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Democracy in Israel  

Alan Dowty

Online publication date:
Jun 2018
Can Israel be both Jewish and democratic? If Jewishness is seen properly as ethnicity, Israeli democracy should be judged by the same standards as other nation-states. The Jewish community ... More

The Electoral System of Israel  

Matthew S. Shugart

The electoral system of Israel is an “extreme” example of proportional representation because of its use of a single nationwide district. This feature has been a constant since 1949, while ... More

The Executive Branch in Israel  

Ofer Kenig

As in other parliamentary democracies, the Israeli government is dependent on the confidence of parliament. Israel is a country with a diverse society, divided by multidimensional ... More

The Judicial Branch in Israel  

Menachem Hofnung and Mohammed S. Wattad

The contemporary perception of Israel’s judiciary as an independent branch does not coincide with Israel’s first government’s perception after establishing the first Supreme Court. To a ... More

The Legislative Branch in Israel  

Chen Friedberg and Reuven Y. Hazan

The Knesset is the legislative body of Israel, which has been a parliamentary, unitary democracy since its foundation. It is a unicameral parliament, elected through a proportional ... More

Parties and the Party System of Israel  

Reuven Y. Hazan

Both the parties and the party system of Israel have undergone significant changes during the last seventy years. This chapter begins by delineating the transformation of the political ... More

The Political Institutions of the Palestinian Minority in Israel  

As'ad Ghanem

This chapter discusses the most prominent active partisan organizations representing the Palestinian population in Israel’s political arena. Some of these organizations act as political ... More

Political Reform in Israel  

Gideon Rahat

Israel has experienced both failed and successful attempts to reform its democratic institutions in the seventy years since its founding. The most noteworthy failure has been in the ... More

Rethinking the Institutional Foundations of China’s Hypergrowth: Official Incentives, Institutional Constraints, and Local Developmentalism  

Fubing Su, Ran Tao, and Dali L. Yang

Print publication date:
Jul 2018
Online publication date:
Jan 2017
This article examines the institutional foundations of the remarkable growth of the Chinese economy, paying particular attention to official incentives, institutional constraints, and ... More

State and Society Building in Early Israel  

Orit Rozin

This chapter portrays the political and legal regime of Israel in its early years as the product of three factors: the conscious political effort of the Zionist movement; a nation-building ... More