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African-American Political Participation  

Tasha S. Philpot and Hanes Walton Jr.

Online publication date:
Aug 2014
This chapter describes the evolution of African-American political participation. Beginning with early findings in Black political participation, it discusses the major paradigm shifts in ... More

America’s New Racial/Ethnic Diversity: Immigration, Intermarriage, and Multicultural Identification in the Twenty-first Century  

Jennifer Lee and Frank D. Bean

Online publication date:
Dec 2014
The United States is more racially/ethnically diverse than at any point in the country’s history as a result of immigration, intermarriage, and multiracial identification. The Latino and ... More

The Color Line and the State: Race and American Political Development  

Kimberley S. Johnson

Print publication date:
Aug 2016
Online publication date:
Dec 2015
This article examines the ways in which scholars of American political development (APD) have encountered the color line through their research, and the strides they have made in bringing ... More

Latino Public Policy Opinions  

Gabriel R. Sanchez, F. Chris Garcia, and Melina Juárez

Online publication date:
Jul 2018
Latinos are playing a growing role in public policy debates not only surrounding immigration, but across several domestic policy domains. This has led to an increased interest in the ... More

Race, Ethnicity, and American Immigration Policy  

Anna O. Law and Daniel Tichenor

From the earliest days of U.S. nationhood, race and ethnicity have profoundly influenced the politics and governance of immigration. To be sure, this policy arena has been shaped by a ... More

Racial Justice Advocacy, Political Representation, and the Contemporary Interest Group Universe  

M. David Forrest and Dara Z. Strolovitch

Online publication date:
Apr 2017
Advocacy organizations have long been a crucial conduit for the construction, articulation, and representation of the interests and identities of African Americans, Latin@s, American ... More

Racial Redistricting and Descriptive Representation  

David T. Canon

Online publication date:
Aug 2014
For most of our nation’s history, redistricting produced a partisan struggle as the two major parties tried to gain electoral advantage. In the past several decades, however, racial ... More

School and Housing Segregation  

Charles S. Bullock III and Charles M. Lamb

Online publication date:
Oct 2014
This chapter surveys the literature on racial discrimination and segregation in education and housing in the United States. It indicates that federal governmental institutions ultimately ... More

The “Liberal Tradition” and American Racism  

Rogers M. Smith

Online publication date:
Oct 2016
In 1955, Louis Hartz argued that the United States had been founded as a “liberal society” which unconsciously embraced the precepts of John Locke, in ways that dominated all other ... More