Assessment of Empirical Methods for Modeling Land Use  

Elena G. Irwin and Douglas H. Wrenn

This chapter provides a targeted review and assessment of current empirical methods most commonly used in economics to model spatially explicit land use and land use change. Empirical ... More

Constrained Utility Maximization and Demand System Estimation  

Nicholas E. Piggott and Thomas L. Marsh

This article provides an overview of the literature on consumer and demand system analysis with emphasis on complete food demand systems. It presents theoretical foundations, constrained ... More

Equilibrium Sorting Models of Land Use and Residential Choice  

H. Allen Klaiber and Nicolai V. Kuminoff

Equilibrium sorting models of household location choice provide a framework for understanding the interactions among people, markets, and spatially delineated amenities. Sorting models ... More

Landscape Simulations with Econometric-Based Land Use Models  

Andrew J. Plantinga and David J. Lewis

Econometric-based landscape simulation models help to identify the nature and extent of market failure problems associated with terrestrial biodiversity and to quantify the effects of ... More

Non-Market Valuation: Experimental Methods  

Frode Alfnes and Kyrre Rickertsen

This article describes and compares the different incentive-compatible valuation mechanisms used to evaluate food attributes. It then discusses the relationships between laboratory and ... More

Non-Market Valuation: Stated Preference Methods  

Fredrik Carlsson

The purpose of this article is to give a detailed description of the steps involved in designing a choice experiment and analyzing the responses. It also discusses a number of behavioral ... More

Spatial Econometric Modeling of Land Use Change  

Seong-Hoon Cho, Seung Gyu Kim, and Roland K. Roberts

The main objective of this chapter is to provide a comprehensive review and critique of the empirical modeling literature of land use decisions, focusing particularly on the strengths and ... More

Using Quasi-Experimental Methods to Evaluate Land Policies: Application to Maryland’s Priority Funding Legislation  

Charles Towe, Rebecca Lewis, and Lori Lynch

This article discusses the advantages and inherent challenges of undertaking a quasi-experimental estimation technique for evaluation of a land use policy application. This method of ... More