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Markus D. Dubber
University of Toronto

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Liz Fisher
Oxford University

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King’s College London
Frank Pasquale
University of Maryland

Heikki Pihlajamäki
University of Helsinki
Simon Stern
University of Toronto

Volume Editors

Karen J. Alter
Northwestern University

Anthony Arnull
University of Birmingham

Chrisanthi Avgerou
London School of Economics and Political Science

Daniel Bethlehem
United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Daniel Bodansky
Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law

Jutta Brunnée
University of Toronto

Peter Cane
Australian National University

Damian Chalmers
London School of Economics

Andrew Clapham
University of Geneva

Jules L. Coleman
Yale University

Markus D. Dubber
University of Toronto

Bardo Fassbender
Universität der Bundeswehr München

Paola Gaeta
University of Geneva and University of Florence
Jeffrey Gordon
Columbia Law School

Kevin R. Gray
Environment Canada

Ellen Hey
Erasmus University

Kenneth Einar Himma
University of Washington

Tatjana Hörnle
Humboldt University of Berlin

Herbert M. Kritzer
University of Minnesota Law School

Donald McRae
University of Ottawa

Peter Muchlinski
SOAS University of London

Rodney Neufeld
Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Federico Ortino
King's College London

Anne Peters
Universitat Basel

Rosemary Rayfuse
University of New South Wales

Mathias Reimann
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Wolf-Georg Ringe
University of Oxford

Cesare P. R. Romano
Loyola Los Angeles

Michel Rosenfeld
Yeshiva University, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

Andras Sajo
Central European University

Christoph Schreuer
University of Vienna

Yuval Shany
Hebrew University

Scott J. Shapiro
Yale Law School

Dinah Shelton
George Washington University

Richard Tarasofsky
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Mark Tushnet
Harvard Law School

Isabelle Van Damme
Clare College Cambridge

Reinhard Zimmermann
Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law

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