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Decolonizing Climate Adaptation by Reacquiring Fractionated Tribal Lands


 Tribal Lands


"Coastal tribes are experiencing loss of land due to the cumulative effects of climate change. However, decolonization in the form of reacquiring tribal lands can be used as a tool for adapting to climate change impacts. Guided by an Indigenous worldview and in partnership with a coastal tribe in Washington State, spatial analyses and interviews were conducted to determine the effectiveness of reacquiring fractionated land, such as through the Land Buy-Back (LBB) program, on tribes’ ability to adapt to climate impacts. Reacquiring and consolidating fractionated land through the LBB program can increase the adaptive capacity for tribes impacted by climate change. Additional programs and funding for land and consolidation should be made available to tribes as a tool for climate adaptation..."

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This article by Melissa Watkinson-Schutten is a selection from The Oxford Handbook of Indigenous Sociology, edited by Maggie Walter, Tahu Kukutai, Angela A. Gonzales and Robert Henry.




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