What's new: July 2019

July 3, 2019

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 237 individual articles and 7 complete Handbook titles from across 9 subject areas.

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Individual Articles


the Archaeology of Roman Germany

Economics and Finance

Ethics and Economics
Adam Smith and the Study of Ethics in a Commercial Society, Stefanie Haeffele, Virgil Henry Storr
Economic Ethics and the Capability Approach, Constanze Binder, Ingrid Robeyns
Ethics And, In, and For Labor Markets, Michael S. McPherson, Debra Satz


the History of Education
Colonial Education and Anti-Colonial Struggles, Ana Isabel Madeira, Luís Grosso Correia
Curriculum History, Daniel Tröhler
Education and the African Diaspora, Christopher M. Span, Brenda N. Sanya
Gendering the History of Education, Lucy E. Bailey, Karen Graves
Introduction, John L. Rury, Eileen H. Tamura
Progressive Education, William J. Reese
Religion and the History of Education, James W. Fraser, Diane L. Moore
The Urban History of Education, Ansley T. Erickson


Children and the Law
Legislation in Search of “Good-Enough” Care Arrangements for the Child: A Quest for Continuity of Care, Marinus H. van IJzendoorn, Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg, Robbie Duschinsky, Guy C. M. Skinner
The Child Protection System, Richard J. Gelles
Comparative Foreign Relations Law
Federalism and Foreign Affairs in India, Anamika Asthana, Happymoon Jacob
U.S. Education Law


Ben Jonson


Charles Brockden Brown


Jane Talbot, A Novel, Stephen Shapiro
Ormond; or The Secret Witness, Nicholas E. Miller
Brown and Classicism, Oliver Scheiding
Brown and Physiology, Stephen Rachman
Brown and Sex, Jordan Alexander Stein
Brown and the Woldwinites, Abigail M. Smith
Brown and Women’s Rights, Fritz Fleischmann
Historical Sketches, Philip Barnard
History, Romance, and the Novel, Gretchen Woertendyke
Introduction, Philip Barnard, Hilary Emmett, Stephen Shapiro
Letters, Elizabeth Hewitt
Poetry, Michael C. Cohen
Political Pamphlets, Stephen Shapiro
Short Fiction, Scott Slawinski
Comic Book Studies


Voice Studies
Introductory chapter, Nina Sun Eidsheim, Katherine Meizel
Laryngeal Dynamics of Taan Gestures in Indian Classical Singing, Nandhakumar Radhakrishnan, Ronald C. Scherer, Santanu Bandyopadhyay
Medical Care of Voice Disorders, Robert T. Sataloff, Mary J. Hawkshaw
The Evolution of Voice Perception, Katarzyna Pisanski, Gregory A. Bryant
What Was the Voice?, Nancy H. Shane Butler


Assertion and the Future, Corine Besson, Anandi Hattiangadi
Assertoric Quality, Jennifer Lackey
Philosophy and Disability
Philosophy of Love
Plato, Socrates, and Love, Iakovos Vasiliou

Political Science

Electoral Persuasion
Campaigns and Elections in a Changing Media Landscape, Michael X. Delli Carpini, Bruce A. Williams
Conspiracy Theories, Joseph E. Uscinski
Debating How to Measure Media Exposure in Surveys, Seth K. Goldman, Stephen M. Warren
How and Why the Populist Radical Right Persuades Citizens, Lise Bjånesøy, Scott Blinder, Elisabeth Ivarsflaten
Energy Politics
The Energy Politics of Russia and Eurasia, Margarita Balmaceda, Andreas Heinrich
Global LGBT and Sexual Diversity Politics
Time and Politics


Cognitive Flexibility Theory and the Accelerated Development of Adaptive Readiness and Adaptive Response to Novelty, Rand J. Spiro, Paul J. Feltovich, Aric Gaunt, Ying Hu, Hannah Klautke, Cui Cheng, Ian Clemente, Sean Leahy, Paul Ward
Incident-Based Methods for Studying Expertise, Laura Militello, Shilo Anders
Positive Psychology, Third Edition
Positive Processes in Close Relationships, Shelly L. Gable, Natalya C. Maisel
Psychological Situations
the History of Clinical Neuropsychology
Historical Development of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, Donna M. Langenbahn, Joseph F. Rath, Leonard Diller
History of Wada Testing, David W. Loring, Kimford J. Meador
Wayne State University and the Birth of Contemporary Clinical Neuropsychology, John L. Woodard, William Milberg, R. Douglas Whitman


