Business and Management

Research reviews in business and management cover a wide range of issues, reflecting the diversity of the field and the importance of the disciplines in everyday life. One focus is on how firms compete in markets to provide goods and services to specific customer segments, and another is how managers in companies create strategies, organize resources, and lead people. The emphasis of some research is on the internal operations of a company, including leadership, human resource management, organizational behavior, operations and information management, and accounting. Other streams of inquiry concentrate on firms’ interaction with the environment—whether defined as consisting of other firms, government, society generally, or natural—in areas such as international business, marketing, corporate strategy, and ethics. Oxford Handbooks Online integrates the prestigious print program and includes specially commissioned essays from leading figures that provide critical examinations of the progress and direction of research on important concepts and issues.

Business and management research is pluralistic and is both informed by and informs other social sciences, including economics, psychology, political science, sociology, and anthropology. From cognition to culture, from incentives to motivation, and from institutions to individuals, the fields encompass a variety of human behavior. Review essays reflect this diversity and have been selected to provide authoritative overviews of research on important topics and topical issues.

Editor in Chief

Michael Hitt is currently a University Distinguished Professor at Texas A&M University and holds the Joe B. Foster Chair in Business Leadership. Michael received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado. He is a former President of both the Academy of Management and of the Strategic Management Society and a member of the Academy of Management Journals’ Hall of Fame. He has coauthored or co-edited 26 books and authored or coauthored many journal articles. A recent article in the Journal of Management listed him as one of the ten most cited authors in management over a 25-year period. The Times Higher Education in 2010 listed him among the top scholars in economics, finance and management based on the number of highly cited articles he has authored. A recent article in the Academy of Management Perspectives lists him as one of the top two management scholars in terms of the combined impact of his work both inside (i.e., citations in scholarly journals) and outside of academia. He has served on the editorial review boards of multiple journals and is a former editor of the Academy of Management Journal and a former co-editor of the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. He received the 1996 Award for Outstanding Academic Contributions to Competitiveness and the 1999 Award for Outstanding Intellectual Contributions to Competitiveness Research from the American Society for Competitiveness. He is a Fellow in the Academy of Management and in the Strategic Management Society, a Research Fellow in the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers and received an honorary doctorate from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He received awards for the best article published in the Academy of Management Executive (1999), Academy of Management Journal (2000), and the Journal of Management (2006). In 2001, he received the Irwin Outstanding Educator Award and the Distinguished Service Award from the Academy of Management. In 2004, Dr. Hitt was awarded the Best Paper Prize by the Strategic Management Society. In 2006, he received the Falcone Distinguished Entrepreneurship Scholar Award from Syracuse University.

OUP: In the range of academic publications, where does Oxford Handbooks Online: Scholarly Research Reviews fit in?

Hitt: This is an exciting new development in the publishing world. As an author and editor, I have participated in the three primary avenues for disseminating new scholarly work: scholarly journals, authored books, and edited books. Each has many positive attributes, and each has some specific limitations. Oxford Handbooks Online overcomes many of these limitations.

OUP: How so?

Hitt: For the reader, Oxford Handbooks Online's scholarly essays provide reliable reviews of and reflections on important scholarly topics, both key concepts and issues and new and exciting developments. These works are longer and richer than most journal articles while being more concise and focused than books. For the author, such essays provide an excellent opportunity to contribute insight in a way that has proven to be widely recognized and cited.

OUP: What aspect of this project enticed you to become so involved?

Hitt: Oxford Handbooks Online will be focused on developing and publishing high quality and rigorous scholarly research which fits very well with my own values. I have a great deal of respect for Oxford University Press for publication of the highest quality scholarly work. Taking on a leadership role in the editorial team provides me the opportunity to contribute to my scholarly field.

