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Audience Constructions, Reputations, and Emerging Media Technologies: New Issues of Legal and Social Policy  

Nora A. Draper and Joseph Turow

Print publication date:
Jul 2017
Online publication date:
Dec 2016
This chapter traces how changes in media and surveillance technologies have influenced the strategies producers have for constructing audiences. The largely unregulated practices of ... More

The Enduring Power of the Sports Broadcasting Act  

Nathaniel Grow

Print publication date:
Feb 2018
Online publication date:
Aug 2017
This chapter examines a little known, but vitally important, statutory antitrust exemption for the U.S. professional sports industry: the Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961 (SBA). Under the ... More

The Media  

Edwin Baker

Print publication date:
Jun 2005
Online publication date:
Sep 2012
Law, Media Law
Authoritarian regimes regularly rely on murdering journalists, jailing editors, and censoring the media to remain in power and to carry out their objectives. In 2001, thirty-seven ... More