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Finding a Home in House: Tracing Vibrations of Black Queer Femmeness from Chicago to Robin S. to FKA twigs




"House music’s Black femininity pushes against all of the things that “femininity” is supposed to stereotypically be: attached to female bodies, connected to ideals of white womanhood, and indicative of “low” culture. In the space of house, these Black female vocals melt into the synthesizers’ and drum machines’ sounds and vibrations, creating an affective femininity that originates in—yet circulates away from—Black women’s bodies. In the process, it creates an opening for Black queer femmeness..."


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This article by Christine Capetola is a selection from The Oxford Handbook of Electronic Dance Music, edited by Luis Manuel Garcia-Mispireta and Robin James


Featured Image: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


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