The philosophy area of OHO aims to review the various questions epistemologists have asked regarding testimonial belief and knowledge. Among these are: under what conditions is it rational to accept the say-so of another speaker? In what ways, if any, is testimonial knowledge a distinctive type of knowledge? And in what ways, if any, does the "social" or "interpersonal" dimension of testimonial belief-formation bear on the normative epistemological questions that we can ask about such beliefs?

Editor in Chief

Sandy Goldberg is Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Northwestern University. His research focuses on topics in epistemology, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of language, and he is particularly interested in topics at the intersection of these subfields. He is the author of many articles and two books, Anti-Individualism, (Cambridge University Press, 2007) and Relying On Others (Oxford University Press, 2010).

OUP: Why did you become involved in this project?

Goldberg: I became involved with OHO out of my respect for the value of the Oxford Handbooks series, and out of the hope to be able to make this series even more relevant to today's philosophers as it moves online. The Handbooks series has been, and I expect will continue to be, an excellent resource for those who want opinionated and state-of-the-art characterizations of philosophical debates by the leading philosophers of the day.

OUP: What excites you about most about further developing the online resources of this project?

Goldberg: OHO will play a central role in advancing the very discussions its entries characterize. And it is this that I find most exciting about the opportunity to become involved with OHO: I am excited to help to develop an online resource which (I hope) will become the first place philosophers go, whether to get up to speed on a given topic, or to get a sense of where discussions on the topic are heading in the future.

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Emma Borg
University of Reading

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University of Virginia

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University of Virginia

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Peter R. Anstey
University of Sydney

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King's College London

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The University of Pittsburgh

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Jonas Olson
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City University of New York, Graduate Center

Piers Rawling
Florida State University

Michael Rosen
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Don Ross
University of Cape Town, South Africa

Michael Ruse
Florida State University

Paul Russell
University of British Columbia

Richard Samuels
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Eric Schliesser
Universiteit Gent

Stewart Shapiro
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Christopher Shields
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