July Update Live

July 11, 2018

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 342 individual articles and 8 complete Handbook titles from across 13 subject areas.

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Online Only Articles



Individual Articles

Light in Archaeology
the Archaeology and Anthropology of Rock Art
the European Iron Age
Edges and Interactions beyond Europe, Peter S. Wells, Naoise Mac Sweeney
The Northern Adriatic, Biba Teržan, Raffaele de Marinis
The Northern Black Sea and North Caucasus, Valenina Mordvinceva, Sabine Reinhold

Classical Studies

Science and Medicine in the Classical World
Agronomy, Philip Thibodeau
Alchemy, Kyle Fraser
Aporetic Age, Paul T. Keyser
Aristotle, Jochen Althoff
Astral Sciences, Fengxian Xu
Astral Sciences, Francesca Rochberg
Astronomy, Joachim Quack
Astronomy, Alan C. Bowen
Epicurus, Teun Tieleman
Geography, Andreas Kuelzer
Geography, Duane W. Roller
Geography, Phillip G. Kaplan
Mathematics, Annette Imhausen
Mathematics, Fabio Acerbi
Mechanics, Tracey Rihll
Medical Encyclopedias and Education, Svetoslava Slaveva-Griffin
Medical Sects, Lauren Caldwell
Medical Sects, Fabio Stok
Medicine, Rosalie David
Medicine, Tsutomu Yamashita
Music Theory, Stefan Hagel
Neo-Platonism, Lucas Siorvanes
Neoplatonist Commentators, Michael Griffin
Optics and Vision, Colin Webster
Paradoxography, Klaus Geus, Colin Guthrie King
Plato and Pythagoras, Andrew Gregory
Stoicism, Teun Tieleman
Alchemy, Cristina Viano
Alchemy, Paul T. Keyser
Astrology, Glen Cooper
Dietetics, Mark Grant
Galen, Ian Johnston
Introduction, Paul T. Keyser
Mathematics, Alexei Volkov
Mathematics, Toke Knudsen
Mathematics, Jens Høyrup
Medicine, JoAnn Scurlock
Pharmacy, John Scarborough
Pharmacy, John Scarborough
Physiognomy, Mariska Leunissen
Ptolemy, James C. Evans
Surgery, Larry Bliquez


Contemporary Middle-Eastern and North African History
Disability History
Introduction, Michael Rembis, Catherine Kudlick, Kim E. Nielsen


Language and Sexuality
Language and Sexual Normativity, Heiko Motschenbacher
The Semiotics of Love, Marcel Danesi


American Folklore and Folklife Studies
Ben Jonson
Plays 1598-1603, Eleanor Lowe
Edgar Allan Poe
An Orphan's Life: 1809-1831, James M. Hutchisson
Outing the Perverse, Leland S. Person
Poe and the Avant Garde, Jonathan Elmer
Poe the Magazinist, Philip Edward Phillips
Poe’s Common Meter, Virginia Jackson
Undying Enigmas in 'Ligeia', Alexandra Urakova
the Baroque
Baroque Opera, Downing A. Thomas
The End of Witch Hunting, Erik Midelfort


Music and the Body
Body as Musical Instrument, Atau Tanaka, Marco Donnarumma
Embodied Representation in Staged Opera, Linda Hutcheon, Michael Hutcheon
Musical Repatriation
Teachers as Agents of the Repatriation of Music and Cultural Heritage, Patricia Shehan Campbell, J. Christopher Roberts
the Creative Process in Music


Neuronal Protein Synthesis
the Auditory Brainstem
Efferent Innervation to the Cochlea, Ana Belén Elgoyhen, Carolina Wedemeyer, Mariano N. Di Guilmi
the Neurobiology of Pain
CNS Pain Pathways, Andrew J. Todd, Fan Wang
Noxious Mechanosensation, Patrick Delmas, Sergiy Mikhailovych Korogod, Bertrand Coste
Opioids and Pain, Christoph Stein, Claire Gaveriaux-Ruff
The Sympathetic Nervous System and Pain, Judith A. Strong, Jun-Ming Zhang, Hans-Georg Schaible


