The religion area of OHO provides new essays on critical topics and emerging issues in the study of religion, complementing hundreds of essays on Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and cross-cultural thematic studies that are part of the rich trove of Oxford Handbooks in religion. All of these essays can be accessed individually through key word searches related to the religious traditions, thematic fields, and analytic approaches covered in this comprehensive collection of essays, authored by some of the most authoritative scholars in religious studies. A scholarly editorial board monitors the development of this collection and ensures its academic relevance and competency.

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Editor in Chief

Mark Juergensmeyer, Editor-in-Chief, is Professor of Sociology and Global Studies, Affiliate Professor of Religious Studies, and Director of the Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. A former president of the American Academy of Religion, he is author or editor of over twenty books, including the Oxford Handbook of Global Religion, and the Oxford Handbook of Religion and Violence.

OUP: As a previous Oxford Handbook editor, what appealed to you about this online resource?

Juergensmeyer: I'm excited to be part of an innovative publishing venture that is able to respond quickly and effectively to new ideas and new research without the ponderous processes that print journals and books necessitate. Now for the first time scholars and students in religious studies can turn to an authoritative site in religious studies to find not only the reliable coverage of the field that is already offered in the Oxford Handbooks in print, but also new essays on breaking research and fresh ideas that complement Oxford's wide-ranging publications in the field.

OUP: What aspects of the project are most exciting to you on a personal level?

Juergensmeyer: For me personally it is an opportunity to keep abreast of what is happening, to work together with a terrific editorial board of scholars, and to share these ideas, insights, and nuggets of information with my colleagues in the field.

Editorial Board

Senior Editors
Amir Hussain
Loyola Marymount University
Michael Jerryson
Youngstown State University
Margo Kitts
Hawaii Pacific University

Volume Editors

William J. Abraham
Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

Nicholas Adams
University of Edinburgh, School of Divinity

Stephen W. Angell
Earlham School of Religion

Scott Appleby
University of Notre Dame

Frederick Aquino
Abilene Christian University

Paul Avis
Council of Christian Unity

Lewis Ayres
Durham University

Jonathan Baker
Oxford University

Philip Barlow
Utah State University

L'ubomir Batka
Comenius University

Hans Boersma
Regent College

Sheila Briggs
University of Southern California

John Hedley Brooke
Oxford University

Frank Burch Brown
Christian Theological Seminary

Stewart J. Brown
University of Edinburgh, School of Divinity

William P. Brown
Columbia Theological Seminary

Stephen Bullivant
St Mary's University College

Katie Cannon
Union Theological Seminary

Shaun Casey
Wesley Theological Seminary

Jocelyne Cesari
Harvard University

Mark Chapman
University of Oxford

Peter B. Clarke
University of Oxford

Sathianathan Clarke
Wesley Theological Seminary

Philip Clayton
Claremont Graduate University

Edward Cleary
Providence College and Stanford University

Sarah Coakley
Cambridge University

John J. Collins
Yale University

John Corrigan
Florida State University

Jonathan K. Crane
Emory University

Richard Cross
Notre Dame University

Ben Pink Dandelion
Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre

Irene Dingel
The Leibniz-Institute of European History

Elliot N. Dorff
American Jewish University

Ian Douglas
American Jewish University

Robert H. Ellison
East Texas Baptist University

Gilles Emery
University of Fribourg

John Esposito
Georgetown University

Charles Farhadian
Westmont College

Louis E. Fenech
University of Northern Iowa

Danna Nolan Fewell
Drew University

Thomas P. Flint
University of Notre Dame

Keith A. Francis
Secretary of the American Society for Church History

Mary McClintock Fulkerson
Duke University
William Gibson
Oxford Brookes University

Terri Givens
University of Texas

Martin Goodman
University of Oxford

Roger S. Gottlieb
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Andrew Gregory
Oxford University

James L. Guth
Furman University

Yvonne Haddad
Georgetown University

Muhammad Abdel Haleem
University of London

Susan Ashbrook Harvey
Brown University

Andrew Hass
University of Stirling

Peter Hayes
Northwestern University

Robert W. Hefner
Boston University

James Hegarty
Cardiff University

David G. Hunter
University of Kentucky, Lexington

David Jasper
University of Glasgow

Elisabeth Jay
Oxford Brookes University

Michael Jerryson
Youngstown State University

Will Johnson
Cardiff University

Mark Juergensmeyer
University of California, Santa Barbara

Lyman A. Kellstedt
Wheaton College, Illinois

Michael Kessler
Georgetown University

James E. Kirby
Southern Methodist University

Margo Kitts
Hawaii Pacific University

Robert Kolb
Concordia Seminary

John Paul Lederach
University of Notre Dame, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

Ulrich L. Lehner
Marquette University

Matthew Levering
University of Dayton

James R. Lewis
UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Michael Lieb
University of Illinois at Chicago

Judith M. Lieu
King's College London

Timothy H. Lim
University of Edinburgh

John Lippitt
University of Hertfordshire

David Little
Georgetown University; Emeritus Professor at Harvard University

Emma Mason
University of Warwick

R. Barry Matlock
York University

Aminah McCloud
DePaul University

Gerald R. McDermott
Roanoke College

Paul McPartlan
The Catholic University of America

Gilbert Meilaender
Valparaiso University

Chad Meister
Bethel College

John Morgan-Guy
University of Wales

Richard Muller
Calvin Theological Seminary

Francesca Aran Murphy
Boston College
Tobias Nicklas
University of Regensburg

Peter Nockles
University of Manchester

Atalia Omer
University of Notre Dame

George Pattison
Oxford University

Martyn Percy
Oxford University

James Pereiro
University of Oxford

Anthony Pinn
Rice University

Lewis Rambo
San Francisco Theological Seminary

Russell Re Manning
Cambridge University

Michael C. Rea
University of Notre Dame

Jonathan Roberts
University of Liverpool

G. Roeber
Penn State University

J. W. Rogerson
University of Sheffield

John K. Roth
Claremont McKenna College

Christopher Rowland
University of Oxford

Michael Ruse
Florida State University

Lamin Sanneh
Yale University

Sabine Schmidtke
Freie Universität Berlin

Robert A. Segal
University of Aberdeen

Mustafa Shah
University of London

Ehmad El-Din Shahin
American University in Cairo

Adam Silverstein
King's College London

Pashaura Singh
University of California, Riverside

Corwin E. Smidt
Calvin College

Jane Idleman Smith
Hartford Seminary

Guy Stroumsa
Oxford University

Kathryn Tanner
Yale Divinity School

Bob Tennant
University of Glasgow

Adrian Thatcher
University of Exeter

Iain Torrance
Princeton Theological Seminary

Christopher M. Tuckett
Oxford University

Joseph Verheyden
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Medi-Ann Volpe
Durham University

Geoffrey Wainwright
Duke University

Jerry L. Walls
Asbury Seminary

Graham Ward
University of Oxford

Fraser Watts
Cambridge University

John Webster
University of St. Andrews

William Werpehowski
Villanova University

Catherine Wessinger
Loyola University

Felix Wilfred
Asian Centre for Cross Cultural Studies

Diane Winston
University of Southern California

David Wulff
Wheaton College

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