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Political Science

The academic study of political phenomena centers on political science (efforts empirically to document how politics occurs and to develop theories about its regular patterns), political theory (the study of ideas and the history of those ideas in political discourse) and international relations (the study of all aspects of global society including organizations and relations between states). Each of these three areas includes specialised research and publications. In political science many scholars focus on the US political system examining such issues and institutions as elections, presidential and congressional politics or law and civil rights; while others concentrate on comparative studies of more than one political system or understanding large processes such as democratization or political participation (voting and public opinion). Political theorists include scholars examining how best to understand ideas such as justice or equality or deliberation, and how the meaning of these concepts has evolved. IR scholars range from those interested in such events as war or peace, international economic relations or the role of organizations like the United Nations in shaping global society and the maintenance of human rights. There is both methodological and substantive overlap between the three branches expressed for instance in a shared interest in law and its effects, and in refining empirical tools such as survey research or experiments to improve the reliability of empirical findings.

Editor in Chief

Desmond King holds the Andrew W. Mellon Professorship in American Government at the University of Oxford, where he is a Fellow of Nuffield College. He has researched and published on race and American politics, comparative political economy and welfare policy, theories of the state, public policy making, immigration policy and the history of eugenics. His books include, with Rogers M Smith (Still A House Divided: Race and Politics in Obama’s America (2011), coedited with Lawrence Jacobs (The Unsustainable American State (2009), (Separate and Unequal: African Americans and the US Federal Government (2007), (The Liberty of Strangers (2005), (Making Americans: Immigration, Race and the Origins of the Diverse Democracy (2000) and (In the Name of Liberalism: Illiberal Social Policy in the USA and Britain (1999). He is a Fellow of the British Academy.

Editorial Board

Senior Editors
Andrea Campbell
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Simon Caney
Oxford University
Duncan Snidal
Oxford University

Volume Editors

Rawwida Baksh
University of the West Indies

Daniel Beland
University of Saskatchewan

Gerald Benjamin
SUNY New Paltz

Jeffrey M. Berry
Tufts University

Sarah A. Binder
George Washington University

Lawrence D. Bobo
Harvard University

Carles Boix
Princeton University

Mark Bovens
Utrecht School of Governance, Utrecht University

Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier
Ohio State University

Yves Boyer
Ecole polytechnique, Paris

Henry E. Brady
University of California, Berkeley

Charles S. Bullock III
University of Georgia

Gregory A. Caldeira
Ohio State University

Roderic Ai Camp
Claremont McKenna College

Francis G. Castles
University of Edinburgh

Karen Celis
University of Ghent

Susan E. Clarke
University of Colorado at Boulder

David Collier
University of California, Berkeley

Andrew F. Cooper
University of Waterloo

John C. Courtney
University of Saskatchewan

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University of California, Los Angeles

Lisa Crooms-Robinson
Howard University

Russell J. Dalton
University of California, Irvine

Linda Darling-Hammond
Stanford University

Martin Daunton
University of Cambridge

Derek H. Davis
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Sam Daws
United Nations Association of the UK

Michael C. Dawson
University of Chicago

John S. Dryzek
University of Bristol

John S. Dryzek
Australian National University

Robert F. Durant
American University

George C. Edwards III
Texas A&M University

Michael Edwards
New York University

Lee Epstein
University of Southern California Gould School of Law

David M. Farrell
University College Dublin

Matthew Flinders
University of Sheffield

Rosemary Foot
Oxford University

Michael Freeden
Mansfield College, Oxford University

Andrew Gamble
Queens' College, University of Cambridge

Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Harvard University

Robert E. Goodin
Australian National University

Donald P. Haider-Markel
University of Kansas

Wendy Harcourt
University of Erasmus

Colin Hay
University of Sheffield
Jorge Heine
Balsillie School of International Affairs

Frank Hendriks
Tilburg University

Ronald Herring
Cornell University

Bonnie Honig
Northwestern University

Christopher Howard
The College of William and Mary

William G. Howell
University of Chicago

Evelyne Huber
University of North Carolina

Leonie Huddy
Stony Brook University

Lawrence R. Jacobs
University of Minnesota

Kathleen Hall Jamieson
University of Pennsylvania

Gerald Jaynes
Yale University

Peter John
University College London

Loch K. Johnson
University of Georgia

Erik Jones
SAIS Bologna Center of the Johns Hopkins University

Linda Kalof
Michigan State University

Sheldon Kamieniecki
UC Santa Cruz

Johanna Kantola
University of Helsinki

Richard S. Katz
Johns Hopkins University

R. Daniel Kelemen
Rutgers University

Michael Kenny
Sheffield University

Kate Kenski
University of Arizona

Hans‐Dieter Klingemann
Social Science Research Centre

Michael E. Kraft
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Carol Lancaster
Georgetown University

David L. Leal
The University of Texas at Austin

Frances E. Lee
University of Maryland-College Park

Taeku Lee
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Stephan Leibfried
University of Bremen

Jan E. Leighley
University of Arizona

David Levi-Faur
Hebrew University

Jack S. Levy
Rutgers University

Jane Lewis
London School of Economics and Political Science

Anders Lidström
University of Umea

Robert Lieberman
Columbia University

Julian Lindley-French
Netherlands Defence Academy

John Loughlin
St. Edmund's College, Cambridge University

José Antonio Lucero
University of Washington

L. Sandy Maisel
Colby College

Jens Meierhenrich
London School of Economics and Political Science

Anand Menon
University of Birmingham

Suzanne Mettler
Cornell University

Michael Moran
University of Manchester

Kimberly Morgan
George Washington University

Karen Mossberger
University of Illinois at Chicago
Amrita Narlikar
University of Cambridge

Richard B. Norgaard
University of California, Berkeley

Herbert Obinger
University of Bremen

Saadia Pekkanen
University of Washington

Anne Phillips
London School of Economics

Christopher Pierson
University of Nottingham

John Ravenhill
Australian National University

Martin Rein
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Christian Reus‐Smit
Australian National University

R. A. W. Rhodes
University of Southampton and Griffith University

Bert A. Rockman
Purdue University

Marc R. Rosenblum
University of New Orleans

Mark J. Rozell
George Mason Universitry

Mark Sawyer
University of California, Los Angeles

Eric Schickler
University of California-Berkeley

Thomas Schillemans
Utrecht University

David Schlosberg
Northern Arizona University

David O. Sears
University of California, Los Angeles

Robert Y. Shapiro
Columbia University

Oliver Simons
Harvard University

David E. Smith
University of Regina

Duncan Snidal
University of Chicago

Marc Stears
University of Oxford

Claude Steele
Stanford University School of Education

John D. Stephens
University of North Carolina

Robert M. Stern
UC-Berkeley; Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan

Susan C. Stokes
Yale University

Paul 't Hart
Australian National University; Utrecht University

Ramesh Thakur
United Nations University

Daniel J. Tichenor
University of Oregon

Charles Tilly
Columbia University

Dale Turner
Dartmouth College

Richard Valelly
Swarthmore College

Nicholas van de Walle
Cornell University

Donna Lee VanCott
University of Connecticut

Georgina Waylen
University of Sheffield

Stephen Weatherill
University of Oxford

Rachel Weber
University of Illinois at Chicago

Barry R. Weingast
Stanford University

Thomas G. Weiss
The CUNY Graduate Center, Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies

Laurel Weldon
Purdue University

Keith E. Whittington
Princeton University

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