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The roots of sociology extend deep into the history of thought, but unlike the other social sciences, its coalescence into a proper discipline is more recent. Though the founding theorists of sociology overlap with the Enlightenment, those who helped shape the field in its infancy (Marx, Durkheim, Weber) did so in tandem with the rise of industrialization and modernity. The upheaval industrialization, urbanization, and secularization brought required a deeper, more scientific understanding of how society worked. Sociology answered that need and continues to do so today. The study of sociology is highly pluralistic, in topics, approaches, and methodologies, and the goal of sociology remains to understand better human interaction and society. Sociological research can and often is used to inform public policy, educational reform, criminal justice, and many other institutions for their betterment, making it a crucial field of study with a real impact on how humans live their lives. Oxford Handbooks in Sociology will become a premier source for sophisticated reviews on cutting-edge topics for use by experienced and new researchers, educators, leaders, technicians, and students. It will provide the kind of critical and original perspectives that readers will use to advance the total scope of the issues integral and associated with sociology and related fields.

Advisory Board

Claire Alexander
University of Manchester

Peter Baehr
Lingnan University

Camille Charles
University of Pennsylvania

Arne Kalleberg
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Shamus Khan
Columbia University


Denise Segura
University of California at Santa Barbara

Volume Editors

Jeffrey C. Alexander
Yale University
The Oxford Handbook of Cultural Sociology

Peter Bearman
Lazarsfeld Center for the Social Sciences
The Oxford Handbook of Analytical Sociology

David Brady
University of California
The Oxford Handbook of Social Science Poverty

Linda M. Burton
Duke University
The Oxford Handbook of Social Science Poverty
Peter Hedström
Nuffield College, University of Oxford
The Oxford Handbook of Analytical Sociology

Ronald N. Jacobs
University at Albany
The Oxford Handbook of Cultural Sociology

Jens Rydgren
Stockholm University
The Oxford Handbook of the Radical Right

Philip Smith
Yale University
The Oxford Handbook of Cultural Sociology


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