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The Archaeologist’s Evangeline: Historical Archaeology in Acadia  

Jonathan Fowler

The French colony of Acadia, located in what is now the Maritime Provinces of Canada and part of the State of Maine, has long attracted the attention of writers and scholars. Immigrating ... More

Landscapes of Mobility: The Flow of Place  

Bruno David, Lara Lamb, and Jack Kaiwari

Print publication date:
Apr 2014
Online publication date:
Jan 2014
Mobility concerns the ways and logics of movement from place to place. Understanding hunter-gatherer mobility across the landscape is always located in the ontology of the observer, and ... More


Andrew P. Fitzpatrick

Online publication date:
Mar 2018
Migration has long been one of the defining themes of the pre-Roman Iron Age in Europe. Classical authors record migrations by Celtic peoples into Italy and Greece in the fourth and third ... More

Movement and Migration  

Catherine M. Cameron and Scott G. Ortman

Print publication date:
Oct 2017
Online publication date:
Sep 2017
Movement is a fundamental concept among Native peoples of the American Southwest, and early archaeologists adopted a strong interest in migration from Native groups with whom they ... More

Native American Diaspora and Ethnogenesis  

Craig N. Cipolla

This chapter considers the current state and future of archaeological studies of Native American diaspora and ethnogenesis. It begins with an exploration of the broader literature ... More

The Norse in Iceland  

Davide Marco Zori

Online publication date:
May 2016
The Norse discovery and settlement of Iceland in the late ninth century AD offers a test case for the study of human impacts on previously unoccupied landscapes and the formation of new ... More

Tracing Symbolic Behaviour Across the Southern Arc  

Natalie R. Franklin and Philip J. Habgood

Online publication date:
Mar 2017
This chapter traces early expressions of symbolic behaviour:—rock art, personal ornaments, occurrences of ochre, notational pieces, and mortuary practices—across the southern arc dispersal ... More