Oxford Handbooks Online in Music form a network of reference articles on current scholarship in all areas of music research including historical musicology, ethnomusicology, theory, pedagogy, dance, and technology. OHO complements and completes the volumes in print by updating and expanding on them and by creating links between the volumes. While OHO aims to provide reference works for any current field of inquiry, the series pays particular attention to newly established and emerging fields. The contributions assembled in OHO do not merely constitute summaries of previous research but often cover genuinely new ground. The essays are addressed primarily to scholars who require access to the current state of scholarship in a given field, and they present in-depth investigations by leading scholars.

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Editor in Chief

Alexander Rehding is Fanny Peabody Professor of Music and Chair of the Department of Music at Harvard University. He is a former editor of Acta musicologica and recipient of numerous awards and fellowships. His research interests are located at the intersection between theory and history; they cover a wide spectrum from Ancient Greek music to the Eurovision Song Contest, focusing on the Long Nineteenth Century. He is the author of Music and Monumentality (2009) and Hugo Riemann and the Birth of Modern Musical Thought (2003), as well as numerous edited collections and articles.

OUP: Why do you believe that Oxford Handbooks Online: Scholarly Research Reviews is an especially useful resource for those studying music?

Rehding: Digital publication offers a range of possibilities that were unthinkable only a few years ago. The study of music stands to benefit from these possibilities more than most other disciplines, especially as the field becomes more interested in studying aspects of performance and non-notated musical practices, which are notoriously difficult to pin down in traditional print media. Oxford Handbooks Online aims to explore these exciting new possibilities, in areas where digital publication may have a dramatic and fundamentally field-changing impact.

OUP: What appeals to you most about the new article-based focus of this project?

Rehding: Oxford Handbooks Online offers the fascinating prospect of breaking down the traditional boundaries of academic fields. By moving away from conceiving of publications in terms of volumes, with fixed and immutable boundaries, toward a chapter-based or cluster-based format, we can think of Oxford Handbooks Online as one gigantic, potentially open-ended reference network that allows researchers to explore cutting-edge research in ways that are not tied to disciplinary constraints.

Editorial Board

Senior Editors
Colleen Conway
University of Michigan

Byron Dueck
Open University
Jennifer Fisher
University of California Irvine

Loren Kajikawa
University of Oregon
Klára Móricz
Amherst College

Volume Editors

Karin Bijsterveld
Maastricht University

Caroline Bithell
University of Manchester

Melissa Blanco-Borelli
University of Surrey

Wayne Bowman
Brandon University

Patricia Shehan Campbell
University of Washington

Karen Collins
University of Waterloo

Colleen Conway
University of Michigan

Roger B. Dannenberg
Carnegie Mellon University

Roger T. Dean
University of Western Sydney

Jonathan Dueck
Duke University

Lorna Fitzsimmons
California State University

Ana Lucía Frega
University CAECE in Buenos Aires

Jane F. Fulcher
University of Michigan

Nadine George-Graves
University of California, San Diego

Edward Gollin
Williams College

Sumanth Gopinath
University of Minnesota

Claudia Gorbman
University of Washington, Tacoma

Joanne Gordon
California State University Long Beach

Robert Gordon
Goldsmiths, University of London
Patricia Hall
University of California, Berkeley

Helen Greenwald
New England Conservatory of Music

Mark Grimshaw
Aalborg University

Amy Herzog
Queens College

Juniper Hill
University College Cork

David M. Howard
University of London

Yael Kaduri
Bezalel University

Bill Kapralos
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Vicky Karkou
Queen Margaret University

Raymond Knapp
University of California, Los Angeles

Benjamin D. Koen
Xiamen University

Rebekah Kowal
The University of Iowa

Kjell Lemström
University of Helsinki

George E. Lewis
Columbia University

Sophia Lycouris
Edinburgh College of Art

Randy Martin
New York University

Fred Maus
University of Virginia

Charles McKnight
University of North Carolina at Asheville

Gary E. McPherson
University of Melbourne

Danuta Mirka
University of Southhampton
Mitchell Morris
University of California, Los Angeles

David Neumeyer
Univeristy of Texas at Austin

John Nix
University of Texas - San Antonio

Sue Oliver
freelance dance artist in Edinburgh, UK

Benjamin Piekut
Cornell University

Trevor Pinch
Cornell University

Alexander Rehding
Harvard University

John Richardson

Suzel Reily
Queen's University, Belfast

Anthony Shay
Pomona College

Gerald Siegmund
University of Giessen

Jason Stanyek
St. John's College, University of Oxford

Holly Tessler
University of the West of Scotland

Carol Vernallis
Stanford University

Graham F. Welch
University of London

Sheila Whiteley
University of Salford

Geraint A. Wiggins
Goldsmiths College
University of London

Trevor Wiggins
SOAS, University of London

Stacy Wolf
Princeton University

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