Early Christian Biblical Interpretation
Adam and Eve, Peter C. Bouteneff
Byzantine Reception, Mary B. Cunningham
Canons and Rules of Faith, Joseph Lienhard, SJ
Catenae, Richard A. Layton
Christian Apocrypha, Stephen J. Shoemaker
Christianity and Judaism, James Carleton Paget
Christians and Pagans, John Granger Cook
Commentaries, Joseph Lössl
Covenant, Everett Ferguson
Creation, Paul M. Blowers
Cross, John Behr
Exodus, Michael Graves
Hagiography, Bronwen Neil
Heaven and Hell, Jeffrey A. Trumbower
Law, B. Lee Blackburn, Jr.
Marcion and His Critics, H. Clifton Ward
Medieval Latin Reception, Franklin T. Harkins
Novels, F. Stanley Jones
Paraphrase and Metaphrase, Andrew Faulkner
Paul the Apostle, Judith L. Kovacs
Poetry and Hymnody, Jeffrey Wickes
Psalms, Michael Cameron
Questions-and-Responses, Lorenzo Perrone
Scholia, Eric Scherbenske
Scripture and Asceticism, Elizabeth A. Clark
Scripture and Martyrdom, Johan Leemans, Anthony Dupont
Scripture as Artefact, Lincoln H. Blumell
Sentences, Luke Dysinger, OSB
Sermon on the Mount, Mark W. Elliott
The Gospel of John, C. E. Hill
The Ideal Interpreter, Peter W. Martens
Visual Art, Robin M. Jensen
Ecumenical Studies
Africa, Dirk J. Smit
Catholic, William Henn OFMCap
Europe, Theodor Dieter
Postcolonial Biblical Criticism


Introduction: Situating Consumers and Consumption, Frederick F. Wherry, Ian Woodward
Race and Consumer Inequality, Geraldine Rosa Henderson, Kathy Zhang
Gossip and Reputation
Agent-Based Models of Reputation and Status, André Grow, Andreas Flache
Antecedents and Consequences of Gossip in Work Groups, Bianca Beersma, Gerben A. van Kleef, Maria T. M. Dijkstra
Gossip and Emotions, Elena Martinescu, Onne Janssen, Bernard A. Nijstad
Gossip and Reputation in Adolescence Networks, Dorottya Kisfalusi, Károly Takács, Judit Pál
Gossip as a Social Skill, Francis T. McAndrew
Gossip, Reputation, and the Study of Language, Haykaz Mangardich, Stanka A. Fitneva
How Celebrities Emerge and Evolve by Means of Mass Mediated Gossip, Charlotte J. S. De Backer, Hilde Van den Bulck, Maryanne L. Fisher, Gaëlle Ouvrein
Online Reputation Systems, Chris Snijders, Uwe Matzat
The Economics of Gossip and Collective Reputation, Federico Boffa, Stefano Castriota
The Sociology of Gossip, Reputation, and Cooperation, Francesca Giardini, Rafael Wittek
Trust and Reputation in Markets, Andreas Diekmann, Wojtek Przepiorka
Max Weber
Introduction, Edith Hanke, Lawrence Scaff, Sam Whimster
the Sociology of Body and Embodiment

Complete Handbooks

Business and Management

Comparative Higher Education Systems and University Management, Eds. Gordon Redding, Antony Drew, Stephen Crump


Comparative Environmental Law, Eds. Emma Lees, Jorge E. Viñuales
United Nations Treaties, Eds. Simon Chesterman, David M. Malone, Santiago Villalpando


Philosophical and Qualitative Assessment in Music Education, Eds. David J. Elliott, Marissa Silverman, Gary E. McPherson


the Jesuits, Eds. Ines G. Županov


Cognitive Sociology, Eds. Wayne H. Brekhus, Gabe Ignatow