Classical Studies

The Classical Studies area of OHO aims to offer high-quality scholarly coverage of all major fields and sub-fields of contemporary research into Classical and ancient Mediterranean culture. While Greco-Roman language, literature, history, religion and philosophy continue to be dominant areas of scholarly interest which are fully represented in this module, every effort is also made to cover dynamic growth-areas of research, especially in material culture, epigraphy and papyrology, art and architecture, the sciences, engineering and technology, reception studies, and gender studies. Interaction between these various disciplines is reflected in the overt emphasis on interdisciplinary coverage within the contributions that the module commissions. The overall aim is to provide a state-of-the art research tool which, because it is produced on-line, can be updated to reflect ongoing developments within Classical studies.

Editor in Chief, Gareth Williams, discusses the interdisciplinary nature of OHO: Classical Studies.

Editor in Chief

Gareth Williams has a BA in Classics, Cambridge 1983; a PhD in Classics, Cambridge 1990 (thesis on Ovid’s exilic poetry). His main areas of research and publication are in Latin literature and philosophy. He is the author of four books, two on Ovid’s exilic poetry, two on the first-century philosopher and politician Seneca; his most recent book is The Cosmic Viewpoint: A Study of Seneca’s Natural Questions, published by OUP in 2012. He has taught Classics at Columbia University since 1992.

OUP: Why did you become involved with this project?

Williams: My involvement in Oxford Handbooks Online was motivated above all by the opportunity that I saw for (a) the development of a valuable collection of state-of-the-art research articles across the breadth of classical studies, and (b) the capability to supplement, modify and revise those contributions over time because of the evolving electronic format in which they would be assembled. In this respect the OHO promises to be a truly dynamic enterprise which is at the cutting edge of scholarship while also retaining continuity with established knowledge and traditional research methodologies.

OUP: What excites you most about Oxford Handbooks Online: Scholarly Research Reviews?

Williams: One of the most exciting aspects of the project is its flexibility and lack of static parameters: additions and updates can always be made to subject-areas as well as to subfields within given volumes, so that the OHO definition of what constitutes classical study is itself open-minded, creative and adaptable to the shifting contours of the discipline.

OUP: How does the editorial board help you to meet the challenge of maintaining balanced and up-to-date coverage of the discipline?

Williams: A board of senior editors assists the editor in chief in reflecting on possible additions that could be made to existing volumes in classical studies, in identifying suitable contributors for articles, and in determining the future direction of the project. It is a privilege to work closely with a distinguished team of experts drawn from across the full spectrum of contemporary classical studies; and that collective effort also offers a model of collaborative teamwork in an era when interdisciplinary approaches are transforming the direction and relevance of classical study.

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Editorial Board

Senior Editors
Andrew Monson
New York University
Emily Greenwood
Yale University
Verity Platt
Cornell University

Advisory Editors

Brooke Holmes
Princeton University

Volume Editors

Robert G. Babcock
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Roger S. Bagnall
New York University

Peter Fibiger Bang
University of Copenhagen

Alessandro Barchiesi
Stanford University

Heike Behlmer
Macquarie University

Kathryn Bosher
Northwestern University

George Boys-Stones
Durham University

Alain Bresson
University of Chicago

Christer Bruun
University of Toronto

Brian Campbell
Queen's University Belfast

Gordon Campbell
NUI Maynooth

Eric H. Cline
George Washington University

Robin Cormack
Courtauld Institute of Art

Frank. T. Coulson
Ohio State University

Philip de Souza
University College Dublin

Jonathan C. Edmondson
York University

Esther Eidinow
University of Nottingham

Jeffrey Fish
Baylor University

Michael Fontaine
Cornell University

Hamish Forbes
University of Nottingham

Lin Foxhall
University of Leicester

Elise A. Friedland
George Washington University

Alison Futrell
University of Arizona

Niels Gaul
Central European University

Elaine K. Gazda
University of Michigan
Judith Evans Grubbs
Emory University

John Haldon
Princeton University

Edward Harris
Durham University

Ralph Hexter
University of California, Davis

Catherine Hezser
University of London

Stephen Hodkinson
University of Nottingham

Robert L. Hohlfelder
University of Colorado

Elizabeth Jeffreys
University of Oxford

Scott Fitzgerald Johnson
Georgetown University

William A. Johnson
Duke University

Paul T. Keyser
University of Colorado

Julia Kindt
University of Sydney

Marc Kleijwegt
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sarah Knight
Leicester University

Jens Krasilnikoff
Aarhus University

Elio Lo Cascio
Sapienza University of Rome

Michael MacDonald
University of Waterloo

Fiona Macintosh
Oxford University

Clemente Marconi
New York University

Justine McConnell
Northwestern University

William E. Metcalf
Yale University

Martin Millett
Cambridge University

Alison Moore
University of Southampto

Fred S. Naiden
University of South Carolina

John Peter Oleson
University of Victoria

Nikolaos Papazarkadas

UC Berkeley

Michael Peachin
New York University

Karen Radner
University College London

Patrice Rankine
Purdue University

Boris Rankov
Royal Holloway University of London

Louise Revell
University of Southampton

Daniel Richter
University of Southern California

Eleanor Robson
University of Cambridge

Kirk Sanders
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Adele Scafuro
Brown University

Thomas Scanlon
University of California, Riverside

John Scarborough
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Walter Scheidel
Stanford University

Daniel Selden
UC Santa Cruz

Melanie Sobocinski
University of Michigan-Dearborn

Richard Talbert
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Stefan Tilg
University of Zurich

David Townsend
University of Toronto

Lawrence Tritle
Loyola Marymount University

Phiroze Vasunia
University of Reading

François Velde
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Kostas Vlassopoulos
University of Nottingham

Christian Wildberg
Princeton University


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