What's new: September 2019

September 4, 2019

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 141 individual articles and 11 complete Handbook titles from across 12 subject areas.

Download the most recent MARC21 records here and see a complete list of new content below.


Individual Articles

Classical Studies

Introduction, Chris Maunder
Marian Apocalypticism, Daniel Wojcik
Mary and Grace, Matthew Levering
Mary and Islam, Zeki Saritoprak
Mary and Modernity, Charlene Spretnak
Mary in Patristics, Andrew Louth

Economics and Finance

Institutions of International Economic Governance and Market Regulation


U.S. Education Law
Student Privacy and the Law in the Internet Age, Leah Plunkett, Urs Gasser, Sandra Cortesi


Computational Linguistics, Second Edition
Lexicography, Patrick Hanks


Eighteenth-Century Satire
Augustan Romantics, Matthew Scott
Dramatic Satire, Ros Ballaster
Fable and Allegory, Gillian Wright
National Identity and Satire, David O'Shaughnessy
Quarrelling, Alexis Tadié
Satire as Event, John McTague
Satirical Objects, Sean Silver
Science and Satire, Gregory Lynall
Self-Portraiture, Louise Curran
Sexing Satire, Jill Campbell
The Practice of Parody, David Francis Taylor
The Satire of Dissent, George Southcombe
Thinking about Satire, Ashley Marshall
Latino Studies
Latinx Pop Cultural Studies Hoy!, Frederick Luis Aldama




Can Artificial Entities Assert?, Ori Freiman, Boaz Miller
Japanese Philosophy
Phenomenological Psychopathology

Physical Sciences

Planning for Climate Change Hazards
Projections and Hazards of Future Extreme Heat, Colin Raymond, Dim Coumou, Tim Foreman, Andrew King, Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick, Kai Kornhuber, Corey Lesk, Camilo Mora, Simone Russo, Sem Vijverberg

Political Science

Behavioral Political Science
Classics in Contemporary Political Theory
Electoral Persuasion
Voter Mobilization in Intimate Networks, Florian Foos, Eline A. de Rooij
Global Health Politics
Global LGBT and Sexual Diversity Politics
Networked Communication
Studying Populations of Online Organizations, Benjamin Mako Hill, Aaron Shaw


Emotion Dysregulation
Future Directions in Research and Treatment of Emotion Dysregulation, Theodore P. Beauchaine, Hunter Hahn, Sheila E. Crowell
Empirical Aesthetics
Stress and Mental Health
Coping models of stress and resilience, Bruce Compas, Allison Vreeland, Lauren Henry


Postcolonial Biblical Criticism


Max Weber
Methods for Public Scholarship
#spacesforknowledgeproduction, Daniel T. Barney, Lorrie Blair, Juan Carlos Castro
Academic Blogs, Jimmie Manning
Audience and Voice (and Sometimes Reflexivity), Yvonna Lincoln, Vassa Grichko, Glenn Allen Phillips
Cellphilms in Public Scholarship, Katie MacEntee, Casey Burkholder, Joshua Schwab-Cartas
Creative Nonfiction in Qualitative Inquiry, Jessica Smartt Gullion, Jessica Spears Williams
Data Collection via Email, Adrienne Trier-Bieniek
Disaster Research: Past, Present, and Future, Mark R. Landahl, DeeDee Bennett, Brenda D. Phillips
Health Theatre: Embodying Research, Susan Cox, George Belliveau
Literature and Creative Writing as Public Scholarship, Sandra Faulkner, Sheila Squillante
Online, Asynchronous Data Collection in Qualitative Research, Tracy Spencer, Linnea Rademaker, Peter Williams, Cynthia Loubier
Public ethnography, Tony E. Adams, Robin M. Boylorn
Visual art campaigns, Raisa Foster
Writing collaboratively, JeffriAnne Wilder

Complete Handbooks

Classical Studies

Mary, Eds. Chris Maunder


Eighteenth-Century Satire, Eds. Paddy Bullard
the Baroque, Eds. John D. Lyons


Music and the Body, Eds. Youn Kim, Sander L. Gilman


the Auditory Brainstem, Eds. Karl Kandler


Japanese Philosophy, Eds. Bret W. Davis
Phenomenological Psychopathology, Eds. Giovanni Stanghellini, Matthew Broome, Andrea Raballo, Anthony Vincent Fernandez, Paolo Fusar-Poli, René Rosfort


Adolescent Substance Abuse, Eds. Robert A. Zucker, Sandra A. Brown
Music and the Brain, Eds. Michael H. Thaut, Donald A. Hodges


Methods for Public Scholarship, Eds. Patricia Leavy