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Archaeological and Epigraphic Evidence for Infancy in the Roman World  

Maureen Carroll

Print publication date:
May 2018
Online publication date:
Jun 2018
The Roman family has become a vibrant and challenging field of study, and the growing interest in children in Roman culture can be seen as a development within this trend. Nevertheless, ... More

Funerary Artists: The Textual Evidence  

Maria Cannata

Print publication date:
Jun 2012
Online publication date:
Nov 2012
Evidence suggests that the cost of wrapping and decorating a mummy was an expensive enterprise, and considering the wide range of people involved and the materials required, one would ... More

The Historical Sources: Codices and Chronicles  

Juan José Batalla

Print publication date:
Jan 2017
Online publication date:
Dec 2016
This chapter describes the primary ethnohistoric sources available for studying Mexica culture: codices and chronicles. The codices include both prehispanic and Colonial records that ... More

The Origins and Early Development of Writing in Egypt  

Ilona Regulski

Online publication date:
May 2016
The Egyptian writing system represents one of the oldest recorded languages known to humankind, along with Sumerian. But the system took centuries to adapt to what we now regard as its ... More

Writing, writers, and Iron Age Europe  

Daphne Nash Briggs

This chapter has two parts. The first describes the origins, types, and uses of alphabetic and semi-syllabic writing systems in Iron Age Europe from the eighth century BC to c.AD 1000, and ... More