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The Archaeology of Early Christianity: The History, Methods, and State of a Field  

William R. Caraher and David K. Pettegrew

Since the Renaissance, archaeology has played a significant albeit changing role in illuminating the history of early Christianity. This chapter surveys different historical approaches to ... More

Continental Philosophies  

Dermot Moran

Phenomenology and hermeneutics were hugely influential methodologically in 20th-century European philosophy. They were also taken up in the human sciences more generally, but only ... More

Evolution, agency, and objects: Rediscovering classical pragmatism  

Filipe Carreira da Silva and Patrick Baert

In this chapter, we discuss the relationship between the tradition of American philosophical pragmatism and contemporary archaeological theory. Our focus is on the work of G.H. Mead, whose ... More

Fieldwork and Collecting  

Gavin Lucas

Print publication date:
Sep 2010
Online publication date:
Sep 2012
Studies of collecting and fieldwork in the disciplines of archaeology and socio-cultural anthropology are relatively undeveloped, but in the last decade there has been a noticeable rise in ... More

Integrating Geoarchaeology with Archaeology for Interdisciplinary Understanding of Societal–Environmental Relations  

Karl W. Butzer

Despite an early growth of interest in archaeological problems by the science community, systematic application of earth science in a major field project during the 1920s was not directly ... More

Wetland Archaeology in the 21st Century: Adapting to Climate Change  

Robert Van de Noort

Print publication date:
Dec 2012
Online publication date:
Sep 2013
This chapter examines the future of wetland archaeology in the twenty-first century, focusing on the impact of climate change. It first describes the impact of climate change on wetlands ... More