Editorial Board

Senior Editors
Leonard Bierman
Texas A&M University

Susan Jackson
Rutgers University

Christina Shalley
Georgia Tech
Salvador Carmona
Instituto de Empressa

Shige Makino
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Mike Wright 
Imperial College, London

Tomas Hult
Michigan State University

Editorial Review Board

Chris Ahmadjian
Hitotsubashi University

Jay Anand
Ohio State University

Africa Ariño
IESE Business School

Blake Ashforth
Arizona State University

Kathryn Bartol
University of Maryland

Talya Bauer
Portland State University

Simon J. Bell
University of Melbourne

Daniel Brass
University of Kentucky

Garry Bruton
Texas Christian University

Pawan Budhwar
Aston Business School

Roger Calantone
Michigan State University

Christine M. Chan
University of Hong Kong

Rajesh Chandy
London Business School

Jess Chua
University of Calgary

Don Conlon
Michigan State University

Fang Lee Cooke
Monash University

Douglas Cumming
Schulich School of Business

John Delery
University of Arkansas

Dimo Dimov
University of Bath

Saul Estrin
London School of Economics (LSE)

Susan Feinberg
Temple University

O.C. Ferrell
University of New Mexico

Igor Filatotchev
City University London

Steve Floyd
University of Massachusetts – Amherst

Tim Fogarty
Case Western Reserve University

Nicolai Foss
Copenhagen Business School
Hubert Gatignon

Yves Gendron
Université Laval

Melissa Graebner
University of Texas at Austin

James P. Guthrie
University of Kansas

Jenny Helin
Uppsala University

Tor Hernes
Copenhagen Business School

Amy Hillman
Arizona State University

Daniel Hjorth
Copenhagen Business School

Robin Holt
University of Liverpool

John Hulland
University of Georgia

Duane Ireland
Texas A&M University

Geoffrey G. Jones
Harvard Business School

Howard Klein
The Ohio State University

Carol Kulik
University of South Australia

Tomi Laamanen
University of St. Gallen

Wayne R. Landsman
University of North Carolina

Haiyang Li
Rice University

Jane W. Lu
National University of Singapore

Yadong Luo
University of Miami

Marjorie A. Lyles
Indiana University

Xavier Martin
Tilburg University

William Megginson
University of Oklahoma

Klaus E. Meyer

Neil Morgan
Indiana University

Ram Mudambi
Temple University

Mike W. Peng
University of Texas at Dallas

Michael Pratt
Boston College
Richard Priem
Texas Christian University; LUISS Guido Carli University

Philip M.J. Reckers
Arizona State University

Mariko Sakakibara

Saeed Samiee
University of Tulsa

Mitrabarun Sarkar
Temple University

Katherine Schipper
Duke’s Fuqua School of Business

Debra Shapiro
University of Maryland

Jason Shaw
University of Minnesota

Katsu Shimizu
Keio University

Lynn Shore
San Diego State University

Donald Siegel
University of Albany, SUNY

David Sirmon
University of Washington

Naomi Soderstrom
University of Melbourne

J. Steven Toms
University of Leeds

Eric W.K. Tsang
University of Texas at Dallas

David Tse
University of Hong Kong

Wim A. Van der Stede
London School of Economics

Daan van Knippenberg
Rotterdam School of Management

Laurence Van Lent
Tilburg University

Ann Vanstraelen
Maastricht University

Heli Wang
Singapore Management University

Patrick Wright
University of South Carolina

Daphne W. Yiu
Chinese University of Hong Kong

Toru Yoshikawa
Singapore Management University

Paul Zarowin
NYU Stern

Jonathan Zeitlin
Brown University

Volume Editors

Stephen Ackroyd
Lancaster University Management School

Paul S. Adler
University of Southern California

Mats Alvesson
University of Lund

Chrisanthi Avgerou
London School of Economics and Political Science

Robert Baldwin
London School of Economics and Political Science

Pratima Bansal
University of Western Ontario

Anuradha Basu
San Jose State University

Rosemary Batt
Cornell University

Peter Boxall
University of Auckland

Todd Bridgman
University of Wellington

Ronald J. Burke
York University

Alan Burton‐Jones
New South Wales, Griffith and Bond Universities

Andrew Campbell
Ashridge Strategic Management Centre

John L. Campbell
Dartmouth College

Susan Cartwright
The University of Manchester

Mark Casson
University of Reading

Martin Cave
Imperial College Business School

Gordon L. Clark
Oxford University

Timothy Clark
Durham University

David Coen
University College London

Asli M. Colpan
Kyoto University

Alexander J. S. Colvin
Cornell University

Cary L. Cooper
Lancaster University

Andrew Crane
York University

David W. Cravens
Texas Christian University

Steve Cropper
Keele University

Colin Crouch
University of Warwick

Wendy L. Currie
Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine charity Cardiovascular Research Trust

