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Assessing the probability of rare climate events  

James S. Clark, Dave Bell, Michael Dietze, Michelle Hersh, Ines Ibanez, Shannon LaDeau, Sean McMahon, Jessica Metcalf, Emily Moran, Luke Pangle, and Mike Wolosin

Published in print:
Oct 2013
Published Online:
Aug 2018
This article focuses on the use of Bayesian methods in assessing the probability of rare climate events, and more specifically the potential collapse of the meridional overturning ... More

Cape Town's Contested Hierarchy of Demand for Agricultural and Municipal Water in a Rainfed Economy 2017-2018  

Anthony Colman

The article provides an analysis of the stakeholders involved in policy decision making on water utilization, especially during the Water Crisis of 2017–2018. It looks at this ... More

Circumventing Water Scarcity in the Jordan Basin: Decoupling trends in Israel and Jordan  

Michael Gilmont, Lara Nassar, Erica Harper, Nadav Tal, and Steve Rayner

This chapter examines trends in water resources used in Jordan and Israel. Specifically it illustrates how these two economies have circumvented significant limits in their ... More

Decision-Making by Water Managers Despite Climate Uncertainty  

Rob Wilby and Conor Murphy

Some of the most profound impacts of climate variability and change are expected in the water sector. These include more frequent, severe, and persistent droughts; more frequent, ... More

Dietary Patterns that Value People and the Planet  

Joanne Burke

Published Online:
Sep 2018
Nourishing food and water are essential for human survival, as are the people who labour in the food system and the planetary ecosystems that underpin foraging, farming, and ... More

Disruptive Food Supply Chains: Bringing it all Back Home  

Tony Beck

Published Online:
Oct 2018
Alternative food movements have, from their origins, espoused values of social justice and environmental stewardship in an attempt to challenge existing economic and social ... More

A Farmer's Experience of Conservation Agriculture in the UK  

Anthony J. Reynolds

Conservation agricultural practices have been widely adopted across the world in the past 30 years. Farmers recognized that their soils had been degraded by deep ploughing and ... More

Farmer-led Water User Associations in Agricultural Water Management  

Rami Zurayk and Azza Dirar

Since agriculture consumes the largest share of the world’s water, farmers undoubtedly play an instrumental role in the management of this precious resource. As such, various ... More

The Feminization of Agriculture: Evidence and Implications for Food and Water Security  

Vanya Slavchevska, Susan Kaaria, and Sanna Liisa Taivalmaa

Published Online:
May 2019
Male outmigration from rural, primary agricultural areas and the globalization of agri-food systems have both been linked to a significant increase in women’s work and ... More

Food and Water Management in Northwest Africa  

Mustapha Besbes, Jamel Chahed, and Abdelkader Hamdane

Northwest African countries (NA) consume 70 percent of their renewable water resources, and groundwater overdraft has become a major problem. Blue water irrigation represents ... More

Food and Water Management in Southern Africa  

Peter Johnston and Arthur Chapman

Irrigation is a critical input for raising food production in southern Africa, parts of which are food-insecure, especially as a result of low levels of technology employed, ... More

Food and Water Security in North America’s Transboundary Sonoran Desert: A Water-Exporting Dryland  

America Lutz Ley, Ryan Lee, Yulia Peralta, and Christopher Scott

The United-States-Mexico food system, and in particular the section located in the Sonoran Desert, is an example of the detrimental effects that result from instensified food ... More

Food and Water Security in the Mediterranean Basin  

Michel Petit and Phillipe Le Grusse

The food and water challenges to be faced in the Mediterranean Basin, particularly those on the southern and eastern shores, are daunting. They form a complex nexus of problems ... More

Food and Water Security in West Africa  

Timothy O. Williams

This chapter examines the links between water, food and society in Africa. Agricultural transformation to promote growth, eliminate poverty and hunger and sustain ecosystems is ... More

Food and Water Security in West Asia  

Eckart Woertz

West Asia is one of the most water-scarce regions of the world and one of its foremost importers of virtual water despite sustained efforts at self-sufficiency, especially in ... More

Food, Water and Society: An Analytical Framework  

Brendan Bromwich, Tony Allan, Anthony Colman, and Martin Keulertz

Society’s greatest use of water is in food production, a fact that puts farmers centre stage in global environmental management. Management of food value chains, however, is ... More

Food, Water and the Consequences of Society Not Valuing the Environment  

Tony Allan

Published Online:
Mar 2019
The first purpose of this chapter is to highlight the impact of the food system on environmental and human health. The delivery of secure affordable food is a political ... More

Gender, Poverty and Politics Along the Real-Virtual Water Spectrum  

Floriane Clement and Alan Nicol

Whereas international debates have increasingly acknowledged the role of gender in food and water security, they have often focussed somewhat exclusively on the role of women ... More

Global food Trade and Local Water Resources: Can We Bridge the Regulatory Gap?  

Arjen Hoekstra

Given that food production requires a lot of water, more than any other economic sector, one would expect that the world’s food production concentrates in places where water is ... More

The Global Uptake of Conservation Agriculture and the Impact on Water-Related Ecosystem Services  

Amir Kassam and David Coates

Conventional tillage agriculture has a built-in propensity for soil erosion and land degradation leading to loss of ecosystem services that are required to sustain agricultural ... More