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Bilingualism and Child Phonology  

Conxita Lleó

The present article poses some fundamental questions related to bilingualism and to the acquisition of two phonological components, by very young children. It discusses different types of ... More

Language Transfer and Cross Linguistic Studies: Relativism, Universalism, and the Native Language  

Terence Odlin

Print publication date:
Sep 2010
Online publication date:
Sep 2012
This article takes an account of language transfer and cross-linguistic studies. Its relativism, universalism, and the native language are the focal point. Language transfer, or ... More

A Null Theory of Creole Formation Based on Universal Grammar  

Enoch Aboh and Michel deGraff

Print publication date:
Dec 2016
Online publication date:
Feb 2017
Creole languages are typically the linguistic side effects of the creation of global economies based on the forced migration and labor of enslaved Africans toiling in European colonies in ... More