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Agricultural Landscapes  

Kurt Anschuetz, Eileen L. Camilli, and Christopher D. Banet

Published in print:
Oct 2017
Published Online:
Sep 2017
The discussion in this chapter is based on the premise that agricultural landscapes are the foundations of the economies, social organizations, and cultural identities of farming ... More

Applied Archaeology in the Americas: Evaluating Archaeological Solutions to the Impacts of Global Environmental Change  

Jago Cooper and Lindsay Duncan

This chapter considers the role of archaeology in creating solutions for coping with the impacts of global environmental change, illustrated by cases from Latin America. Past examples of ... More

The Chacoan World: Light and Shadow, Stone and Sky  

Ruth M. Van Dyke

In the southwest United States, high altitudes, open vistas, and cloudless skies create a visual atmosphere where the light is legendary. I focus on the role of light for the people of ... More

A Stepwise Transition to Agriculture in the American Midcontinent  

George R. Milner, Jane E. Buikstra, and Anna C. Novotny

In the American midcontinent, the transition from hunter-gatherer to agricultural economies was long, spanning several millennia, but it took place in a stepwise fashion. Plant remains and ... More