Richard Deeg
Temple University

Mark Dodgson
University of Queensland, UQ Business School

Paul du Gay
Copenhagen Business School

Mark Ebers
Cologne University

Jan Fagerberg
University of Oslo

David O. Faulkner
Oxford University

Ewan Ferlie
Royal Holloway University of London

Igor Filatotchev
City University London

Robert D. Galliers
Bentley College, London School of Economics and Political Science

David Gann
Imperial College London

Paul J. Gollan
Macquarie University

Wyn Grant
University of Warwick

Takashi Hikino
Kyoto University

Gerard P. Hodgkinson
Warwick Business School

Andrew J. Hoffman
University of Michigan

Chris Huxham
University of Strathclyde Business School

Candace Jones
Boston College

Geoffrey Jones
Harvard Business School

Kevin Keasey
Leeds University Business School

Matthias Kipping
Schulich School of Business, York University

Christian Knudsen
Copenhagen University; Aarhus University

Savita Kumra
Brunel Business School

Kenneth Le Meunier‐FitzHugh
University of Warwick

David Lewin
UCLA, Anderson School of Management

James R. Lincoln
University of California at Berkeley

Martin Lodge
London School of Economics and Political Science

Mark Lorenzen
Copenhagen Business School

Laurence E. Lynn Jr.
University of Texas‐Austin;University of Manchester

Robin Mansell
London School of Economics and Political Science

Mick Marchington
University of Manchester

Dirk Matten
York University

Abagail McWilliams
University of Illinois - Chicago

Jeremy Moon
Nottingham University Business School

Glenn Morgan
Cardiff University

Peter W. G. Morris
University College London

David C. Mowery
University of California, Berkeley

Alicia H. Munnell
Boston College

Richard R. Nelson
Columbia University

J. Michael Orszag
Watson Wyatt

Ove Kaj Pedersen
University of Mannheim

Nelson Phillips
Imperial College London

Jeffrey Pinto
Penn State University

Christopher Pollitt
University of Leuven

John Purcell
University of Warwick

Danny Quah
London School of Economics and Political Science

Gordon Redding
INSEAD Singapore

Mike Reed
Cardiff Business School

William K. Roche
University College Dublin

Ruth Simpson
Brunel Business School

Peter Smith Ring
Loyola Marymount University

Alan M. Rugman
University of Reading

Jonathan Sapsed
University of Brighton

Donald Siegel
University at Albany, SUNY

Roger Silverstone
London School of Economics and Political Science

Jonas Söderlund
BI Norwegian School of Management

J.‐C. Spender
Lund University, ESADE, Cranfield, Leeds, and Open Universities

William H. Starbuck
Stern School of Business, New York University

Paul Teague
Queen’s University Belfast

Paul Thompson
University of Strathclyde

Pamela S. Tolbert
Cornell University

Haridimos Tsoukas
ALBA, University of Strathclyde

Nigel Wadeson
University of Reading

Malcolm Warner
University of Cambridge

Richard Whitley
University of Manchester

Adrian Wilkinson
Griffith University; Loughborough University Business School

Hugh Willmott
Cardiff Business School

Graham Wilson
Boston University

Michael A. Witt
INSEAD Singapore

Morgen Witzel
University of Exeter Business School

Geoffrey Wood
Warwick Business School

Mike Wright
Imperial College Business School

Patrick Wright
University of South Carolina

Bernard Yeung
National University of Singapore; New York University

Jonathan Zeitlin
University of Amsterdam

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