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Adolescent Development, Delinquency, and Juvenile Justice  

Jennifer L. Woolard

Some form of delinquency is a normative part of adolescence for a majority of teens, yet the consequences of risky behavior and juvenile justice involvement can be severe. This article ... More

Competence and Criminal Responsibility in Adolescent Defendants: The Roles of Mental Illness and Adolescent Development  

Jodi Viljoen, Erika Penner, and Ronald Roesch

The law has required that adult defendants cannot be tried unless they have an ability to understand and participate adequately in legal proceedings against them. Another legal protection ... More

Delinquency and Comorbid Conditions  

Tamara M. Haegerich and Patrick H. Tolan

Youth who engage in delinquent acts are often more troubled than even their most antisocial behavior suggests. Much criminal behavior can be attributed to a child psychiatric disorder. ... More

Linking Family Processes and Adolescent Delinquency: Issues, Theories, and Research Findings  

Ronald L. Simons, Leslie Gordon Simons, and Donna Hancock

There is compelling evidence that childhood conduct problems are a strong predictor of subsequent involvement in antisocial behavior. This article explores recent findings, issues, and ... More

Personal Characteristics of Delinquents: Neurobiology, Genetic Predispositions, Individual Psychosocial Attributes  

Melissa Peskin, Andrea L. Glenn, Yu Gao, Jianghong Liu, Robert A. Schug, Yaling Yang, and Adrian Raine

This article reviews research on the personal characteristics of youth that predispose to crime, focusing on the biosocial origins of antisocial behavior. A significant empirical base ... More

Predictors of Violent Young Offenders  

David P. Farrington

The most basic definition of violence is behavior that is intended to cause, and that actually does cause, physical or psychological injury. This article reviews what is known about ... More

The Social Side of Delinquent Behavior  

Mark Warr

This article explores questions regarding the social side of delinquent behavior. It begins with discussing crime as a group behavior, suggesting that, as social beings, humans sometimes ... More

Understanding Desistance from Juvenile Offending: Challenges and Opportunities  

John H. Laub and Sarah L. Boonstoppel

This article reviews the current state of knowledge and perspectives on desistance from juvenile offending. It begins by locating juvenile delinquency and desistance within the context of ... More