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Case Study: Lost and Found Christianity, Conversion, and Gang Disaffiliation in Guatemala  

Kevin O’Neill

Important research focuses on why thousands of young men and women join youth gangs, but much can be learned from looking at a single life in order to understand ways individuals manage to ... More

Case Study: Black Cannabis Dealers in a White Welfare State Race, Politics, and Street Capital in Norway  

Sveinung Sandberg

An ethnographic study of a group of young black men dealing cannabis at a drug scene called The River in Oslo demonstrates that accumulation and use of street capital can be seen as ... More

Case Study: Black Homicide Victimization in Toronto, Ontario, Canada  

Sara K. Thompson

Most criminological theory and research on the black homicide victimization is grounded in the American context, which raises important generalizability issues given the exceptional level ... More

Case Study: Sentencing Violent Juvenile Offenders in Color Blind France: Does Ethnicity Matter?  

Sebastian Roché, Mirta B. Gordon, and Marie-Aude Depuiset

Race and ethnicity are important political issues in France but not important research issues. Even liberals concerned about inequality disagree about the need to study the subject and are ... More

Case Study: Immigration, Social Exclusion, and Informal Economies: Muslim Immigrants in Frankfurt  

Sandra Bucerius

Much negative public and media attention in Germany focuses on Muslim immigrants, particularly those with guest worker backgrounds. A study based on 5 years of ethnographic fieldwork with ... More

Colonial Processes, Indigenous Peoples, and Criminal Justice Systems  

Chris Cunneen

Colonial processes, indigenous people, and criminal justice systems interact. There are commonalities in the experiences of Indigenous peoples in the white settler societies of Australia, ... More

A Comparison of British and American Policies for Managing Dangerous Prisoners: A Question of Legitimacy  

Roy D. King

Published in print:
May 2018
Published Online:
Jul 2016
This essay traces the development of policies regarding difficult and dangerous prisoners in Britain and the United States from the 1960s to the present day. In essence policies about ... More

The Convergence of Control: Immigration and Crime in Contemporary Japan  

Ryoko Yamamoto and David Johnson

Published in print:
Jan 2014
Published Online:
Oct 2013
When Japan experienced a “crime crisis” at the turn of the 21st century, crimes by foreign residents became a major target of police. Since then, one main focus of policing has been ... More

Crime and the Global City: Migration, Borders, and the Pre-Criminal  

Katharyne Mitchell and Key MacFarlane

In recent years social scientists have been interested in the growth and transformation of global cities. These metropolises, which function as key command centers in global production ... More

Crime Policies of Small Countries: Viewing Punishment from the Periphery  

Claire Hamilton

This article discusses crime policy in small jurisdictions which to date have been underexamined in the criminological literature. In Section I, arguments concerning the dynamics of ... More

Cultural Variation  

Susyan Jou, Bill Hebenton, and Lennon Chang

Culture, whether invoked as a dependent or independent variable, has become increasingly significant with respect to the study of white-collar criminality. Indeed, it can be argued that it ... More

Ethnicities, Racism, and Crime in England and Wales  

Alpa Parmar

Ethnicity and racism feature at each stage of the criminal justice process in the United Kingdom. Some minority ethnic group people are more likely to be victimized, are more likely to be ... More

Ethnicity, Crime, and Immigration in France  

Sophie Body-Gendrot

France has the largest Muslim and Jewish populations in Europe and a long immigration tradition. Official data do not recognize race, ethnicity, or religion as fundamental characteristics ... More

Ethnicity, Migration, and Crime in the Netherlands  

Godfried Engbersen, Arjen Leerkes, and Erik Snel

The development of research on relations among ethnicity, migration, and crime in the Netherlands reflects the ways migration flows and immigration control policies evolved after World War ... More

European Criminal Records and Ex-Offender Employment  

James B. Jacobs and Elena Larrauri

This article examines European policies regarding criminal record–based employment discrimination, with particular emphasis on Spain. It first provides an overview of the definition of ... More

Exploring Imprisonment across Cross-National Contexts  

Paul Mazerolle, John Rynne, and Samara McPhedran

Published in print:
May 2018
Published Online:
Jul 2016
This essay explores cross-national contexts in the use of imprisonment as a penal policy. Incarceration figures from select countries are presented with accompanying discussions of ... More

A Historical Perspective on Crime Fiction in Mexico During the Middle Decades of the Twentieth Century  

Pablo Piccato

Published in print:
May 2016
Published Online:
Jul 2016
Detective and murder stories emerged and had their moment of greatest popularity in Mexico in the 1940s and 1950s. Although this genre has been neglected in scholarship, this essay argues ... More

The Illegal Wildlife Trade  

Stephen F. Pires and William D. Moreto

The illegal wildlife trade is a growing problem driven by a number of factors (e.g. subsistence, alternative medicine, accessories, the pet trade). High demand for illicit wildlife ... More

Immigration, Crime, and Criminalization in Italy  

Stefania Crocitti

Published in print:
Jan 2014
Published Online:
Oct 2013
Italy has shifted from being an emigration to an immigration country. In spite of this, Italian laws have been shaped according to an emergency and punitive logic, as if migration were ... More

Indigenous People and Sentencing Courts in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada  

Elena Marchetti and Riley Downie

Indigenous people are vastly overrepresented in the criminal justice systems of Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Colonization devastated the lives of each country’s First Nations ... More