Phenomenological Psychopathology
Hysteria, Dissociation, Conversion, and Somatisation, Maria Luísa Figueira, Luís Madeira
Philosophy of Love
Love and Time, Aaron Ben‐Ze'ev, Angelika Krebs
Love, Value, and Reasons, Kate Abramson, Adam Leite
Reasons and Normativity
Aesthetic Reasons, Andrew McGonigal
Constructivism about Reasons, Nicholas Southwood
Instrumental Reasons, Niko Kolodny
Motivating Reasons and Normative Reasons, David McNaughton, Piers Rawling
Normativity and Concepts, Hannah Ginsborg
Normativity and Intentionality, Anandi Hattiangadi
Practical Reasoning, Antti Kauppinen
Reasons and Ability, Bart Streumer
Reasons and Action Explanation, Benjamin Wald, Sergio Tenenbaum
Reasons and Emotions, Christine Tappolet
Reasons and Perception, Declan Smithies
Reasons and Testimony, Sanford Goldberg
Reasons for Belief and Normativity, Kathrin Glüer, Åsa Wikforss
Reasons Fundamentalism and Value, Philip Stratton-Lake
Reasons to Intend, Ulrike Heuer
Reflections on the Ideology of Reasons, John Hawthorne, Ofra Magidor
Reliable and Unreliable Judgments about Reasons, Caitrin Donovan, Cordelia Fine, Jeanette Kennett
Teleological Reasons, Douglas W. Portmore
The Language of Ought, and Reasons, Aaron Bronfman, J. L. Dowell
The Logic of Reasons, Shyam Nair, John Horty
The Place of Reasons in Epistemology, Kurt Sylvan, Ernest Sosa
The Unity of Normativity, Ralph Wedgwood
The Unity of Reasons, Mark Schroeder
Weighing Reasons, Garrett Cullity
Introduction, Daniel Star
the History of Phenomenology
Introduction, Dan Zahavi

Physical Sciences

Food, Water and Society
Food Fermentations
Beer, Thomas H. Shellhammer
Wine, David W. Jeffery, Kerry L. Wilkinson
Cider and Perry, Andrew G.H. Lea
Whisky, Frances R. Jack
Brandy/Cognac/Armagnac, N.V. Bougas, P. van Rensburg, C.L.C. Snyman, M. G. Lambrechts
Rum, Louis Fahrasmane
Liqueurs, M. Luisa González-Sanjosé
Vinegar, Maria Plessi, Giulia Papotti
Vegetables, Brian J.B. Wood
Breads and other baked goods, E. Zannini, A. Moroni, M. Belz, A. Faltermaier, E. K. Arendt
Meat, Friedrich-Karl Lücke
Fish, Jirawat Yongsawatdigul, Dong-Soo Kim, Somjintana Tungkawachara, Jae W. Park
Asian Foods-natto, fish sauce, tofu, kimchi, M.J. Rob Nout, Bei-Zhong Han, Cherl-Ho Lee
Cocoa, Rosane F. Schwan, Disney R. Dias
Tea, P. Okinda Owuor
Coffee, Rosane F. Schwan, Cristina F. Silva, Luis R. Batista
Microbial biomass proteín, Mauricio Mora-Pale, Mariano García-Garibay, Eduardo Bárzana

Political Science

Behavioral Political Science
Agenda Setting and Bounded Rationality, Bryan D. Jones, Zachary A. McGee
Israeli Politics and Society
Bureaucratic Politics in Israel, Sharon Gilad, Nissim Cohen
The Electoral System of Israel, Matthew S. Shugart
The Legislative Branch in Israel, Chen Friedberg, Reuven Y. Hazan
Political Consumerism
Racial and Ethnic Politics in the United States
Latino Public Policy Opinions, Gabriel R. Sanchez, F. Chris Garcia, Melina Juárez


A Psychological Overview of Gaming Disorder, Daria J. Kuss, Halley Pontes, Orsi Király, Zsolt Demetrovics
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
DBT in Forensic Settings, André Ivanoff, Phillip L. Marotta
Emotion Dysregulation
Stress and Mental Health


Henri de Lubac, Gabriel Flynn
John Zizioulas, Paul McPartlan
Joseph Ratzinger, Theodor Dieter
Karl Barth, Kimlyn Bender
Karl Rahner, Richard Lennan
Methodism and the Church, David M. Chapman
Rowan Williams, Mike Higton
Wolfhart Pannenberg, Friedericke Nuessel
Yves Congar, Gabriel Flynn
Jesuit Letters, Paul Nelles


Energy and Society
Energy Cultures as Sociomaterial Orders of Energy, Thomas Pfister, Martin Schweighofer
Energy Poverty and Climate Change: Elements to Debate, Marcio Giannini Pereira, Neilton Fidelis da Silva, Marcos A.V. Freitas
Energy Poverty, Energy Equity in a World of High Demand and Low Supply, Karl-Michael Brunner, Sylvia Mandl, Harriet Thomson
In Closing: From "energy" to "Energy", Matthias Gross, Debra J. Davidson
Industrializing Countries as the New Energy Consumers, Paulo Manduca, Mauro Berni, Iure Paiva, José Alexandre Hage
Oil Opposition: Creating Friction in Energy Politics, Mark C.J. Stoddart, Jillian Rene Smith, Paula Graham

Complete Handbooks

Classical Studies

Science and Medicine in the Classical World, Eds. Paul T. Keyser, John Scarborough


Disability History, Eds. Michael Rembis, Catherine Kudlick, Kim E. Nielsen


Reasons and Normativity, Eds. Daniel Star

Physical Sciences

Food Fermentations, Eds. Charles W. Bamforth, Robert E. Ward


Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Eds. Philip M. Podsakoff, Scott B. Mackenzie, Nathan P. Podsakoff


Ecclesiology, Eds. Paul Avis


Energy and Society, Eds. Debra J. Davidson, Matthias Gross

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