January Update Live

January 11, 2018

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 101 individual articles and 3 complete Handbook titles from across 10 subject areas.

Download the most recent MARC21 records here and see a complete list of new content below.

Online Only Articles


Archaeology of the Métis, Kisha Supernant

Individual Articles

Public Heritage Theory and Practice
the Archaeology and Anthropology of Rock Art
Archaeomorphological Mapping: Rock Art and the Architecture of Place, Jean-Jacques Delannoy, Bruno David, Robert G. Gunn, Jean-Michel Geneste, Stéphane Jaillet

Classical Studies

Greek and Roman Slaveries
Epigraphic Evidence, Angelos Chaniotis
Greek and Roman Terminologies of Slavery, Rachel Zelnick-Abramovitz

Economics and Finance

Women and the Economy
Fertility Policy in Developed Countries, Leonard M. Lopoo, Kerri M. Raissian
Introduction: Women, the Economy, and Economics, Susan L. Averett, Laura M. Argys, Saul D. Hoffman
Women and Migration, Francisca M. Antman


the Ends of Empire
Eastern Europe, James Mark, Quinn Slobodian
The Netherlands, Marieke Bloembergen


Intellectual Property Law


Music and Queerness


Food Ethics
Ethics for Fish, Eliot Michaelson, Andrew Reisner
Food Labor Ethics, Tyler Doggett, Seth Holmes
Introduction, Anne Barnhill, Mark Bryant Budolfson, Tyler Doggett
Morality and Aesthetics of Food, Sam Liao, Aaron Meskin
The Clean Plate Club? Food Waste and Individual Responsibility, Erich Hattala Matthes, Jacelyn Hattala Matthes
The Ethical Basis for Veganism, Tristram McPherson
Levinas and Derrida, Edward Baring
Levinas and Education, Claire Elise Katz
Levinas and Film, Colin Davis
Levinas and Husserl, Bettina Bergo
Levinas and the Holocaust, Robert Eaglestone
Levinas on Psychology, Identity, and Caring for Others, David M. Goodman, Eric R. Severson
Philosophy of Love
Love and Autonomy, Nora Isolde Kreft
Love and Knowledge, Sophie-Grace Chappell

Political Science

Electoral Systems
Electoral Systems and Issue Polarization, James F. Adams, Nathan J. Rexford
Terminology and Basic Rules of Electoral Systems, Erik S. Herron, Robert J. Pekkanen, Matthew S. Shugart
Global Health Politics
U.S. National Security
International Cyber Conflict and National Security, Ryan C. Maness, Brandon Valeriano
International Rivalry and National Security, Jonathan M. DiCicco, Brandon Valeriano
Congress and National Security, Nina M. Serafino, Eleni G. Ekmektsioglou
Homeland Security, George Cadwalader Jr.
Space and National Security, Joan Johnson-Freese
The Political Economy of Security, Norrin M. Ripsman, Rosella Cappella Zielinski, Kaija E. Schilde


Adolescent Substance Abuse
Effective inpatient and outpatient models of treatment for adolescents with substance use disorders, Marianne Pugatch, John R. Knight, Sarah Copelas, Tatiana Buynitsky, J. Wesley Boyd
Introduction to the Field and the Issues, Robert A. Zucker, Sandra A. Brown
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
Group and Organizational Learning
Positive Psychology, Third Edition
Positive Institutions: Organizations, Laws, and Policies, Peter H. Huang, Anne M. Brafford, Debra S. Austin, Martha Knudson
the History of Clinical Neuropsychology
History of Aphasia, Andrew Kertesz


Catholic Theology
Monastic Theology, William Harmless
The Holy Spirit, Thomas Joseph White O.P.
The Trinity, Emmanuel Durand OP

Complete Handbooks


American Sports Law, Eds. Michael A. McCann


Food Ethics, Eds. Anne Barnhill, Tyler Doggett, Mark Bryant Budolfson


Eating Disorders, Second Edition, Eds. W. Stewart Agras, Athena Robinson

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