The potential range of Oxford Handbooks in History is endless: history is concerned with everything that human beings have done. Thus volumes already published range chronologically from medieval times to the Cold War; regionally from the Americas to China; topically through race, religions, and gender to food; methodologically from oral history to environmental. A similar spread can be found in further volumes currently being planned. None of these collections claim to exhaust their subject, and one feature of the online series will be to add new topics to those already covered in existing handbooks. The aim of the series is to identify areas and approaches in history commanding widespread or awakening interest among scholars and students, to set out the current state of research into them, and to point the way towards further growth in our understanding. Newly commissioned essays will appear online as soon as they are ready, often in advance of the volumes of which they will form part. Existing essays will be regularly updated. The aim is to make readily and constantly available the present state of our knowledge of the past, and to explore new ways into its future.

Editor in Chief


Rebecca Earle is Professor of History at the University of Warwick. A cultural historian of Spanish America, her research is characterised by its broad geographical remit and its eclectic use of sources. She is the author of numerous articles and three books, including The Body of the Conquistador (Cambridge University Press, 2012), which explores the centrality of food to the construction of colonial space across the Spanish Indies, and The Return of the Native (Duke University Press, 2007), which offered a hemispheric interpretation of elite nationalism in post-colonial Spanish America based on both written texts and also visual and material culture.


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Christopher Clark
University of Connecticut

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University of Bristol
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Oxford University

R.I. Moore
Professor Emeritus of History
at Newcastle University

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John H. Arnold
Birkbeck, University of London

Eiichiro Azuma
University of Pennsylvania

Alison Bashford
University of Sydney

Ronald H. Bayor
Georgia Institute of Technology

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Jerry H. Bentley
University of Hawai`I

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Dirk Bonker
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