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Creating a Public Domain in Eighteenth-Century England  

Simon Stern

The advent of statutory copyright in eighteenth-century England raised questions about ensuring access to the materials that writers need to produce new books. The public domain did not ... More

The Eighteenth-Century Psalm  

Jayne Elizabeth Lewis

Integral to both Anglican liturgy and nonconformist devotional practice in the eighteenth century, the “Englished” Psalm supplied a common currency between competing but increasingly ... More

Literature and Landscape in the Eighteenth Century  

Stephen Bending

Drawing on literary, visual, and philosophical sources from the period, this article asks what is landscape, how was it represented and understood in the eighteenth century, and how might ... More

Literature and Time in the Eighteenth Century and the Romantic Period  

Marcus Tomalin

This article explores how changing ideas about time and time-telling had a powerful and lasting impact upon the literature of the long eighteenth century (i.e., c. 1660–c. 1830). After a ... More

Media and Mediation in the Eighteenth Century  

Paula McDowell

This article begins by discussing seventeenth- and eighteenth-century notions of media, mediation, and communication. How did early modern notions of the “medium” and of “mediation” overlap ... More

Naturalism and Poetry  

Chris Beyers

Print publication date:
Mar 2011
Online publication date:
Sep 2012
This article focuses on the relationship between naturalism and poetry. The main intellectual trends of twentieth-century poetry are inimical to a naturalist verse tradition. On the other ... More

Politics, Imagination, and Desire in the Work of Fulke Greville  

Freya Sierhuis

This article examines a number of the key political and philosophical questions in the poetry, drama, and philosophical treatises of Fulke Greville, first Lord Brooke (1554–1628), arguing ... More


Barbara L. Packer

Print publication date:
Apr 2010
Online publication date:
Sep 2012
This article explains the concept of Romanticism relating it with Transcendentalism and Puritanism. Romanticism influenced future Transcendentalists at different times. During the first ... More

Treason, Seditious Libel, and Literature in the Romantic Period  

Jon Mee

This article examines the effects of the unprecedented number of prosecutions for political opinion in the 1790s and afterward on romantic period literature. The chief instrument for these ... More

Word and Image in the English Renaissance  

Claire Preston

The rich and expanding rhetorical universe of the English Renaissance annexed the expressive possibilities of painting and the plastic arts using a variety of figures and tropes. ... More